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#18269: NEWS,THE
1979-01-08, , min.
John Gacy

Additional murder charges against John Gacy in Chicago. US and USSR concerned about Iran turmoil.            
#18273: NEWS,THE
1979-01-19, , min.
Shah Of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini

Massive demonstrations in Iran in wake of departure of the Shah. Return of exiled religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini reported.         
#18276: NEWS,THE
1979-01-27, , min.
Nelson Rockefeller

Former New York State Governor Nelson Rockefeller has died. Believed to be a heart attack.           
#18277: NEWS,THE
1979-01-29, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Teng Hsiao-ping

President Carter welcomes Chinese leader Teng Hsiao-ping to Washington.           
#18278: NEWS,THE
1979-02-01, , min.
Patricia Hearst, Teng Hsiao-ping

Patricia Hearst released from prison. Chinese vice-premier Teng Hsiao-ping leaves Washington, flies to Atlanta.        
#18281: NEWS,THE
1979-02-13, , min.
Mamie Eisenhower

State Department reports US and Iran move towards stable relationship. Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower recovering from a fall in Walter Reed Army Hospital.        
#18282: NEWS,THE
1979-02-14, , min.
Adolph Dubs

Attack on US Embassy in Tehran and kidnapping and murder of US Ambassador Adolph Dubs in Afghanistan.           
#18284: NEWS,THE
1979-02-17, , min.
Anwar Sadat, Harold Brown

China invades Vietnam. Defense secretary Harold Brown meets with Anwar Sadat.         
#18286: NEWS,THE
1979-03-01, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin

Menachem Begin arrives in Washington for meetings with President Carter. Report on oil supply situation and turmoil in Iran.         
#18287: NEWS,THE
1979-03-02, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin, Pope John Paul 11

Meeting today between President Carter and Israeli Prime  Minister Menachem Begin. Polish government announces visit by Pope John Paul 11.    
#18288: NEWS,THE
1979-03-03, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin

Chinese capture Vietnam town of Lang Son. Believed invasion will now stop. Position of Carter-Begin peace plan described.             
#18290: NEWS,THE
1979-03-05, , min.
Jimmy Carter

President Carter taking trip to Mideast. Will visit Cairo and Jerusalem. Chinese announcement of troop withdrawal from Vietnam.          
#18291: NEWS,THE
1979-03-06, , min.
Anwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat briefed on President Carter's Mideast peace proposals. Coffee prices lower over past year.    
#18293: NEWS,THE
1979-03-11, , min.
Jimmy Carter

Egypt-Israel peace treaty might be imminent. President Carter says final agreement not yet reached.           
#18294: NEWS,THE
1979-03-11, , min.

Israel-Egypt special.             
#18295: NEWS,THE AT 8AM
1979-03-12, , min.

The morning news update.           
#18297: NEWS,THE
1979-03-13, , min.
Jimmy Carter

Carter-Israel-Egypt peace talks. Coup on Grenada Island.         
#18299: NEWS,THE AT 11PM
1979-03-15, , min.
Pope John Paul 11

Egyptian cabinet approval of Israel-Egypt peace terms. First encyclical of Pope John Paul 11 issued.           
#18300: NEWS,THE AT 8AM.
1979-03-15, , min.

Morning news update.             
#18302: NEWS,THE
1979-03-25, , min.
Robert Garwood

New developments in Israel-Egypt peace negotiations seen as disquieting. Marine Corps pfc. Robert Garwood believed returning to US from Vietnam. Alleged collaboration with VietCong.         
#18303: NEWS,THE
1979-03-26, , min.
Anwar Sadat

Egypt-Israel treaty signing after 30 years of war. Anwar Sadat talks about military agreements.            
#18304: NEWS,THE
1979-03-28, , min.
Charles Diggs

House Ethics Committee to begin discipline proceedings against Michigan Democrat Charles Diggs convicted for mail fraud and payroll padding. Nuclear plant accident at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania.         
#18307: NEWS,THE
1979-03-31, , min.
Jimmy Carter

Danger still exists at Three Mile Island nuclear explosion. President Carter makes trip to Wisconsin after hearing of Three Mile Island nuclear explosion.        
#18308: NEWS,THE
1979-04-02, , min.
Edward Kennedy

Concern with gas bubble increase at Three Mile Island. Senator Edward Kennedy wants to extend most favored nation status to USSR and China.              
#18314: NEWS,THE
1979-05-08, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Jeremy Thorpe

Not guilty plea entered by Jeremy Thorpe to charges of murder conspiracy filed by alleged former gay lover. Senate debating President Carter's standby gasoline rationing plan.       
#18314A: NEWS,THE
1979-06-20, , min.
Jeremy Thorpe

Beginning of odd/even gasoline rationing begins in New York City. Jeremy Thorpe murder trial continues in England.              
#18315: NEWS,THE
1979-06-21, , min.
James Schlesinger

Energy Secretary James Schlesinger reluctant to force oil companies to refine more gasoline. American Airlines flight 293 hijacked. Hijacker will surrender at Shannon airport in Ireland.          
#18317: NEWS,THE
1979-06-24, , min.
Jimmy Carter

Long gas lines. Major topic in Japan is energy crisis. President Carter attends Tokyo economic summit.             
#18319: NEWS,THE
1979-07-05, , min.
Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter

President Carter cancels speech. Vice-President Mondale in Camp David with Carter.            
#18320: NEWS,THE
1979-07-07, , min.
Bjorg Borg, Roscoe Tanner

Report on Three Mile Island Nuclear meltdown. At Wimbledon tennis, Bjorg Borg defeats Roscoe Tanner in men's singles.         
#18324: NEWS,THE
1979-07-12, , min.
Jimmy Carter

President Carter to address nation. Possible mention of energy. Fall of Skylab over Australia recalled.           
#18327: NEWS,THE
1979-07-16, , min.
Jimmy Carter

Energy and economy main issues in President Carter's address. FDA to consider possible ban on amphetamines in weight control pills.            
#18329: NEWS,THE
1979-07-18, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Hamilton Jordan

Hamilton Jordan named as new White House Chief Of Staff. Wheel lubrication problem on General Motors trucks and intermediate cars. These vehicles will be recalled.            
#18330: NEWS,THE
1979-07-19, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Michael Blumenthal, Paticia Harris, G. William Miller, Griffin Bell, Joseph Califano

Shakeup in President Carter's cabinet. Joseph Califano, Griffin Bell, and Michael Blumenthal all out, Patricia Harris and G. William Miller in.           
#18331: NEWS,THE
1979-07-22, , min.
Rod McLeish

Commentary by Rod McLeish            
#18333: NEWS,THE
1979-08-04, , min.

Reporters discuss topics of the day.       
#18345: NEWS,THE
1979-10-10, , min.
Fidel Castro, Jimmy Carter

Upcoming Fidel Castro United Nations speech. President Carter upcoming trip to California and New Mexico.        
#18347: NEWS,THE
1979-10-10, , min.
Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown takes campaign trip to east coast. Unusual early snowfall in Washington D. C.           
#18351: NEWS,THE
1979-11-04, , min.
Shah Of Iran, Will Rogers

US embassy in Iran taken over by Iranian students. Americans inside embassy said being held hostage for exchange of deposed Shah. 100th birthday of Will Rogers.         
#18352: NEWS,THE
1979-11-05, , min.
Martin Luther King, James Earl Ray

Iranian students reported still holding American hostages in embassy. Unsuccessful escape attempt from Tennessee prison by Dr. Martin Luther King assassin James Earl Ray.                     
#18353: NEWS,THE
1979-11-06, , min.
Jimmy Carter

Americans said still being held hostage in Tehran. Demonstrators calling for death of President Carter.          
#18354: NEWS,THE
1979-11-07, , min.

Iranian crisis commentary.                   
#18356: NEWS,THE
1979-11-08, , min.
Jimmy Carter, John Lynch

Americans still being held hostage in Tehran. US effort in preventing aid to terrorists in Ireland. President meets with Ireland leader John Lynch.          
#18358: NEWS,THE
1979-11-10, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Ted Kennedy

Crisis of confidence in US elected officials. Senator Edward Kennedy visits Wesleyan College to see son Teddy.          
#18363: NEWS,THE
1979-11-16, , min.
Arnold Miller

Threats reportedly made against American hostages in US embassy in Tehran. United Mine Workers President Arnold Miller resigns.            
#18364: NEWS,THE
1979-11-17, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Ayatollah Khomeini

Report from Ayatollah Khomeini that black and female hostages will be released. Report on Kennedy presidential campaign.            
#18368: NEWS,THE
1979-11-20, , min.
Anthony Blunt

Political and economic problems for Israel. Anthony Blunt reported going public on his spying for USSR during World War 11.             
#18371: NEWS,THE
1979-11-21, , min.
Lloyd Rollins

Thirteen released hostages now home for Thsnksgiving. Released hostage Lloyd Rollins reads message from Iranian students.             
#18369: NEWS,THE
1979-11-21, , min.
Stephen Crowley

Death of Marine Stephen Crowley in Pakistan crisis. Report of threats against hostages in Iranian crisis.       
#18370: NEWS,THE
1979-11-21, , min.
Cyrus Vance

Cyrus Vance meets with Islamic ambassadors over increased security for American embassies.           
981 Results found for NEWS,THE
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