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#17074: NEWS,THE
1972-09-12, , min.
Golda Meir

Golda Meir gives details of Olympic terrorism and says Israel will continue to strike Arab terrorist organizations.        
#17078: NEWS,THE
1972-09-14, , min.
George McGovern

George McGovern campaigns in New York City. Republicans campaign in Texas. 
#17079: NEWS,THE
1972-09-15, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho

Federal grand jury indicts seven people on the break-in at National Democratic Headquarters. At Paris Peace talks, Henry Kissinger meets with North Vietnam's Le Duc Tho.      
#17081: NEWS,THE
1972-09-16, , min.
Bob Newhart

The Bob Newhart Show premieres on CBS. On this sitcom, Newhart portrayed Dr. Robert Hartley, a Chicago psychologist. The series had a successful seven-year run. In the Phillipines 103 people were killed due to the collapse of the Colgante Bridge near Napa City.         
#17086: NEWS,THE
1972-09-19, , min.
Richard Nixon, George McGovern, George Gallup

In his latest poll, George Gallup predicts McGovern will narrow gap vs. Nixon. McGovern campaigns in Chicago.        
#17087: NEWS,THE
1972-09-20, , min.
Spiro Agnew

Three US POW's freed by North Vietnam. On campaign trail, Agnew mentions Watergate.          
#17091: NEWS,THE
1972-09-22, , min.
Richard Nixon, George McGovern

Nixon campaigns in Texas, McGovern in Michigan. Assassination attempt on Phillipine defense minister.          
#17093A: NEWS,THE
1972-09-25, , min.
Melvin Laird, George McGovern, Ferdinand Marcos

Melvin Laird calls George McGovern an agent of North Vietnam.   
Philippine President Marcos declares martial law in the Philippines.
#17094: NEWS,THE
1972-09-26, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Andrei Gromyko

Henry Kissinger meets in Paris with North Vietnam negotiators. Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko at UN calls for end of Vietnam war.          
#17096: NEWS,THE
1972-09-27, , min.
George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger extends talks with North Vietnamese negotiators into a second day. George McGovern returns to Washington.    
#17097: NEWS,THE
1972-09-28, , min.
Henry Kissinger, John Lavelle

White House denies a major breakthrough at Paris peace talks. General John Lavelle's unauthorized bombing of North Vietnam is investigated by the Senate Armed Services Committee.        
#17098: NEWS,THE
1972-09-29, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Rumors of success at Paris peace talks as Henry Kissinger reports to President Nixon regarding his talks with North Vietnamese negotiators.         
#17099: NEWS,THE
1972-09-30, , min.
Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates gets his 3000th career base hit, a double off New York Mets pitcher Jon Matlock. It would be Clemente's final hit as he was killed in a plane crash at the end of the year.   
#17100: NEWS,THE
1972-10-01, , min.

19 sailors are killed in an explosion on board the USS Newport News off the coast of South Vietnam.      
#17093: NEWS,THE
1972-10-02, , min.
John Lindsay, Richard Nixon

A report of narcotics entering the US. New York City Mayor John Lindsay speaks about President Nixon.      
#17101: NEWS,THE
1972-10-02, , min.
Richard Nixon, Andrei Gromyko

McGovern and Agnew campaign in Washington. President Nixon confers with Andrei Gromyko. They discuss trade, the Mideast, and mutual troop withdrawal.       
#17118: NEWS,THE
1972-10-09, , min.
George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

Kissinger again meets in Paris with North Vietnamese negotiators.
Surrogates campaign for McGovern.     
#17119: NEWS,THE
1972-10-10, , min.
George McGovern, Ferdinand Marcos

McGovern speaks on TV with his plan to end Vietnam war. Martial law continues in the Phillipines.         
#17121: NEWS,THE
1972-10-10, , min.
Richard Nixon, George McGovern

George McGovern's political speech on ending the Vietnam war.
High Republican officials ordered bugging and sabotage campaign to ensure Nixon's reelection.     
#17122: NEWS,THE
1972-10-11, , min.
George Wallace, Spiro Agnew, George McGovern

McGovern campaigns in Illinois. Vice President Spiro Agnew visits Governor George Wallace in governor's mansion in Montgomery, Alabama. 
#17123: NEWS,THE
1972-10-12, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

After four days of talks with North Vietnamese negotiators, Henry Kissinger returns to Washington to meet with President Nixon.    
#17124: NEWS,THE
1972-10-13, , min.
Richard Nixon, George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger briefs President Nixon about Paris peace talks. McGovern campaigns in Seattle, Washington.     
#17126: NEWS,THE
1972-10-16, , min.
Richard Nixon, George McGovern

President Nixon speaks to prisoner of war families. McGovern charges Nixon with running a ruthless campaign.     
#17128: NEWS,THE
1972-10-16, , min.
George McGovern

McGovern campaigns with wife of POW. Supreme Court votes not to 
consider constitutional challenge against Vietnam war. 
#17129: NEWS,THE
1972-10-17, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Kissinger holds more Paris talks with  North Vietnam. North Vietnam wants VietCong to have voice in South Vietnamese government.         
#17130: NEWS,THE
1972-10-19, , min.
Henry Kissinger

McGovern speaks about economy. Kissinger meets with South Vietnamese President.        
#17135: NEWS,THE
1972-10-21, , min.

The latest news.           
#17136: NEWS,THE
1972-10-23, , min.
Richard Nixon, George McGovern

Nixon campaigns in New York. McGovern says White House has promised to keep him informed on Vietnam developments.             
#17138: NEWS,THE
1972-10-24, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger reports on talks with South Vietnam to President Nixon. White House remains silent on developments.     
#17142: NEWS,THE
1972-10-25, , min.
Sargent Shriver

Four sailors killed, 22 injured in aircraft accident on US carrier Midway off Vietnam. Political espionage should be made illegal, says Democratic vice presidential candidate Sargent Shriver.        
#17143: NEWS,THE
1972-10-26, , min.
George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger says peace is at hand in Vietnam. McGovern Hopes US is moving towards peace settlement.       
#17146: NEWS,THE
1972-10-26, , min.
George McGovern

McGovern reacts to developments in Vietnam. McGovern Hope's US is moving towards peace settlement.        
#17147: NEWS,THE
1972-10-27, , min.
George McGovern, Gordon Liddy

Gordon Liddy indicted in Watergate case. McGovern puzzled as to length of time it took for proposed peace settlement.        
#17148: NEWS,THE
1972-10-28, , min.

North and South Yemen sign an agreement in Egypt to end fighting between the two nations and to eventually unite.         
#17149: NEWS,THE
1972-10-30, , min.
Richard Nixon

Two commuter trains collide in Chicago, forty killed. Nixon cancels campaign trip to Chicago.            
#17150: NEWS,THE
1972-10-31, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger wants one more negotiating session with North Vietnam. Fighting intensifies in Vietnam before proposed ceasefire takes place.        
#17152: NEWS,THE
1972-11-08, , min.
Richard Nixon, George McGovern

Nixon easily defeats McGovern in presidential election, winning by over 17 million votes, the largest absolute majority ever. McGovern says he will not run again but accepts defeat well.        
#17156: NEWS,THE
1972-11-11, , min.

DC9 Southern Airways flight hijacked.             
#17159: NEWS,THE
1972-11-17, , min.
Sargent Shriver, George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

George McGovern and Sargent Shriver vacation in Virginia. 
Henry Kissinger goes to Paris to negotiate peace with North Vietnam.
#17161: NEWS,THE
1972-11-20, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Kissinger in Paris meets secretly with North Vietnamese negotiators. Viet Cong and South Vietnam excluded from talks.  
1800 US troops pull out of Vietnam.    
#17162: NEWS,THE
1972-11-21, , min.
Richard Speck, Henry Kissinger

Richard Speck, who killed 8 nurses in 1966, sentenced to life in prison. Second meeting in as many days between Henry  Kissinger and North Vietnamese negotiators.         
#17163: NEWS,THE
1972-11-22, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

A third meeting near Paris between Henry Kissinger and North Vietnamese negotiators for Vietnam peace. President Nixon in Camp David retreat.      
#17167: NEWS,THE
1972-11-24, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Reports from Paris and Saigon say US and North Vietnam are no closer to peace settlement after five days of talks. North Vietnam's demands are said to be unreasonable. President Nixon and family visits New York City.         
#17168: NEWS,THE
1972-11-25, , min.
Norman Kirk, Jack Marshall

In New Zealand's general election, the National Party led by Prime Minister Jack Marshall, lost its 45-seat majority in New Zealand's House of Representatives. The Labour Party won 55 seats and control of the government as Norman Kirk was sworn in as the 29th Prime Minister of New Zealand.
#17170: NEWS,THE
1972-11-26, , min.

A bomb explodes at the Film Centre Cinema in Dublin. 
#17171: NEWS,THE
1972-11-27, , min.
Pierre Trudeau, Craig Nettles

Pierre Trudeau forms Canadian government. Yankees trade with Cleveland Indians. Craig Nettles comes to Yankees.      
#17174: NEWS,THE
1972-11-30, ABC, min.
Richard Nixon

No further Vietnam troop withdrawals while Paris talks continue. Troop strength now at 27,000. Nixon looked at by many as too powerful to be president.                                  
#17177: NEWS,THE
1972-12-04, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Private talks on Vietnam peace settlement resume in Paris. Kissinger in private sessions with North Vietnam. US troop strength down to 25,500.          
#17180: NEWS,THE
1972-12-05, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Paris peace talks postponed for one day. Last moon mission Apollo XV11 prepares for liftoff.            
#17182: NEWS,THE
1972-12-07, , min.
Imelda Marcos, Harry S. Truman

Mrs Ferdinand Marcos of Phillipines attacked by knife assailant.
Assailant is killed by security guards. Mrs. Marcos requires 75 stitches for cuts to hands and arms. Former President Harry Truman hospitalized in critical condition.                 
980 Results found for NEWS,THE
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