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#17732: NEWS,THE
1974-05-29, , min.
Wayne Morse, William Fulbright, Dale Bumpers

Dale Bumpers defeats William Fulbright in bid for Senate seat from Arkansas. Former Senator Wayne Morse wins Democratic nomination for Senator.        
#17736: NEWS,THE
1974-05-30, , min.
Richard Nixon

House Judiciary Committee issues new subpoena to President Nixon and warns of grave consequences if he does not comply. White House urges Supreme Court not to make hasty decisions regarding subpoenas. 
#17737: NEWS,THE
1974-05-31, , min.
Leon Jaworski

Supreme Court agrees to review Leon Jaworski's request regarding 64 White House tapes. Israel and Syria sign disengagement agreement in Geneva. Fighting in Golan Heights stops soon thereafter.     
#17739: NEWS,THE
1974-06-03, , min.
Daniel Ellsberg, Charles Colson

Chuck Colson pleads guilty in Daniel Ellsberg's Psychiatrist's break-in trial. Subpoena for Colson's White House documents no longer valid.      
#17740: NEWS,THE
1974-06-04, , min.
Charles Colson

Charles Colson to testify at Watergate hearings. Final report on 18 1/2 minute White House tape gap released.        
#17741: NEWS,THE
1974-06-05, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon plans trip to Middle East. President addresses graduating class at Annapolis, Maryland.           
#17744: NEWS,THE
1974-06-11, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger threatens to resign unless implications and accusations about his role in wiretapping end. Says they were used to stop national security leaks. President still plagued with domestic issues on Middle East trip.      
#17745: NEWS,THE
1974-06-12, , min.
Richard Nixon

The 8AM morning newscast. 

President Nixon visits Cairo. For the first time, the Little League allows girls to play.       
#17747: NEWS,THE
1974-06-12, , min.
Ronald Ziegler

Ronald Ziegler to be called before Senate Watergate Committee.
Shortage of natural gas has gotten worse.          
#17748: NEWS,THE
1974-06-13, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon rides train through Nile Valley. Derailed train with poison gas forces Oklahoma residents to evacuate.        
#17754: NEWS,THE
1974-06-16, , min.
Richard Nixon, Leonid Brezhnev

President Nixon in Middle East. Leonid Brezhnev says good agreements coming in Nixon USSR trip.           
#17755: NEWS,THE
1974-06-21, , min.
Charles Colson

Charles Colson sentenced to prison. Food prices continue to climb.            
#17756: NEWS,THE
1974-06-24, , min.
Richard Nixon

Senate defeats tax cut bill. Impeachment probe continues.         
#17757: NEWS,THE
1974-06-25, , min.
Richard Nixon

Israeli-Syrian disengagement in Golan Heights. President Nixon arrives in Brussels.       
#17758: NEWS,THE
1974-06-26, , min.
Richard Nixon, Daniel Ellsberg

President Nixon says US will stand by NATO. Jury selection begins in Daniel Ellsberg break-in trial.          
#17759: NEWS,THE
1974-06-27, , min.
Richard Nixon, Leonid Brezhnev

President Nixon arrives in USSR to meet with Leonid  Brezhnev.          
#17760: NEWS,THE
1974-06-28, , min.
Richard Nixon

President places wreath at tomb of unknown Soviet soldier. Nixon greets and shakes hands with Russians.             
#17762: NEWS,THE
1974-06-30, , min.
Marcus Wayne Chenault, Alberta King

Mrs. Martin Luther King Sr. shot to death while playing organ in Atlanta church. Gunman identified as Marcus Wayne Chenault from Dayton, Ohio.            
#17763: NEWS,THE
1974-07-01, , min.
Richard Nixon, Patricia Nixon, Juan Peron, Isabel Peron

President Nixon and wife on USSR trip. Argentine President Juan Peron dies. Wife Isabel becomes President.           
#17764: NEWS,THE
1974-07-02, , min.
Richard Nixon, Juan Peron

President Nixon speaks to Russian people. Argentina mourns death of Juan Peron.            
#17765: NEWS,THE
1974-07-03, , min.
Richard Nixon, Leonid Brezhnev, Alberta Williams King

President Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev sign arms agreement. Funeral services for mother of Dr. Martin Luther King.         
#17768: NEWS,THE
1974-07-04, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Grand Mufti

Former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem dies in Beirut, Lebanon. Henry  Kissinger in Europe.      
#17776: NEWS,THE
1974-07-08, , min.
Charles Colson

Charles Colson sentenced to 1-3 year prison term. 55 MPH speed limit on nation's highways responsible for fewer deaths over July 4th weekend.            
#17777: NEWS,THE
1974-07-09, , min.
Otto Kerner

House Judiciary Committee releases own transcripts made from White House tapes. Judge Otto Kerner asks for suspended sentence after accepting bribes.        
#17779: NEWS,THE
1974-07-10, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Ron Ziegler

Henry Kissinger under fire for allegedly ordering wiretaps on his own staff. White House press secretary Ronald Ziegler unhappy about House Judiciary  Committee's version of White House tapes.        
#17780: NEWS,THE
1974-07-11, , min.
Richard Ben-Veniste

Nineteen minute tap gap discovered in White House recording of March 20th by assistant Watergate prosecutor Richard Ben- Veniste. Prisoners hold hostages in Federal courthouse in Washington.   
#17782: NEWS,THE
1974-07-12, , min.
Henry Petersen

Two armed convicts continue to hold seven hostages in Federal courthouse in DC. Assistant Attorney General Henry Petersen questioned by House Judiciary Committee.      
#17784: NEWS,THE
1974-07-15, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Cyprus government overthrown by National Guard. President Nixon speaks to Henry Kissinger via phone while vacationing in San Clemente.     
#17785: NEWS,THE
1974-07-16, , min.
Alvin Arnett

Tension in Cyprus after coup carried out by National Guard. Office of Economic Opportunity Director Alvin Arnett ordered to submit his resignation by White House.          
#17786: NEWS,THE
1974-07-17, , min.
William Westmoreland, Edward Reinecke

Terrorist bomb explodes in Tower of London. One person killed.
General William Westmoreland loses bid for South Carolina governor. California's Lieutenant Governor Edward Reinecke on trial for perjury.        
#17791: NEWS,THE
1974-07-21, , min.
Alan Shepard

Fighting intensifies between Cyprus Greeks and Turks. Astronaut Alan Shepard retires.           
#17771: NEWS,THE
1974-07-22, , min.
Richard Nixon, James St. Clair

House Judiciary Committee hears case from Republican counsel against impeachment. James St. Clair and White House prepare Nixon's defense.  
#17775: NEWS,THE
1974-07-23, , min.
Richard Nixon, Lawrence Hogan

Rep. Lawrence Hogan, once ally of Nixon, voting for impeachment. 
Big US oil companies report huge profits.              
#17794: NEWS,THE
1974-07-24, , min.
Richard Nixon

Supreme Court rules President Nixon must surrender White House tapes to Watergate special prosecutor.     
#17796: NEWS,THE
1974-07-25, , min.
Richard Nixon

House Judiciary Committee continues impeachment debate. Supreme Court ordered President Nixon to turn over 64 subpoenaed tapes.     
#17802: NEWS,THE
1974-07-26, , min.
Richard Nixon

House Judiciary Committee refines impeachment articles. New poll shows Nixon's approval rating among American people falls to new low.  
#17804: NEWS,THE
1974-07-27, , min.
Richard Nixon

House panel moves to impeach Richard Nixon.         
#17809: NEWS,THE
1974-07-29, , min.
Richard Nixon

House Judiciary Committee begins debates on second article of impeachment. Senate impeachment trial against President Nixon becomes greater possibility.      
#17811: NEWS,THE
1974-07-30, , min.
Richard Nixon

House Judiciary Committee says president's refusal to comply with subpoena of White House tapes is an impeachable offense.
Conservative Republicans move toward Nixon's impeachment.   
#17813: NEWS,THE
1974-07-31, , min.
Daniel Ellsberg, John Ehrlichman

House Judiciary Committee passes three articles of impeachment. Impeachment trial in Senate increases. 
John Ehrlichman sentenced to perjury and conspiracy in Daniel Ellsberg case. 
#17814: NEWS,THE
1974-08-01, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon studying Watergate tapes and assessing best impeachment strategy. Presidential defendants continue to try and avoid Nixon impeachment.          
#17815: NEWS,THE
1974-08-02, , min.
John Dean, John Sirica, James St. Clair

Former White House Counsel John Dean sentenced to 1-4 years in prison by judge John Sirica for obstruction of justice in Watergate case. White House attorney James St. Clair turns over 13 more White House tapes to judge John Sirica.           
#17817: NEWS,THE
1974-08-04, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon might be making big impeachment speech. 51% of American people now believe Nixon should be removed from office.         
#17818: NEWS,THE
1974-08-05, , min.
Richard Nixon

Nixon releases three more Watergate conversation transcripts which he admits could be damaging to his case.           
#17820: NEWS,THE
1974-08-05, , min.
Richard Nixon

House Judiciary Committee begins listening to 64 Watergate tapes.     
#17821: NEWS,THE
1974-08-06, , min.
Richard Nixon

More pressure on President Nixon to resign. Nixon meets with members of his cabinet.              
#17823: NEWS,THE
1974-08-06, , min.
Richard Nixon

Votes available in Senate to impeach Nixon. Impeachment process to be speeded up.            
#17825: NEWS,THE
1974-08-06, , min.
Richard Nixon, Charles Wiggins

Primary elections in Michigan. Greece and Turkey accuse each other of violating ceasefire agreement. Former Nixon supporter Charles Wiggins says Nixon career should be ended involuntarily. 
#17827: NEWS,THE
1974-08-06, , min.
Richard Nixon

More news and commentary on possible Nixon resignation.          
#17828: NEWS,THE
1974-08-07, , min.
Richard Nixon

Rumors abound of Nixon's resignation around nation and world. Most major US newspapers call on President to resign.          
1076 Results found for NEWS,THE
Pages: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  [14] 15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22 


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