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#17515: NEWS,THE
1973-11-02, , min.
William Saxbe

.3% unemployment drop. Date for William Saxbe's confirmation for US Attorney General has not been set. 
#17518: NEWS,THE
1973-11-06, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Sirica, Robert Vesco, Rosemary Woods

President Nixon's personal secretary Rosemary Woods called to testify before judge John Sirica about missing White House tapes. Financier Robert Vesco arrested in Bahama Islands. 
#17519: NEWS,THE
1973-11-07, , min.
Anwar Sadat, Henry Kissinger

US and Egypt resume diplomatic relations following peace talks between Anwar Sadat and Henry Kissinger. Israel reports heavy casualties. Israel holds day of mourning for dead soldiers.             
#17522: NEWS,THE
1973-11-10, , min.
Richard Nixon

Impeachment rally in New York City's Bryant Park.                       
#17525: NEWS,THE
1973-11-18, , min.
Richard Nixon

Nixon on tour of South. Martial law declared in Greece due to violent demonstrations.            
#17527: NEWS,THE
1973-11-21, , min.
John Sirica

Another hold-up in White House tapes. Judge John Sirica picks panel to determine authenticity of White House tapes.  
#17528: NEWS,THE
1973-11-22, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Kissinger says counter measures against Arab Oil boycott might be necessary. Israel and Egyptian officers meet to discuss Middle East ceasefire.     
#17532: NEWS,THE
1973-11-26, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Sirica, Rosemary Woods

Nixon speaks at Seafarer's Union about energy crisis. White House finally turns over subpoenaed Watergate tapes to judge John Sirica. More testimony on missing tapes from presidential secretary Rosemary Woods.         
#17533: NEWS,THE
1973-11-27, , min.
John Love

House places entire nation on daylight savings time until April, 1975. Energy Director John Love appears before Senate subcommittee to discuss energy crisis affect on nation's economy.            
#17534: NEWS,THE
1973-12-01, , min.
John Love

Senate passes legislation to increase Social Security benefits. Energy crisis continues.            
#17535: NEWS,THE
1973-12-02, , min.

The latest news and updates.           
#17538: NEWS,THE
1973-12-06, , min.
Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Carl Albert

Gerald Ford sworn-in as 40th Vice-President of United States. Meets with Henry Kissinger and House Speaker Carl Albert.           
#17540: NEWS,THE
1973-12-07, , min.
Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon

Unemployment rises from 4.5 to 4.7% in November. Fuel crisis much more serious than government admits. Nixon and Ford meet to determine exact duties of Vice-President.                       
#17549: NEWS,THE
1973-12-15, , min.
Sandy Hawley

Sandy Hawley first jockey to win 500 races in one year. Pirates of Caribbean ride opens at Disneyland.             
#17551: NEWS,THE
1973-12-21, , min.
Luis Blanco

Senate and House try to pass emergency energy bill. Funeral services held for Spanish Prime Minister Luis Blanco in Madrid.         
#17554: NEWS,THE
1973-12-29, , min.
Dermot Davey

Alcoholic cop has gun taken away.         
#17559: NEWS,THE
1973-12-31, , min.
Richard Nixon

Gasoline and other fuels to rise in 1974. President signs bill subsidizing flood insurance.         
#17561: NEWS,THE
1974-01-01, , min.
Richard Nixon, Charles Teague

Representative Charles Teague dies of heart attack. Increase in Social Security bill expected to be signed by President Nixon.           
#17562: NEWS,THE
1974-01-02, , min.
Richard Nixon

Internal Revenue Service to reexamine President's tax returns. President signs bill reducing speed on nation's highways to 55 MPH to conserve fuel.            
#17563: NEWS,THE
1974-01-03, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Bowie Kuhn

Henry Kissinger discusses Arab oil embargo at news conference. 
Baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn announces energy consumption to be cut by baseball industry.        
#17566: NEWS,THE
1974-01-07, , min.
Gerald Ford

Vice-President Ford believes compromise possible with regard to subpoenaed Watergate tapes. Many members of Congress probe Americans feelings toward impeachment.         
#17568: NEWS,THE
1974-01-08, , min.
Gerald Ford

Vice-President Ford discusses Arab oil situation in speech to manufacturers association. Due to daylight savings time, many kids leave for school in darkness.          
#17570: NEWS,THE
1974-01-09, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Howard Hughes

Henry Kissinger leaving for trip to Middle East. Howard Hughes whereabouts unknown.            
#17571: NEWS,THE
1974-01-10, , min.
Henry Kissinger, William Simon

Energy commissioner William Simon and Henry Kissinger hold joint news conference. Plans for Senate Watergate committee revealed by high ranking White House official.       
#17576: NEWS,THE
1974-01-15, , min.
Richard Nixon, Rosemary Woods

Eighteen -minute gap on White House tape reviewed. Experts refute Rosemary Woods theory.             
#17577: NEWS,THE
1974-01-16, , min.
Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon

Judge John Sirica hears testimony regarding 18-minute gap in White House tapes. Vice-President Ford believes Americans should reserve judgement on gap in White House tapes till more facts are known.            
#17580: NEWS,THE
1974-01-17, , min.
Richard Nixon, Anwar Sadat, Henry Kissinger, Golda Meir

Israel and Egypt troop disengagement along Suez. President Nixon congratulates Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir by phone.           
#17582: NEWS,THE
1974-01-18, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Sirica

Judge John Sirica recommends White House tape erasures be turned over to the grand jury. Nixon plans radio broadcast on energy crisis.       
#17583: NEWS,THE
1974-01-18, , min.
Chet Huntley, Leon Jaworski

NBC newsman Chet Huntley resting comfortably after stomach cancer surgery. Special Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski says difficult to believe 18 minute tape erasure was an accident.        
#17586: NEWS,THE
1974-01-20, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Hafez al-Assad

Technicalities of Arab-Israeli troop withdrawals being worked out. Henry Kissinger meets with Syrian President Assad.                      
#17586A: NEWS,THE
1974-01-22, , min.
Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon

Nixon administration reacts to suggestions of Nixon resignation.
Barry Goldwater predicts 10% loss of Republican vote because of Watergate.          
#17589: NEWS,THE
1974-01-22, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Israeli parliament approves Egyptian-Israeli disengagement plan worked out by Henry kissinger.       
#17589A: NEWS,THE
1974-01-23, , min.
Richard Nixon, Russell Long

Senate Watergate Committee holds new round of public hearings. Senator Russell Long says Nixon will probably have to pay back taxes.         
#17594: NEWS,THE
1974-01-25, , min.
Richard Nixon

Florida wants to switch back to standard time. Nixon tax deductions being examined by State of California.          
#17596: NEWS,THE
1974-01-25, , min.
Richard Nixon

Increase in steel prices. Florida wants to switch back to standard time. Controversy over President Nixon's tax returns.           
#17599: NEWS,THE
1974-01-27, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Kurt Waldheim

Israel and Syria continue fighting a second straight day along Golan Heights. United Nations secretary Waldheim  and Henry Kissinger meet.            
#17600: NEWS,THE
1974-01-28, , min.
William Simon

Independent truckers call for nationwide strike. Energy commissioner William Simon appears at Energy hearings. Senate wants to repeal daylight savings time during winter months.           
#17602: NEWS,THE
1974-01-30, , min.
Richard Nixon, Howard Hughes, Bruce Thompson

President Nixon to deliver State Of The Union message. Federal judge Bruce Thompson dismisses stock manipulation charges against Howard Hughes.          
#17605: NEWS,THE
1974-02-04, , min.
Richard Nixon, Howard Hunt

Nixon sends new budget to Congress. Watergate burglar Howard Hunt asks Appeals Court to overturn conviction.         
#17607: NEWS,THE
1974-02-06, , min.
Richard Nixon

Truckers strike causes widespread unemployment and shortages.
House gives subpoena powers to House Judiciary Committee in impeachment probe.          
#17609: NEWS,THE
1974-02-07, , min.
William Simon

Tentative agreement in truckers strike. Energy chief William Simon urges states with severe shortages to set up their own distribution plan.       
#17610: NEWS,THE
1974-02-08, , min.
Edward Gibson, Gerald Carr, William Pogue

Skylab 111 returns to earth 84 days later. Truckers divided over settlement of strike. Some return to work others remain on strike.                          
#17613: NEWS,THE
1974-02-08, , min.
Richard Nixon

Sudden snowstorm in Washington DC prevents President from annual physical exam. United Nations reports Israeli-Arab troop withdrawal going smoothly.    
#17615: NEWS,THE
1974-02-09, , min.

News for February 9th, 1974.              
#17617: NEWS,THE
1974-02-10, , min.
Edward Gibson, Gerald Carr, William Pogue

Skylab 111 astronauts reported in excellent physical condition by space doctors.           
#17626: NEWS,THE
1974-03-14, , min.
George Schultz

More tank and artillery fire on Golan Heights. Secretary of treasury George Schultz to resign.           
#17627: NEWS,THE
1974-03-15, , min.
Richard Nixon, Rosemary Woods

Senate Watergate Committee subpoenas Rosemary Woods. Nixon's taxes continue to be probed.          
#17629: NEWS,THE
1974-03-16, , min.
King Faisal

King of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal, named Time Magazine Person Of The Year. 
#17631: NEWS,THE
1974-03-18, , min.
John Sirica

Judge John Sirica says grand jury report to be sent to House Judiciary Committee for it's impeachment probe. Shift seen in US-USSR detente.          
#17633: NEWS,THE
1974-03-18, , min.
John Sirica

Judge John Sirica to retire as chief judge of US District Court in Washington DC after recently turning 70 years old.             
983 Results found for NEWS,THE
Pages: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  [11] 12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 


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