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#18093: NEWS,THE
1976-09-09, , min.
Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Mao Tse-tung, Jimmy Carter

China chairman Mao Tse-tung has died at age 82. His death may cause power struggle and policy changes in China. Statements from Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter.          
#18095: NEWS,THE
1976-09-10, , min.
Mao Tse-tung

Indian airliner hijacked to Pakistan. 84 aboard, some released.  Official mourning for Mao Tse-tung begins.          
#18103: NEWS,THE
1976-09-21, , min.
Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter does interview for Playboy Magazine. Vice-Presidential candidate Walter Mondale campaigns in Midwest.      
#18105: NEWS,THE
1976-10-01, , min.
Gerald Ford, Walter Mondale, Robert Dole, Jimmy Carter

Latest Gallup Poll shows Carter in front of Ford 50 to 42%. Vice-presidential candidates Dole and Mondale both return to Washington after campaigning on road.          
#18106: NEWS,THE
1976-10-04, , min.
Earl Butz

Agriculture secretary Earl Butz resigns. Supreme Court death penalty decision.    
#18112: NEWS,THE
1976-10-17, , min.

Fighting in Lebanon stops after Syrians and Palestinians agree to ceasefire. China performs nuclear test. Reds beat Yankees 4-3 in game 2 of World Series.           
#18113: NEWS,THE
1976-10-28, , min.
Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter campaigns in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Ford in Indiana and Ohio.          
#18119: NEWS,THE
1976-11-01, , min.
Gerald Ford, Walter Mondale, Robert Dole, Jimmy Carter

First presidential votes will come from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. Both Presidential and vice-presidential candidates finish their campaigns.       
#18123: NEWS,THE
1976-11-23, , min.
Jimmy Carter

President-Elect Jimmy Carter spends the day on Capital Hill. Upcoming items are outlined.                         
#18129: NEWS,THE
1976-12-13, , min.
Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter

President-Elect Jimmy Carter to announce two new cabinet officers. President Ford meets with top economy advisers.
One topic of discussion expected to be tax cuts.          
#18139: NEWS,THE
1977-01-21, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Hugh Carter

Jimmy Carter names two cabinet appointees, one of which his cousin Hugh, named assistant for administration.          
#18141: NEWS,THE
1977-01-21, , min.
Ray Marshall

New wave of cold weather settles over country. Senate takes up amendment for the abolition of the Electoral College. 
Ray Marshall is sworn in as Secretary of Labor.          
#18142: NEWS,THE
1977-01-28, , min.
Jimmy Carter

Extremely cold weather continues spreading over northeast and midwest. President Carter planning several TV talks.            
#18143: NEWS,THE
1977-01-31, , min.
Jimmy Carter

Congress debating president's energy bill. His economy package goes to Congress.             
#18154: NEWS,THE
1977-02-27, , min.
Pope Paul VI, Idi Amin

Uganda President Idi Amin changes date and place of meeting with all Ugandas American population. Pope Paul continues ban on women priests in Catholic Church.        
#18155: NEWS,THE
1977-02-28, , min.
Idi Amin

Idi Amin again postpones meeting with Americans in Uganda. National governors conference meeting in Washington.           
#18156: NEWS,THE
1977-03-06, , min.

Latest news update.             
#18157: NEWS,THE
1977-03-09, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Stansfield Turner

President Carter announces lifting of flight ban to Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, and North Korea. Oath of office given to new CIA Director Stansfield Turner.            
#18158: NEWS,THE
1977-03-10, , min.
John Callaghan

British Prime Minister John Callaghan visits White House. Progress in New York City financial problems.        
#18161: NEWS,THE
1977-03-13, , min.
Frank Fitzsimmons

Snowstorms in Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas kill 17. Teamsters President Frank Fitzsimmons and 3 others resign as trustees of Teamsters Central States Pension Fund.            
#18162: NEWS,THE
1977-03-14, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Paul Warnke

Paul Warnke sworn in as chief disarmament negotiator and head of Arms Control and Disarmament agency. Congress and White House battle over deletion of water projects.        
#18163: NEWS,THE
1977-03-15, , min.
Sam Gibbons

Representative Sam Gibbons in charge of investigating Teamsters Central States Pension Fund.          
#18171: NEWS,THE
1977-03-27, , min.
Anwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter

Two jet airliners (KLM- Pan American) collide on runway of Canary Island airport off Morocco coast. At least 249 dead and maybe as many as 563. United States sending investigative team. Pan Am plane mostly boarded in Los Angeles. Egyptian President Sadat meets with President Carter in Washington for Mideast peace talks.                      
#18174: NEWS,THE
1977-03-30, , min.
Cyrus Vance

Secretary of State Vance Carries arms proposal limitations to USSR. Death toll in Pan American-KLM plane crash now stands at 577.           
#18179: NEWS,THE
1977-04-21, , min.
Jimmy Carter

President Carter asked for adoption of energy plan by joint resolution of Congress. Social Security recipients to receive 5.9% increase in July.            
#18188: NEWS,THE
1977-08-26, , min.
Abraham Beame, Bert Lance

OMB Director Bert Lance used same stock shares as collateral for two separate loans. SEC says New York City Mayor Abraham Beame deliberately misled the public in 1974-75 in order to sell city bonds.          
#18203: NEWS,THE
1977-10-18, , min.
Bing Crosby

Hostages freed from hijacked Lufthansa plane. Bing Crosby is buried in early morning ceremony.            
#18205: NEWS,THE
1977-10-19, , min.
Jimmy Carter

Ticker tape parade in New York City for Yankees World Series win over Los Angeles Dodgers. President Carter's energy bill important item on agenda as he meets with Congress.            
#18208: NEWS,THE
1977-11-16, , min.
Anwar Sadat

Egyptian President Sadat travels to Syria. He sends cable regarding Palestinian statehood to political group meeting in Tel Aviv. Medical marijuana considered for use in treatment of glaucoma and cancer.      
#18211: NEWS,THE
1977-11-18, , min.
Anwar Sadat

Egyptian President Sadat to visit Israel. American Film Institute lists ten best movies ever made. Includes "Casablanca," "Citizen Kane," "Star Wars," and "Gone With The Wind."           
#18212: NEWS,THE
1977-11-19, , min.
Anwar Sadat

Egyptian President Sadat visits Israel.           
#18213: NEWS,THE
1977-11-19, , min.
Anwar Sadat

Coverage of Anwar Sadat's historical visit to Israel.              
#18216: NEWS,THE
1977-11-20, , min.
Anwar Sadat

Acceptance of Israel by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Israeli public reacts to Sadat's speech.        
#18219: NEWS,THE
1977-11-23, , min.
Anwar Sadat

Earthquake in Argentina, cyclone in India. Commentary on Sadat's visit to Israel.          
#18227: NEWS,THE
1977-12-06, , min.
Rose Marie Maniscalco

House rejects compromise bill on abortion. New York City woman Rose Marie Maniscalco and unborn fetus both die after woman falls unconscious on Thanksgiving eve in her Brooklyn home.        
#18229: NEWS,THE
1977-12-27, , min.
Anwar Sadat, Bert Lance, Menachem Begin

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat speaks of his weekend meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Begin. Report of Bert Lance's sale of National Bank of Georgia stock to Saudi businessman.     
#18230: NEWS,THE
1977-12-28, , min.
Arthur Burns, Jimmy Carter

President Carter not reappointing Arthur Burns as head of Federal Reserve Board.           
#18235: NEWS,THE
1978-01-17, , min.
Menachem Begin, Edward Davis

Foreign Ministers Conference in Jerusalem. First signs of division at dinner given by Israeli Prime Minister Begin. Former Los Angeles police chief Edward Davis announces Republican candidacy for governor of California.      
#18240: NEWS,THE
1978-02-07, , min.
Anwar Sadat

Blizzard in New York City and Northeast. President Sadat talks to 
Congressmen regarding Mideast situation.           
#18244: NEWS,THE
1978-02-19, , min.
Rosalind Carter

Rosalind Carter appears at Tampa ERA supporters group meeting.
#18245: NEWS,THE
1978-03-13, , min.
Melvin Calvin

United States and West Germany plans for aiding dollar valuation on foreign money markets. Dr. Melvin Calvin experiments with "gasoline plants" in which oil comes from bushes.              
#18246: NEWS,THE
1978-03-14, , min.
John Gaines

Israeli retaliation expected for PLO attack in Israel. Reports of Israeli movement into South Lebanon. Horse breeder John Gaines says current Venereal disease in Kentucky, can prevent pregnancy in horses.         
#18249: NEWS,THE
1978-03-21, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin

Report of ceasefire in South Lebanon as Begin meets with President Carter. Floods in Nebraska.              
#18259: NEWS,THE
1978-09-18, , min.
Anwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin

Mideast peace agreements signed by US, Egypt, and Israel released by President Carter.
#18260: NEWS,THE
1978-09-29, , min.
Pope John Paul 1

Pope John Paul 1 has died. Conclave of Cardinals to elect new Pope.             
#18261: NEWS,THE
1978-11-27, , min.
George Moscone, Harvey Milk

San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and city supervisor Harvey Milk shot to death. Suspect attempting job reappointment arrested.         
#18262: NEWS,THE
1978-12-08, , min.
Golda Meir

Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir has died. Iran unrest continues.                        
#18263: NEWS,THE
1978-12-15, , min.
Jimmy Carter

President Carter announces summit with Chinese leaders, probably in Hawaii or Guam.             
#18264: NEWS,THE
1978-12-29, , min.
Houari Boumedienne

Possible new Iran government coming. Funeral services and burial for former Algerian President Houari Boumedienne.           
#18269: NEWS,THE
1979-01-08, , min.
John Gacy

Additional murder charges against John Gacy in Chicago. US and USSR concerned about Iran turmoil.            
980 Results found for NEWS,THE
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