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#17956: NEWS,THE
1975-01-08, , min.
John Dean, John Sirica, Jeb Magruder, Herbert Kalmbach

Judge John Sirica orders John Dean, Jeb Magruder, and Herbert Kalmbach all freed from jail after being convicted in Watergate  cover-up trial.           
#17957: NEWS,THE
1975-01-09, , min.
Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon turns 62. Spends day with wife. Democrats in Congress readying economy package.      
#17959: NEWS,THE
1975-01-10, , min.
Gerald Ford

Americans unhappy with job President Ford is doing. New economy proposal in works at White House.     
#17962: NEWS,THE
1975-01-13, , min.
Gerald Ford

Economy and energy proposals to be layed out by President Ford tonight.            
#17967: NEWS,THE AM
1975-01-14, , min.
Gerald Ford

President Ford to present economy package to Congress. President to give State Of Union speech tomorrow.         
#17575: NEWS,THE
1975-01-14, , min.
Spiro Agnew, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger takes Egypt's disengagement proposal to Israel. Three judge panel recommends disbarment for former Vice-President Spiro Agnew.             
#17970: NEWS,THE
1975-01-15, , min.
Gerald Ford, William Colby

President Ford State Of The Union Address tonight. CIA Director William Colby appears before Senate subcommittee investigating CIA.            
#17975: NEWS,THE
1975-02-23, , min.
Gerald Ford

President Ford asked to give honorable discharges to some who fought in Vietnam and later deserted. Tornado hits motel and restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, one killed, fifty hurt,         
#17978: NEWS,THE
1975-03-06, , min.
Gerald Ford, Otto Kerner

President Ford holds news conference tonight. One of the topics expected to be Cambodia. Former Illinois Governor Otto Kerner released from prison. Needs lung cancer surgery.          
#17981: NEWS,THE
1975-03-17, , min.
Gerald Ford

South Vietnam reportedly to give three provinces to North Vietnam. President Ford addresses convocation at Notre Dame University.      
#17983: NEWS,THE
1975-03-19, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger leaving for Egypt. CIA reportedly recovered part of Russian submarine from ocean bottom.           
#17984: NEWS,THE
1975-03-20, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger flies from Israel to Egypt with new ideas on second stage of troop withdrawal in Sinai.         
#17985: NEWS,THE
1975-03-24, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Kissinger fails to negotiate 2nd Sinai disengagement agreement between Israel and Egypt. Senate and House meet to work out compromise in tax cut bill.         
#17986: NEWS,THE
1975-03-25, , min.
King Faisal

King Faisal is assassinated in his palace by his nephew. Nephew reportedly acted on his own, without political motive.           
#17988: NEWS,THE
1975-03-26, , min.
King Faisal

Congress expected to pass $22.8 Billion dollar tax cut bill. King Faisal is buried.           
#17989: NEWS,THE
1975-03-28, , min.
Gerald Ford

President Ford planning to deliver major foreign policy statement. President undecided to sign or veto tax cut bill.            
#17991: NEWS,THE
1975-03-29, , min.

North Vietnamese troops close in on Danang, South Vietnam's second-largest city.             
#17994: NEWS,THE
1975-03-30, , min.

Latest, news events of the day.           
#17995: NEWS,THE
1975-03-31, , min.
Charity Ruppert, James Ruppert

In Hamilton, Ohio, twelve members of Mrs. Charity Ruppert's family gather for Easter. Mrs Ruppert's 40 year old son James under arrest as eleven family members are found dead.           
#17996: NEWS,THE
1975-04-01, , min.
John Connally, Baruch Korff

Former treasury secretary John Connally goes on trial in Washington on charges of accepting bribes from dairy industry lobbyists in 1971. Rabbi Baruch Korff traveling the nation to try and raise funds for a nearly broke Richard Nixon to pay his legal fees.       
#17997: NEWS,THE
1975-04-02, , min.
Gerald Ford

Dire situation in South Vietnam as North continues takeover of key South Vietnam cities. President Ford says he's not considering resumption of North Vietnamese bombing.        
#17998: NEWS,THE
1975-04-03, , min.
Gerald Ford

President Ford holds San Diego news conference to assess situation in South Vietnam. Small group of South Vietnam orphans arrive in California.           
#18000: NEWS,THE
1975-04-04, , min.
Gerald Ford

C-5 plane carrying 300 South Vietnamese orphans to new US homes crashes, 175 believed dead. President Ford flies from Palm Springs to San Francisco for a number of appointments.  
#18003: NEWS,THE
1975-04-06, , min.
Henry Emerson

General Henry Emerson now commanding Army division in Korea. San Francisco doctors say 31 South Vietnamese orphans flown to US nearly dead.            
#18009: NEWS,THE
1975-04-11, , min.
Gerald Ford

President Ford's State Of World address focuses on Indochina.
Unfavorable reaction to Ford's foreign policy speech.          
#18010: NEWS,THE
1975-04-16, , min.
John Connally

Americans trying to evacuate Vietnam wives and families. Attorneys for defense and prosecution make final statements in John Connally bribery trial.         
#18011: NEWS,THE
1975-04-17, , min.
John Connally

Former treasury secretary John Connally found not guilty on bribery charges. Cambodia surrenders.          
#18012: NEWS,THE
1975-04-17, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Cambodian war is over. American evacuation from South Vietnam. Henry Kissinger talk to American Society Of Newspaper Editors.       
#18014: NEWS,THE
1975-04-17, , min.
Christina Onassis, Jackie Onassis

Christina Onassis denies reports her father to divorce Jackie.            
#18015: NEWS,THE
1975-04-21, , min.
Nguyen Van Thieu

South Vietnamese President Thieu announces his resignation. Not much from White House on resignation.         
#18016: NEWS,THE
1975-04-22, , min.
Gerald Ford, Itzhak Rabin

Evacuation of Americans in South Vietnam, President Ford turns down meeting with Israeli Premier Itzhak Rabin.       
#18017: NEWS,THE
1975-04-23, , min.
Gerald Ford

President Ford to give speech at Tulane University saying Vietnam war is over. Catholic Relief Organization says it can take in 30 Vietnamese orphans.           
#18018: NEWS,THE
1975-04-24, , min.
Henry McKinnon, Joan Little

Joan Little charged with murdering a white jailer in North Carolina. Judge Henry McKinnon refuses to dismiss the case.             
#18019: NEWS,THE
1975-04-28, , min.
Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Helms

CIA involvement in foreign political assassinations comes up as CIA Director Richard Helms appears before the Rockefeller Commission.         
#18020: NEWS,THE
1975-04-29, , min.
Nguyen Cao Ky, Mrs. Nguyen Cao Ky

US role in Vietnam ends as final evacuations take place. Wife of South Vietnamese Premier Ky, arrives in California.          
#18023: NEWS,THE
1975-04-29, , min.
Nguyen Cao Ky

Final American evacuation of Saigon. Former South Vietnam premier Nguyen Cao Ky urges countrymen to remain in homeland and fight.         
#18026: NEWS,THE
1975-04-29, , min.
Gerald Ford

President Ford announces completion of South Vietnam evacuation.  
#18027: NEWS,THE
1975-04-30, , min.
Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Nguyen Van Thieu

South Vietnam surrenders to communists. President Ford refused to give Congress copies of Richard Nixon's confidential correspondence to South Vietnam President Thieu.      
#18029: NEWS,THE
1975-05-12, , min.
Douglas Dillon

Rockefeller Commission member Douglas Dillon doesn't believe CIA did wide-scale domestic spying.            
#18030: NEWS,THE
1975-05-13, , min.
Gerald Ford, Hugh Carey

Financial troubles for New York City. Governor Hugh Carey asks President Ford for help.          
#18031: NEWS,THE
1975-05-14, , min.
Kate Smith, Maurice Stans

Former Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans fined $5,000 for campaign law violations. Philadelphia Flyers fly in Kate Smith to sing "God Bless America" at Stanley Cup semifinal game vs. New York Islanders. Flyers win game.          
#18032: NEWS,THE
1975-05-15, , min.
Gerald Ford, Abraham Beame, Hugh Carey, Shah Of Iran

Shah of Iran arrives at White House for visit with President Ford. President Ford turns down New York City's request for financial aid. New York Daily News runs headline on front page: "Ford To City: Drop Dead."        
#18037: NEWS,THE
1975-09-03, , min.
James Hoffa, Charles OBrien

Jimmy Hoffa's foster son, Charles O'Brien, testifies to grand jury. FBI thinks O'Brien used a borrowed car for abduction.       
#18039: NEWS,THE
1975-11-20, , min.
Ronald Reagan

Report of threat on life of Ronald Reagan. He announces his candidacy for President.           
#18042: NEWS,THE
1975-11-26, , min.
Gerald Ford, Dr. Martin Luther King

President Ford will give some federal financial help to NYC. Investigation ordered of FBI's findings in Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination.     
#18045: NEWS,THE
1976-01-20, , min.
Gerald Ford

Organizational problems reported in White House. British warships agree to leave sea territory claimed by Iceland.      
#18073: NEWS,THE
1976-05-01, , min.
Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Henry Jackson

Ronald Reagan, campaigning in Indiana, says he won't accept Vice-Presidential post. President Ford has ruled him out as possible VP pick. Democratic Senator Henry Jackson pulls out of Presidential race.   
#18081: NEWS,THE
1976-08-13, , min.
Wayne Hays, Donald Rumsfeld

Representative Wayne Hays of Ohio announces he will not seek reelection. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield undergoes surgery to remove nodule from thyroid gland.        
#18083: NEWS,THE
1976-08-17, , min.
Gerald Ford

Phillipine earthquake kills 1700. Volcano in Guadalupe threatens to erupt again. Ford has enough convention delegates to win.   
#18090: NEWS,THE
1976-09-03, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Robert Dole, John Vorster

Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Robert Dole campaigns in Kansas. Henry Kissinger and South African Prime Minister John Vorster have weekend meeting in Zurich.
980 Results found for NEWS,THE
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