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#18379: NEWS,THE
1979-11-30, , min.
Shah Of Iran

Shah of Iran reported to be asking US to find government that will take him . Mexico has refused.            
#18380: NEWS,THE
1979-12-01, , min.
Ronald Reagan, Ted Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy says US should not negotiate with a terrorist group. Ronald Reagan will not debate with other Republican presidential candidates in Iowa.         
#18381: NEWS,THE
1979-12-02, , min.
Shah Of Iran, Jimmy Carter

Shah of Iran moved from New York City hospital to a military hospital in Texas. Decision made by President Carter. Details of consumer study on seat belt safety.         
#18382: NEWS,THE
1979-12-04, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Jerry Brown, The Who

Governor Jerry Brown reportedly invited by Ted Kennedy and President Carter to join debate next month in Iowa. Eleven people reported trampled to death at Who concert in Cincinnati           
#18384: NEWS,THE
1979-12-06, , min.
Cyrus Vance

Secretary of State Vance to make European trip. Efforts to put pressure on Iran to release American hostages in Tehran.         
#18385: NEWS,THE
1979-12-10, , min.
Mother Teresa, Shah Of Iran

Case made against Shah for torture in his prisons. Mother Teresa reported to be accepting Nobel Peace Prize in Norway.              
#18386: NEWS,THE
1980-01-08, , min.
Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin, Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown reported to be receiving State Department 
briefings on Iran. Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin in second day of summit talks.      
#18388: NEWS,THE
1980-01-09, , min.
Jimmy Carter

President Carter reacts to Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Both US and China show indignation of Russian invasion.          
#18389: NEWS,THE
1980-01-10, , min.
Jimmy Carter

UN General Assembly begins emergency session for Russian invasion of Afghanistan. President Carter puts embargo on grain shipments to USSR.            
#18390: NEWS,THE
1980-01-10, , min.
Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin

Lack of substantial agreement reported at summit meeting between Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin. Five major fuel companies raise wholesale gasoline prices.     
#18392: NEWS,THE
1980-01-12, , min.
Leonid Brezhnev

UN General Assembly meeting about USSR intervention in Afghanistan. USSR President Leonid Brezhnev defeats Russian invasion on Soviet television.     
#18394: NEWS,THE
1980-01-12, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Harold Brown

President Carter's Iowa campaign strategy. Defense Secretary Harold Brown tours Chinese naval base.            
#18395: NEWS,THE
1980-01-13, , min.
Warren Christopher

New foreign policy said to be attempt to contain USSR. Deputy Secretary Of State Warren Christopher departs for Europe to discuss West response of USSR invasion of Afghanistan.        
#18400: NEWS,THE
1980-01-15, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Jimmy Carter

President Carter's reaction to UN General Assembly's condemnation of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. United Auto Workers reception of Edward Kennedy at Washington, DC Convention.     
#18404: NEWS,THE
1980-01-17, , min.
Warren Christopher

Deputy Secretary Of State Warren Christopher returns from European meetings. US efforts to gain support among allies with regard to Iran hostage crisis and USSR'S invasion of Afghanistan meets with lack of support.       
#18406: NEWS,THE
1980-01-27, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Clifford Alexander

United States Olympic Committee calls for Moscow Olympic games to be moved, or cancelled. President Carter comments. Army Secretary Clifford Alexander says draft may be resumed.          
#18408: NEWS,THE
1980-01-28, , min.
Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Jimmy Carter

President Carter sending 1981 budget to Congress. Ronald Reagan loses Iowa primary to George Bush.           
#18409: NEWS,THE
1980-01-29, , min.
Edward Kennedy

Senator Edward Kennedy makes campaign speech. Coast Guard ship sinks in Tampa Bay after being struck by oil tanker.          
#18410: NEWS,THE
1980-01-30, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Jimmy Carter

Edward Kennedy wants to debate President Carter. Lighting of Olympic torch in Olympia, Greece.         
#18415: NEWS,THE
1980-02-03, , min.
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali considering calling off African trip to campaign for boycott of Olympics. Prison riot in Santa Fe, New Mexico ends with storming of jail by National Guard and police.                       
#18416: NEWS,THE
1980-02-04, , min.
Larry Pressler

Eight members of Congress reportedly charged in bribery Sting operation by FBI. Larry Pressler of South Dakota reportedly resisted temptation at wrong- doing.                          
#18422: NEWS,THE
1980-02-11, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Jerry Brown

Jimmy Carter, Edward Kennedy, and Jerry Brown all claiming victory in Maine caucus. Operation Abscam reportedly going no further in Congress than implication of eight representatives.        
#18425: NEWS,THE
1980-02-11, , min.
Josip Tito

100th day of captivity for American hostages in Iran. Yugoslav President Tito ill.            
#18426: NEWS,THE
1980-02-12, , min.
Robert Dole

US Olympic Committee reportedly planning boycott of Moscow games. Senator Robert Dole fails to register for primary in home state.      
#18428: NEWS,THE
1980-02-13, , min.
Edward Kennedy

White House critical on Senator Edward Kennedy's attacks on foreign policy.              
#18433: NEWS,THE
1980-02-20, , min.
Jimmy Carter

President Carter makes decision to boycott Moscow Olympics. Wants Olympic Committee to stand by decision. Carter interviewed about state of economy.   
#18437: NEWS,THE
1980-02-21, , min.
Cyrus Vance, Robert Kane

Secretary Of State Cyrus Vance while on European tour discovers varying degrees of opinion involving Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Olympic Committee President Robert Kane talks about US participation in Winter Olympics.       
#18440: NEWS,THE
1980-04-07, , min.
Anwar Sadat

Reactions from presidential candidates regarding Iran hostage crisis. Anwar Sadat visits Washington.          
#18442: NEWS,THE
1980-04-08, , min.
Anwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter

Anwar Sadat arriving in Washington for talks with President Carter regarding Palestinian situation.            
#18444: NEWS,THE
1980-04-09, , min.
Anwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter

Shah of Iran leaves Cairo hospital. Anwar Sadat and President Carter continue their meetings on Palestinian situation.          
#18447: NEWS,THE
1980-06-18, , min.
King Hussein, Jimmy Carter

Racial unrest in South Africa. President Carter and King Hussein of Jordan ending two days of Mideast peace talks. No progress reported.             
#18450: NEWS,THE
1980-06-20, , min.
Jimmy Carter

President Carter visits Rome, calls for allied condemnation of USSR invasion of Afghanistan. South Africa reported to be moving troops around Port Elizabeth to protect industry sites.      
#18461: NEWS,THE
1980-07-18, , min.
Richard Queen

Federal judges in Philadelphia to rule on constitutionality of Selective Service draft registration. Richard Queen recently released from captivity in Iran, arrives in US.           
#18463: NEWS,THE
1980-07-23, , min.
Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Billy Carter, John Anderson

Billy Carter's relationship with Libya being investigated. Reagan-Carter-John Anderson race heating up.            
#18465: NEWS,THE
1980-07-28, , min.
Richard Nixon, Robert Vesco, Shah Of Iran, Orrin Hatch, Dennis Deconcini

Shah Of Iran funeral, Richard Nixon attends. Senators Orrin Hatch and Dennis Deconcini reported to be returning from Bahamas after meeting with fugitive financier Robert Vesco.          
#18466: NEWS,THE
1980-07-28, , min.
Shah Of Iran

Shah's life since leaving Iran. Train derails in Kentucky carrying toxic substances, town evacuated.             
#18468: NEWS,THE
1980-07-29, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Billy Carter, Ella Grasso

President Carter says he's willing to answer all questions about his brother's involvement with Libya. Connecticut governor Ella Grasso reported urging President Carter to release his delegates.         
#18470: NEWS,THE
1980-07-30, , min.
Billy Carter

Report Billy Carter lied about his first payment from Libya.
Democrats calling for open convention believed helped by Billy Carter revelations.            
#18471: NEWS,THE
1980-07-30, , min.
Jimmy Carter

White House reception for US US Olympic team honoring President's boycott.            
#18473: NEWS,THE
1980-07-30, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Billy Carter

Billy Carter claims to have received State Department telegrams from President Carter regarding his Libya trip.      
#18474: NEWS,THE
1980-07-31, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Billy Carter, John Anderson

John Anderson reportedly tells Edward Kennedy he will resign from 
Presidential race if Democrats drop Jimmy Carter.             
#18476: NEWS,THE
1980-08-01, , min.
Jimmy Carter, Billy Carter, Birch Bayh

President Carter reportedly still refusing to release delegates for open Convention. Birch Bayh, chairperson of Senate subcommittee investigating Billy Carter, said hopefully work will be wrapped up by Labor Day.            
#18479: NEWS,THE
1980-08-07, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Billy Carter, John Anderson

John Anderson's recent meeting with Edward Kennedy about withdrawing from the Democratic presidential race is noted. Libya's foreign liason office reported releasing statement in defense of Billy Carter.       
#18482: NEWS,THE
1980-08-08, , min.
Jimmy Carter, James Barbuto

Hurricane Allen predicted to hit Texas Coast. President Carter spending weekend at Camp David. Judge James Barbuto of Akron Ohio, reported sentenced today for trading lenient sentences in exchange for sexual favors.           
#18483: NEWS,THE
1980-08-08, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Jimmy Carter

Senator Edward Kennedy's chances of winning Democratic nomination said dependent on winning over President Carter delegates.            
#18485: NEWS,THE
1980-08-12, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Jimmy Carter

Senator Kennedy expected to speak on economy issues. Carter administration change in nuclear strategy with regard to attacking USSR.       
#18490: NEWS,THE
1980-08-13, , min.
Norma Leanus

John Anderson campaigns in New York. George Bush campaigns in Illinois. Nurses in Massachusetts charged with mercy killing of patient Norma Leanus.       
#18488: NEWS,THE
1980-08-13, , min.
Fahd Bin Abdulaziz

Holy war against Israel being called for by Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Fahd.      
1980-08-15, , min.

Coverage of the Democratic National Convention and latest news.          
#18496: NEWS,THE
1980-08-15, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Jimmy Carter

Senator Edward Kennedy makes podium appearance with President  Carter at Democratic National Convention. Flash flooding and mudslides in Eastern Pennsylvania.
980 Results found for NEWS,THE
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