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1963-01-09, WCBS, 2 min.
Dick Powell, Dan Rather, Robert Kerr, Robert Schakne, Douglas Edwards

The opening announcer of this daily primetime CBS evening news telecast introduces anchorman Douglas Edwards. Reports from field correspondent Dan Rather, on the death of Oklahoma Senator Robert Kerr, and from Robert Schakne, on the death of Dick Powell.
1963-09-02, WCBS, 30 min.
Walter Cronkite, Henry Cabot Lodge, John F. Kennedy, Dan Rather, Nelson Benton, Bernard Kalb, Henry Cabot, Peter Kalisher, Ted Mack, Eric Sevareid

Walter Cronkite anchors the first network half-hour daily prime time news program. Till now news was telecast for fifteen minutes, weekday evenings. This first half-hour show features a special Cronkite interview with President John F. Kennedy...less than twelve weeks prior to Kennedy's assassination. Nelson Benton reports on anxious moments in Alabama as school integration is being tested. Dan Rather reports from Louisiana on Negro demonstrations. Bernard Kalb reports on Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, and Eric Sevareid comments on today's 69 year old Labor Day Holiday. From Tokyo, Peter Kalisher reports on the first Broadway play to be staged in Japan, "My Fair Lady." Walter Cronkite signs off. This broadcast includes original commercials used throughout the telecast: Paxton Cigarettes, Ted Mack for Geritol, Annacin tablets, and Crest toothpaste.
1963-11-22, WCBS, 150 min.
Walter Cronkite, Harry S. Truman, Richard M. Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Mike Wallace, Harry Reasoner, Robert Pierpoint, Dan Rather, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Henry Whey, Roger Mudd, Nelson Benton, Eddie Barker, Eric Sevareid, John Connally, Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Von Fremd, Lyndon B. Johnson

"As The World Turns," TV soap opera, is interrupted by Walter Cronkite, who gives bulletins describing the attempt on the life of President John F. Kennedy. From KLRD in Dallas, Eddie Barker reports on the condition of the President: "He is dead... shot by an assassin." Cronkite continues coverage from the CBS Studio newsroom in New York; he confirms that 38 minutes ago at 2:00 PM EST President Kennedy died. Cronkite has a difficult time composing himself and after a brief moment continues his report. CBS continuous coverage of the assassination begins at 2:00 PM EST and the following broadcast excerpts follow the events as they happened. The facts reveal that Kennedy was shot at 1:25 PM EST and died 35 minutes later at 2:00 PM EST. At 2:38 PM, Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as the 36th President of the United States. Dan Rather in Dallas, Texas, adds additional information regarding the assassination. Eric Sevareid talks about Johnson, the 55-year-old new President. The physician to Texas Governor John Connally, who was also shot, discusses his condition. Further reports are telecast from Dan Rather in Dallas, Texas, who refers to a possible suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald. Harry Reasoner continues his live reporting from CBS News headquarters in New York. From Andrew Airforce Base in Maryland, Charles Von Fremd reports coverage of Lyndon B. Johnson's arrival at 5:58 PM EST. On this plane arrives the body of former President John F. Kennedy, his mourning wife and the newly sworn in President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who gives a brief statement to the press and the public. Earlier in the day, Kennedy spoke in Ft. Worth. We hear his earlier speech. From KRLD in Dallas, Eddie Barker interviews the Mayor of Dallas, who reflects on this tragic day. On the street, interviews from a shocked Dallas community are reported by Nelson Benton. During the morning of Saturday, November 23, Mike Wallace and Dan Rather report. Rather profiles accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald is briefly interviewed. He denies shooting the President. There are comments from Martin Luther King Jr. and Harry S. Truman. Nelson Benton interviews the Dallas Chief of Police. There are requests that anyone who took pictures during the motorcade should come forward with evidence. Charles Von Fremd reports from Washington D.C., as does Robert Pierpoint. There is a brief statement from Richard M. Nixon. At police headquarters in Dallas, information is given as to the further interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald by District Attorney Henry Whey. From Washington D.C., Roger Mudd reports from the rotunda where the bier which was originally built for Abraham Lincoln and which will support the coffin of JFK is being prepared. There is an interview with Judge Hughes who gave the oath of office to Lyndon Baines Johnson. She discusses the experience and reactions of LBJ and Jacqueline Kennedy. President Johnson addresses the people of the United States proclaiming Monday, November 25, a day of national mourning. From Houston and Elm Street in Dallas, directly across the street from where the assassination took place, Dan Rather describes the scene.
1963-11-22, WCBS, 154 min.
Walter Cronkite, Charles Kuralt, John F. Kennedy, Harry Reasoner, Dan Rather, George Herman, Adlai E. Stevenson, Lady Bird Johnson, Jerry Hill, Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Von Fremd, Lyndon B. Johnson, Bill Mercer, Charles DeGaulle, Medgar Evers, Rose Kennedy, Nakita Khrushchev

Harry Reasoner anchors this live evening special program of the same day coverage of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. There is a special retrospective on JFK, the Kennedy family, the 1960 Election with interviews and remembered speeches. There are live late breaking bulletins from George Herman at the White House. There is a live editorial from Eric Sevareid on the late President. Dan Rather reports live from Dallas on the latest developments concerning Lee Harvey Oswald, who at this time was accused of only killing a policeman and who was currently being questioned. Live from Dallas police headquarters, KRLD-TV newsman Bill Mercer interviews policeman Jerry Hill, who has been questioning the accused Oswald. We hear Oswald denying that he shot the President. We hear CBS news correspondent Charles Von Fremd's 1960 interview with Kennedy who reflected on his views on the possibility of his own assassination. Harry Reasoner summarizes the days events and what is to follow. Lyndon B. Johnson addresses the American people in a brief recorded transcription - his first formal statement as President. Harry Reasoner continues with a profile on Johnson... past speeches, political statements and commentary from LBJ and Lady Bird Johnson. A past interview between Walter Cronkite and Lyndon Johnson is heard. White House correspondent George Herman comments on LBJ and there is a live statement concerning the JFK assassination from Adlai Stevenson. 


A special news report from the night of President John F. Kennedy's murder, this program is a review of John F. Kennedy's life, opening with scenes from his childhood, and continuing with his wedding and the Democratic National Convention of 1960. Includes excerpts from his first debate with Richard Nixon and his victory celebration in Hyannisport, followed by the inauguration. The 1961 Ottawa State visit, the Vienna Summit meeting with Khrushchev, and a Paris meeting with De Gaulle are recorded, followed by more family background, including an interview with Rose Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy, and a tribute to John F. Kennedy as a father. The Cuban crisis and the Berlin crisis are also reviewed.

The program continues with President Kennedy addressing the nation on the Cuban missile crisis, followed by Kennedy's interview with three networks discussing the presidency. George Herman at the White House reports on the current news. A shot of Kennedy's Berlin reception in 1963, and his reaction to the murder of Medgar Evers are included, with clips of Kennedy on South Vietnam on the significance of the White House. Harry Reasoner discusses Kennedy's presidential image, and a clip of the inaugural address is seen. Dan Rather reports from Dallas, and Bill Mercer interviews a Dallas policeman. Herman at the White House and Reasoner report on current developments. Reasoner discusses Lyndon Johnson. 

The third hour of the program continues with a clip of Lady Bird Johnson and a flashback to the 1960 Democratic National Convention, followed by background on the election, concentrating on President Lyndon B. Johnson. Included are Johnson's around the world tour, and Cronkite's campaign interview with Johnson. The program continues with George Herman commenting on Johnson, and Johnson's return to Washington. Charles Kuralt reports on a high requiem mass in honor of John F. Kennedy in Los Angeles. The program closes with Harry Reasoner summarizing the day's events.

1963-11-24, , 395 min.
Walter Cronkite, Frank McGee, John Chancellor, Bryson Rash, Gabe Pressman, Merrill Mueller, Howard K. Smith, John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Neil Strawser, Ted Kennedy, Roy Neal, Dan Rather, Charles Murphy, Tom Pettit, Frank Singiser, Edward P. Morgan, Sander Vanocur, Bill Ryan, David Frost, Robert Trout, Richard Dimbleby, Earl Ubell, Ike Pappas, Jack Ruby, Charles Quinn, Morgan Beatty, Lyndon Johnson, Lee Harvey Oswald, Henry Wade, Dr. Martin Luther King, Tom Shires, Jerry Landay, Lew Fisher, Jim Van Sickle, C.H. Combest, Myrna Oswald, C.A. Droby, John Fritz, Jesse Curray, Eli Abel, Bill Lord, Edwin Neuman, V.H. Combass, C.E. Drovey, Ed Voebel, Marie Tippet, Eva Grant, Tammi True, Adam Clayton Powell

 TELEVISION & RADIO COVERAGE, in real time, of the 

Sunday, November 24, 1963. Broadcast coverage from Approximately 2:00PM (Eastern Standard Time) to 11:35 PM,  
         A total of 395 minutes of coverage. 

This Special TV and Radio audio air check, originally recorded off the air at the time during its original broadcast, November 24, 1963, is one of the two most rare and valued archived broadcasts in the over 20,000 titled Archival Television Audio, Inc. collection. Second only to Phil Gries’ off the air recording of Don Pardo’s first two NBC TV bulletins announcing the shooting of President JOHN F. KENNEDY and the initial 3 minutes and 53 seconds of NBC TELEVISION coverage NOT RECORDED (AUDIO OR VIDEO) BY NBC or any other affiliate station, person, or archive in the United States.
NOVEMBER 24, 1963 original coverage on reel-to-reel AUDIO TAPE (RECORDED DIRECT LINE PROVIDING EXCELLENT SOUND REPRODUCITON) begins at approximately at 2:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, one hour and thirty-nine minutes after Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald as he was being transported from the Dallas city Jail to an awaiting armored vehicle at 11:21 Central Standard Time, 12:21 Eastern Standard time.

Only recently rediscovered, by ATA founder/owner Phil Gries, originally thought lost, this six hour and thirty-five-minute audio tape air check has been monitored for the following summaries and names / details that are contained related to assassination coverage of Lee Harvey Oswald as it unfolds in Dallas Texas. This broadcast  recording is not linear, focusing on only one station, but audio recorded by many TV and Radio stations at the time of the actual events, randomly channel changing and searching for salient station coverage (“channel hopping)” from TV to Radio back to TV, back to Radio, etc. This only extant broadcast record is a true TIME CAPSUL RETROSPECTIVE FEELING OF EVENTS OF THE DAY AS THEY WERE HAPPING IN REAL TIME.…RECORDING OVER SIX & HALF HOURS of audio tape covering a NINE & HALF HOUR period of time related to covered broadcasting air time on November 24, 1963 form 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time, ending at approximately 11:35PM, Eastern Standard Time.  

Five Radio Stations are recorded (WJRZ, WINS, WNEW, WRR, MUTUAL, KLIF), and six television stations are recorded (CBS, NBC, WNEW, WFAA, ABC, WNTA), disseminating the news as each broadcast station presents programming from varied locations. 108 individuals can be heard or mentioned, in different capacities…news reports, interviews, subjects under investigation, and individuals connected to Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. Interspersed, there continues to be coverage of today’s event of President John F. Kennedy who lies in state in the rotunda at the Capitol in Washington D.C. 

NOTE: 85% of the 395 minutes contained in this air check are unique representing “lost” broadcasts representing coverage of the Oswald assassination as presented on television stations, CBS, NBC, ABC, WNEW, WFAA, WNTA, and radio stations, WJRZ, WINS, WNEW, MUTUAL. 15% of the radio and television RECORDINGS contained in this tape can be found on YouTube, and are archived by museums and television stations. However, 85% of the air checks contained in these originally audio taped recordings are a one of a kind broadcast record. To date no other resource of media recordings (TV / Radio) such as detailed below, moment to moment on different Radio and Television stations in real time sequence, has been found to exist in any broadcast or transcript form other than the following air checks contained in the Archival Television Audio, Inc. archive. 

In 1993 a 49-minute CD, narrated by Reid Collins of WNEW Radio News, was released containing highlights of media broadcast coverage related to the JFK assassination and additional news coverage Nov. 22 -25, 1963. Included in the ten different clips are a 6:34 audio tape recording (edited version) of Ike Pappas audio tape coverage at the scene as Jack Ruby shoots Lee Harvey Oswald. Included in this ATA air check is over one and half additional minutes of original audio coverage by Ike Pappas and additional on the air live post commentary and reporting by Pappas communicated back to Jim Van Sickle anchoring at station WNEW 1130 AM in New York.  

The only other extant radio / television coverage of the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald are You Tube postings recorded by station KLIF- Dallas Radio at 12:18pm (EST) which begins after the shooting, prior to Oswald being transported by ambulance to Parkland hospital. It is interesting to note seen in this footage, recorded by station KRLD-TV, reporter Ike Pappas walks with his audio tape recorder over his left shoulder and gets into line, (only twelve seconds prior to Lee Harvey Oswald appearing, and being shot) with other reporters. Unknown to Pappas, Jack Ruby, stands in line, only a few feet away to his left. Also archived is NBC TV coverage with Tom Pettit reporting the shooting on live television, including KRLD, WFAA, and NBC TV coverage, AUDIO ONLY of the assassination. Note: all the above extant air checks are excerpts, some brief.  

Audio air check coverage discovered on this off the air audio recording of TV and Radio coverage begins at approximately 2:00pm E.S.T. We are tuned to WJRZ RADIO: 

“Reviewing details of today’s events surrounding the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald as he was being transferred from one jail to another. A crowd of journalists, photographers and police crowded around in the jail’s basement garage and watched as Oswald was led out and was about to be placed in a police car. As the report indicates, at this time, Oswald’s heart has stopped, and doctors are attempting to keep him alive using 15 pints of blood to save his life administering open heart message. Reporting is Mike Ludlum.” 

CBS TV NEWS: A report by Neil Strawser at 2:05pm. “Doctors are fighting desperately to preserve the life of the accused assassin of the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald, who was shot two hours ago (12:21 EST) is now undergoing surgery. 

At 2:10 pm a CBS NEWS FLASH: 
“This is CBS News Headquarters in New York. We now have a flash from Dallas Texas that Oswald is dead. (2:07 PM, Eastern Standard Time). He had been shot just two hours ago as he was being moved from Dallas City Hall jail to the county jail where the process of justice was about to be carried out, one step farther.”

At 2:13 pm (EST). NBC NEWS: “In the Capital of the rotunda ceremony for JFK is concluding. Members of the Senate and their wives are departing.”
Almost simultaneously, a “Flash” from the NBC Newsroom. United Press: “OSWALD IS DEAD.” 


NBC TV: Morgan Beatty reports. “Lee Harvey Oswald died of a gunshot wound at 12:07pm Central Time, 1:07 Eastern Standard Time. Dr. Tom Shires, chief of surgery at South Western Medical School was the surgeon operating on Oswald. He said that the patient was in massive abdominal injury with major vessel injuries. Oswald heart messaged but to no avail. The procedure is described taking place at 12:12 CST. after death.” 

NBC’s Bryson Rash reports form the Capital as people are lined to pay respects to the fallen President and pass bye his casket at the Lincoln catapult. 

WINS 1010 AM RADIO:  From the central desk in New York, Jerry Landay and Lew Fisher report their evaluations of what has just occurred during the past two hours. 

CBS TV. Walter Cronkite reports up to date news of the assassination of Oswald. 

WNEW 11:30 AM RADIO. 2:15PM:
2 hours and 54 minutes after Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, on air anchor Jim Van Sickle states, “As reporter Ike Pappas, on the scene, described earlier most vividly, police are now holding night club owner Jack Ruby with the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald who was denying to the last minute his involvement killing the President. Police had checked out everybody including Jack Ruby.” 

Jim Van Sickle then reminds his listening audience, “By way of a tape recording, reporter Ike Pappas describes the moment Oswald was shot. He was standing just 6 feet from Oswald when Ruby fired his pistol. In fact, he wondered himself whether he had been shot. Pappas called in to WNEW immediately and relayed his report.” 

Jim Van Sickle replays the entire tape recording that Ike Pappas had made which was originally played earlier in the broadcast.
“We have a prisoner wearing a black sweater. He has changed from his T-Shirt. He’s being brought out toward an armored car, being led out by Captain Fritz.”

As Oswald nears Pappas IKE PAPPAS moves his right hand holding his microphone and asks LEE HARVEY OSWALD, 

“Do you have anything to say in defense?” 

IMMEDIATELY, A SHOT RINGS OUT as JACK RUBY shoots Oswald. Pappas continues to roll tape and we hear him describe the chaotic scene. “Oswald has been shot. There is a great deal of confusion at the moment. One of the wildest scenes I have ever seen,” exclaims, Ike Pappas.

NOTE: ON THE INTERNET ONE CAN HEAR 4 minutes and 47 seconds of this riveting account of the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby as tape recorded by Ike Pappas on David von Pein’s exceptional JFK Channel on You Tube. On this Archival Television Audio, Inc. air check there exists additional minutes heard, totaling 8 minutes. 

After the recording is rebroadcast, Jim Van Sickle goes live to Dallas and converses on WNEW AM with Ike Pappas who is still at the scene at the Dallas County Jail at 2:25pm  
(EST)just a little over two hours since Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Ike Pappas live telephone conversation from Dallas Texas to New York with WNEW Radio anchor, Jim Van Sickle.

“Just after learning that Oswald had died Jack Ruby is being held in the 4th floor jail under extremely heavy guard. Latest development has been C.A. Droby, Jack Ruby’s attorney has arrived. He states that Ruby has been brooding and emotional ever since the President was shot. More and more he has been thinking about avenging the death of the president. Detective C.H. “Billy’ Combest stood opposite Ruby and saw the gun come out of the jacket of Ruby and saw the TV lights against the gun. Combest screamed, “JACK YOU S.O.B. DON’T DO IT.” 

Pappas further reports “At the moment a press briefing is being held. In retrospect since Friday night Jack Ruby has had total access at headquarters here. An incredible thing for a man who is not a policeman.”
Ike Pappas continues to tell Jim Van Sickle, “Attorney C.A. Droby’s wife received a phone call from a man with a foreign accent and stated that he will be the next one shot.” Police chief Jesse Curray is following up on all leads whether this assassination is an organized plot or a one-man act? “

Back at the WNEW 11:30 radio studio, anchor Jim Van Sickle states, “Ike Pappas reporting from Dallas Texas doing a magnificent job.” 

WNEW radio report is heard from science editor Earl Ubell who states that Jack Ruby shot Oswald with a 38-caliber gun. Also stated, “…frenetic efforts of surgeon and doctors to save Oswald’s life at any cost. However, the bullet penetrated the aorta and Oswald had no chance of surviving.”

Switching to MUTUAL NEWS: 
Bob Jett reports. “Jack Ruby will be arraigned tomorrow at 2:00pm on a writ of Habeas Corpus for pre-meditated murder that could bring the death penalty under Texas law. And repeating, Lee Harvey Oswald died on the operating table in Parkland hospital at 1:07 pm Dallas time, 48 hours and 7 minutes after President Kennedy succumbed to shots by Oswald.” “Moscow Radio reported the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald after news agencies flashed the news.”

A repeat tape recording is played airing earlier on the Mutual Broadcasting System…breaking in on news broadcasting of the pre-funeral ceremonies of President John F. Kennedy with the first word related to Oswald’s death. 

Announcer: “A report as recorded by Mutual News.”
Reporter, Bob Jett.
“This is Bob Jett from WRR-FM Mutual News Dallas where I just received and confirmed a report from Parkland Hospital that Lee Harvey Oswald has died.”

Mutual News reporter, Frank Singiser reports. 

“We hear responses by the public related to today’s events by parents and relatives of Oswald who have all been absolved of any connection. 
A report broadcast at 12:41 Eastern Standard Time: “Oswald has gone into surgery.  His wife Myrna has not appeared at Parkland hospital. Jack Ruby still being questioned.”
We hear more on Jack Ruby and his background. Repeat and description of the shooting. Disbelief by Dallas police. 

WINS RADIO NEWS. Reports of requests that JFK should be considered not to attend Dallas. Now, a sense of shame in Dallas in the death of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

From Group Station Westinghouse reporting are Jerry Landay and Lou Fisher. “WINS RADIO STATION 1010 AM is suspending its regular broadcasting and dropping all commercials with coverage of events following the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald.” 
Late report at 2:30PM of eyewitnesses. Interview with close associate and co-worker, Tony Zoppi, at Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. 

WFAA TV coverage: More on Ruby…months ago acquitted in court of beating a man in his club. C.A. Droby Ruby’s attorney comments. 

On ABC TV, Howard K. Smith comments about the “lunatic fringe” in our society. Edward Morgan comments related to the day’s events and the vengeance motive. 
“What causes such actions are not the case in Western Europe. Associates of Jack Ruby state he was an admirer of President Kennedy and no warning that Ruby would kill Oswald.” 

WINS RADIO. Reporting, Jerry Landay and Lou Fisher. 

 NBC TV: “Moscow reports Pravda communist propaganda” as covered and reported by John Chancellor from Berlin.  Morgan Beatty and Chancellor talk to one another about how propaganda cannot be misused. They predict that both assassinations have been right wing plots…a big lie that nurtures Russian propaganda.  NBC TV announces that the station will continue to cover the Assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald till Midnight, Eastern Standard Time and will resume broadcasting at 7:00AM on Monday, November 25th. 

Dallas Police Chief John Fritz, the only person to interrogate Owsald prior to his assassination states that as far as he is concerned the case is “closed, period.”

Tom Perryman reports in Dallas. 
Police Chief Jesse Curray press statement: “Oswald dead at 1:07PM.” (EST).
Report by police officer Roy Lee Lowery who states he saw the shooting and describes what he witnessed. Officer E.H. Convess (?) states that he witnessed Jack Ruby attempting to fire a second round into Oswald as Ruby was subdued. 

NBC TV Reporting of John Connally convalescing and will be alright to leave Parkland Hospital in ten days. Returning, coverage to the Nations’ Capital in Washington D.C. related to JFK lying in state in the Rotunda. Robert McCormick reports. 
From the White House, Richard Valeriani reports. 

CBS TV Reporting from Dallas by Dan Rather and in the CBS Studios in New York, Walter Cronkite reports that Jack Ruby’s roommate is arrested. 

NBC TV Reporting with anchor Frank McGee with the latest updated coverage from the Capital Rotunda. Comments from those attending and why they have elected to travel to attend this day to pay last respects to President John F. Kennedy as they file past the bier of the late President. 
Reported are the “bizarre ironies related between Kennedy and Oswald which would ruin a lawyer for life.” 
Currently there are three lawyers called to defend Jack Ruby. 
Merrill Mueller and Elie Abel read part of the eulogy honoring the late President. 
Report from the Vatican that there will be a solemn requiem mass in Rome on Monday. 

Report on the challenges which lie ahead for President Lyndon Johnson. 
We hear the song “Hallelujah” played in tribute to the memory of President John F. Kennedy.  “Cancellations of all school’s tomorrow, a day of National Mourning.” A Report that a 38-caliber bullet was retrieved from the stomach of Lee Harvey Oswald. Interview with Doctor Malcolm Nelson McClelland who attempted to save Oswald’s’ life. 

From ABC TV affiliate WFFA in Dallas, Bob Walker anchors.  Bill Lord and Roger Sharp report. “How Does a City React to the Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald?”
Citizens are interviewed on the street. Reporter Paul Good interviews Mrs. Eva Grant, sister of Jack Ruby. She states that Jack was terribly upset over the assassination of President Kennedy. 

From ABC TV in New York: Murphy Martin reports. 
Reporter David Jayne reports from Hyannis Port Massachusetts airport as Rose Kennedy, Eunice Shriver and Ted Kennedy are boarding. Kenney states his appreciation of all prayers by all Americans. Larry Newman, longtime friend, and neighbor of the Kennedy’s comments. He states that Joseph Kennedy is taking the news of his son’s killing very well. Others taking the two-hour flight to Washington D.C. are Ruth Kennedy, Ted’s cousin Joe Gordon and Lieutenant John F. Dempsey, State Police 40-year friend of the Kennedy family and secret serviceman Frank McDermott. 
Other news story reported: “A statue of Kennedy begins to fund in London England to be constructed.

WNEW 11:30 AM RADIO: Report from Ike Pappas on Jack Ruby’s past infractions going back to 1959. Captain John Fritz states that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter of President John F. Kennedy. 

NBC TV: Merrill Mueller reporting from Dulles International Airport that security in the Nations Capital has been doubled. At Washington International Airport world leaders are arriving for the funeral of President John F. Kennedy, including French President Charles De Gaulle, Japanese Prime Minister, Hayato Ikeda, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, others. 
Frank McGee reports a summary of the day’s events till now. Tom Pettit reports from Dallas with updated news from the 3rd floor Dallas Police headquarters. 
A report from John Scally relating comment from Cuban President Fidel Castro on both JFK and LBJ. 
Reports from Edwin Neuman and Elie Abel. 

Lorne Green is heard at the beginning of a special television broadcast “A TRIBUTE TO JOHN FITZFGERALD KENNEDY: AN HOUR OF DEVOTION TO OUR LATE PRESIDENT.”

Jim Van Sickle summarizes the events of the day, including how Jack Ruby entered the police precinct. Again, a replay of Ike Pappas’ tape recorder continuing to record the assassination and aftermath.  Pappas states that since 1953 Jack Ruby has had a police record. Pappas interview with police at a press conference, Captain John Fritz confirms to Pappas that Oswald alone assassinated the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Asked if Oswald said anything before his own assassination, Fritz says, “No.” 

Back at the WNEW- RADIO STUDIO, Ike Pappas communicates with anchor Jim Van Sickle. He states that on Friday night (November 23rd) he met Jack Ruby who befriended him and gave him his card. Ruby told Pappas that if he had any trouble getting news out of the police to just call him. 
Jim Van Stickle states that:
“ Ike Pappas, who almost got in the way of that bullet directed at shooting Oswald was on the wire to WNEW within minutes of the shooting. At that point Ruby had been hustled off into the courthouse to be questioned. The police had not yet officially divulged the name of the shooter and in proper fashion Pappas had refrained in telling us just who it was and what kind of man he was. Here in New York, we had received a FLASH that it was Jack Ruby. I told Pappas, ‘Ike, we just received word that they have named the killer.’ ‘What is his name asked Pappas?’ “Jack Ruby,” I said. And, then Ike Pappas said this:

“Now I have just reached into my pocket when you said Jack Ruby, and I pull out a card called the Carousel Club. Now is this official, Jim, from the police department here?”
Van Sickle responds, “Yes, this has been reported here.”
Ike Pappas, “OK, on the basis of that I will continue. The Carousel Club located at 131 &1/2 Commerce Street; Dallas Texas is a club which puts on continuous shows. Glamourous Girls, Girls, Girls. And at the bottom of the card, it says ‘Your Host Jack Ruby.’ Apparently, this man, Jack Ruby, that you just told me about, and I was reluctant to release his name because it did not come out officially, runs this night club the Carousel Club. Now, the other night as I said, it struck me as extremely unusual to have this man, who is not a policeman, come up to me after the brief press conference we had with Oswald, who mumbled that he had not killed the President, and the police on Friday. This man, Jack Ruby had straight black hair with a bald spot on the top of his head. He is angular thin. He has a dark thick beard. He speaks in short, fleeting sentences. He knows the police very well here. Apparently, some of his best friends are on the police force. And, he had access to that room. He was running freely. As a matter of fact, when I wanted to talk to the District Attorney of Dallas, the equivalent of Louis Lefkowitz, the State attorney General of New York State, this man Jack Ruby went over, and he talked to him and told him this reporter wants to talk to you. And Jack Ruby brought this District Attorney over to me and got him on the phone. So, here as you tell us, Jack Ruby who I didn’t want to mention to you apparently has shot Lee Oswald.”

Further tape recording on the scene reporting by Ike Pappas is played. 
Ike Pappas interviews policeman who was in the corridor when Jack Rugby is led by police after questioning him on the third floor. 

Reid Collins of WNEW reports the days events from the Capital in Washington D.C. We hear “Hail to the Chief” music as the president lies in state. We hear a speaker giving a sermon, “We Must Become A Nation of Reason and Law.”

WNEW’s Jim Van Sickle continues to review the days events and other news in V this day, Viet Nam, Soviet Union updates…three-way tie in the NFL, first place New York Giants vs Cleveland Browns results, Vatican news. 
Back to the assassination today of Lee Harvey Oswald, Van Sickle reports John Connally comments including those including his grief over the assassination of the President, Jack Ruby, other. 

In summing up, at approximately 6:30pm EST,  Jim Van Sickle addresses the topic “WHO NOTICED TODAY?”
He signs off, “Jim Van Sickle, WNEW NEWS.”

CBS TV: Robert Trout reports late news from Washington D.C. and the investigation into the assassination of JFK. The FBI continues to probe even though Dallas Police Department considers this case closed. Still probing all records related to Lee Harvey Oswald and all public evidence. 

WNBT Channel 13 in New York: 
“We are now rejoining ABC Channel 7. A tribute to John Fitzgerald Kennedy from the Arts all joining in this evening in ABC Studio One in New York to honor in their special way with the Boston Symphony Orchestra “A TRIBUTE TO JOHN FITZGERALD KENNED FROM THE ARTS.” Fredric March opens the program. We hear the opening six minutes. 

Excerpts from Meet The Press are heard on which John F. Kennedy appeared on,
November 9, 1952 questioned by Murray Davis of The New York Telegraph and Sun. Laurence E. Spivak is moderator. Another excerpt from February 14, 1954 is broadcast, JFK responding to actions taken by Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his effect on the nation. Marquis Chiles of the St. Louis Dispatch and Ned Brooks are on the panel. 

ABC states that they will continue to broadcast latest developments until 2AM. 

CBS TV with Robert Trout reports that Jack Ruby has been, in the past, a habitual street brawler, nick named “Sparky” referring to his violent temper. Ruby, a reputation as a “gate crasher.” 
Steve Banka (?) reports at the National Airport in Washington D.C. Richard Nixon arriving along with 100 other dignitaries for the funeral cortege and grave site ceremonies to be held Monday. The names of Heads of State schedule to arrive is read. 

President John F. Kennedy Biography broadcast is heard including JFK speech related to Fidel Castro Cuban Dictator…seven steps to initiate during Cuban missile crisis.  Also, Kennedy on the phone congratulating Col. John Glenn. 

NBC TV REVIEW with Bill Ryan:
Tom Pettit from Dallas Police station. 
A biography of Lee Harvey Oswald is broadcast. 

From NBC affiliate WBSU in New Orleans. 
Reporter Jim Kemp interviews Jessie James Garner, landlady where Oswald resided, shedding light on his “distant” personality.
Reporter Bern Ratlee (?) interviews Ed Voebel a former Junior High School classmate of Oswald who states that Oswald was always concerned about his mother…get into fights…once painted a plastic gun to look real. 

A Jack Ruby biography is broadcast. 
Reporter Ray Neal interviews Nelson Saul who was a boyhood friend of Jack Ruby, who states that Ruby had two personalities. Also interviewed is Earl Norman comic at Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. 

BILL RYAN states that we have witnessed the first Nationally Televised Murder…three connected murders in Dallas spread out over a period of 50 hours.

Reporter Charles Murphy from WBAT TV Fort Worth Dallas…funeral of J.D. Tippet, slain policeman by Oswald. He conducts an Interview with Tippet ‘s wife Marie. Also, we hear his interview with Jack Ruby’s sister Eva Grant, who visited with her brother today. Murphy also interviews Ruby’s attorney, Tom Howard, who states that his client is in shock. 
Tom Pettit interviews Nancy Myers whose stage name is Tammi True, a stripper at Ruby’s Carousel Club. 
NBC reporter Sander Vanocur reports from Washington D.C. with updates stating that the investigation goes on by the FBI related to the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald.

NBC TV: Bryson Rash and Ray Shearer reporting. Return coverage at Rotunda at the Capital in Washington D.C. Arrivals including Peter Lawford, Eunice Shriver, Jacqueline Kennedy, Robert Kennedy. Coverage and observation of Jacqueline Kennedy walking to the rotunda in the streets of D.C. unrecognized. 

Roger Sharm reports news events of this day recreating the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald using SLOW SCAN TV. He states:
 “Watch the reporter holding the microphone on the right of your TV screen (referring to WNEW reporter, Ike Pappas). A flash bulb goes off, and the assailant steps into the picture in front of Oswald and fires. Another flashbulb goes off. Oswald winces and falls to the ground. Police immediately grab the man, the assailant identified as Jack Ruby, the man accused of killing Lee Harvey Oswald. 

ABC’s Bill Lord reports form Dallas police headquarters on the 3rd floor. 
He states that the transfer of Oswald was scheduled for 10AM (Central Time), but it occurred shortly after 11AM (11:21AM).
“This advanced publicity might have been a contributing factor. The presence of the News Media encouraged the police to cooperate fully. They thought of getting Oswald out a back door. But they decided not to. They wanted to cooperate. No one can write history. But we can all hope the lessons learned here in Dallas during the past three days will teach us something. History will not again be written by assassins.”

Lord continues, “Oswald was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital to emergency room 2 after being shot, trauma room 2 just a few feet from emergency room 1 where President Kennedy had died, almost exactly 2 days before these unbelievable events occurred. Lee Harvey Oswald never regained consciousness. At 1:07PM Chief surgeon Dr. Tom Shires let newsmen into the first floor of the hospital. 

WNBC TV NEWS COVERAGE: Eli Abel reports, and is introduced by Edwin Neuman.  
Peter Hackes reports that Mrs. Kennedy is with her children telling them to be strong like their mommy. Mrs. Kennedy may continue to live in Washington D.C. 

NBC TV News: Frank McGee reports that the FBI has been ordered by President Lyndon Johnson to make a full investigation of the Oswald slaying. 
District Attorney, Henry Wade has called a News Conference and has disclosed a great deal of evidenced that he has collected against Oswald. 
Tom Pettit reports from 
WBAT TV Fort Worth Texas. 
Wade enumerates:
-Palm print found of Oswald…
-Three shells have been recovered as well as the rifle with telescopic high-powered site…
-Pictures of Oswald found on him holding that gun…
-Myrna Oswald states rifle was gone from the apartment… 
-Witness sees revolver and Oswald enter movie theater… 
-Account of Oswald trying to kill police officer Nick McDonald in movie theater, but shell misfired…
and other details revealed during Q&A press conference. 

Merrill Meuller reports the activities of President Lyndon Johnson this afternoon. Arrival of Dr. Martin Luther King at National Airport in Washington D. C. He comments.

“This has been an extremely sad moment, and I am grief stricken.” He further states, “We should realize that President Kennedy was a victim of a development which has made hatred and violence a sought of popular pastime in all too many quarters of our nation. And I think that we are challenged to work with new vigor to rid the nation of all of the conditions that can make such a great tragedy, and an act like this, possible.” King also expresses his thoughts related to our new President Lyndon Johnson, and future Civil Rights legislation. 

At National Airport arriving John Glenn is interviewed. Eli Abel reports from the Capital rotunda…arriving, Irish leader President Eamon de Valera, aged and virtually blind. 

Ray Scherer reports at the Capital. He describes poignant moment of Mrs. Kennedy kissing the casket. 

At 11pm Eastern Standard time, Frank Mc Gee, at NBC Studio Headquarters, introduces a replay of a broadcast televised in the UK last night (November 23rd) THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS. Richard Dimbleby joins McGee and after the complete program is broadcast Dimbleby mentions some facts about the host of this new satirical TV series hosted by, unknown in the USA, David Frost.  

Frank McGee summarizes. “One of the remarkable things, this is a program that has devoted itself until now to the slicing political of figures, to ridiculing movements and ideas, and bringing to bear the weapon of wit. To destroy the pompous and to lay low the evil. This time they chose to make a program that gave tribute to the President of the United States. For me it was both flattering and reassuring to find that foreigners cand find us so well, and to put into words so aptly what so many of us have felt. Shattering, because it shows what they could make of our weaknesses. Reassuring, in that what they had chosen to make in a moment of sorrow.”

Mayor of New York City, Robert Wagner addresses New Yorkers with his reaction to the past day’s events, 1000 Greek Americans will be on hand for a two- and half-hour Memorial Service at churches all over the City, Flags here all at half-staff for the next 30 days, reaction of New Yorkers in the street related to today’s events, Reactions by passengers on ship liner SS Bremen at Pier 86. Cardinal Spellman is interviewed. 

Charles Quinn interviews Adam Clayton Powell who states, “President John F. Kennedy was the greatest friend the negro ever had and his effect on the Civil Rights movement.” Powell also states: “Given a chance President Johnson will prove himself as a great president.”


While some of the above audio material is extant as audio and video, archived in major museums, in private collections, and accessible on the internet via You Tube, 85% OF THE ABOVE TV AND RADIO AIR CHECKS DO NOT EXIST IN ANY BROADCAST FORM OR AS A TRANSCRIPT, AND IS UNIQUE AS AN HISTORICAL AND CULTRUAL BROADCAST, RECOUNTING A DAY WHEN AMERICAN JOURNALISM AND THE UNITED STATES TURNED AN IMPORTANT PAGE IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY IN 1963. 

#14598: CAMPAIGN 1964
1964-09-20, CBS, 17 min.
David Niven, Dan Rather, Roger Mudd, Morley Safer

CBS review of the 1964 presidential campaign to date.  

CBS newsmen Dan Rather, Roger Mudd, and Morley Safer along with actor David Niven review the 1964 presidential campaign to date.            
1964-09-27, CBS, 117 min.
Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Lee Harvey Oswald, Earl Warren, John F. Kennedy

On the day that the Warren Commission released their report findings that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating President John F. Kennedy, CBS Newsmen Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather report this two hour telecast. They also create an official reenactment of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The special was presented 90 minutes before the Earl Warren Report Document was released, utilizing a narrative technique complete with interviews of key witnesses and data.   

Also heard are a CBS station identification and two commercials, one for United Airlines and one for Marlboro cigarettes. 

Hosts: Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather.
1964-11-03, CBS, 57 min.
David Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, Frank McGee, Charles Kuralt, Mike Wallace, Dan Rather, Bill Beutel, Herb Kaplow, Eric Sevareid, Robert Kennedy, Kenneth Keating, Charles Von Freud, Howard K. Smith

Election night returns. Lyndon Johnson wins an overwhelming victory over challenger Barry Goldwater and is re-elected President of the United States. Goldwater manages to capture only 52 of the electoral votes. Live coverage from all three networks and radio. Robert Kennedy defeats Kenneth Keating for the Senate seat from New York. Kennedy comments on the other races.                                                 
1964-11-04, CBS, 21 min.
Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, Robert Pierpoint, Dan Rather, Roger Mudd, Stuart Novins, Eric Sevareid, Robert Trout

A look at last night's election results with various CBS newsmen.                          
1965-03-04, WCBS, 12 min.
Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Neil Strausser, Dan Rather, Alexander Kendrick, Steve Rowan, Robert Ryan, Ned Calmer, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ben Holman

Attack on Moscow embassy by Russian students, Alexander Kendrick reporting, in New York City, Zionist demonstrators vs. German government, Steve Rowan reports, Neil Strausser reports on the reenactment of actor Robert Ryan's Gettysburg Address, March 4th, 1865 and Lincoln's swearing in as President. Ben Holman with Black Muslim report on defection of members, interview by Malcolm X before his death, half of Black Muslim members have left, Dr. Martin Luther King receives Eleanor Roosevelt medal, Dr. King says "Time is always right to do right." Dan Rather from the UK about ten orphaned children who want to stay together. 

Host: Ned Calmer                                          
1965-03-05, WCBS, min.
Dan Rather

Selma, Alabama protest, obstruction to register, Governor Wallace will not allow march.

1965-05-26, WABC, 41 min.
Howard Cosell, Sonny Liston, Dan Rather, Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali

The aftermath of the second Sonny Liston-Muhammad Ali fight and the angry crowd responding to the fiasco. Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali and Floyd Patterson all comment. The reaction to the boxing match by New Yorkers, A bitter comment by Howard Cosell. He comments on how boxing has been tarnished by last night's fight, believed to be a fake.                                       
1966-03-05, CBS, 19 min.
Dan Rather, Alexander Kendrick

Vietnam commentary by Dan Rather and Alexander Kendrick.            
1966-10-07, CBS, 27 min.
Dan Rather, Barry Goldwater, Lyndon Johnson

President Johnson gives a speech in New York City and Newark, speech is anti-GOP, Barry Goldwater responds, a report from Vietnam.                          
1967-11-02, CBS, 34 min.
Lyndon Johnson, Dan Rather

President Lyndon Johnson returns to Washington and speaks following his trip to the Far East.

Dan Rather reports.             
1967-12-10, CBS, 10 min.
Harry Reasoner, Dan Rather

Dan Rather subbing for Harry Reasoner. Vietnam war coverage.                         
1967-12-24, CBS, 8 min.
Harry Reasoner, Lyndon Johnson, Dan Rather, Christian Bernard

A Vietnam report and news of the heart transplant performed by Dr. Christian Bernard. Also, a report on PresidentJohnson with Dan Rather. 

Harry Reasoner reports.             
1968-02-07, CBS, 22 min.
Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather, Mike Wallace

Eric Sevareid reports on Vietnam, Richard Nixon to run for president, a movie promo for "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner." Also reports from Dan Rather and Mike Wallace.              
1968-02-16, CBS, 29 min.
Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, Charles Kuralt, Eric Sevareid, George Wallace, Dan Rather, George Romney

Harry reasoner subbing for Walter Cronkite.    

Dan Rather with Vietnam news, a 19-year-old Marine killed in Vietnam- his parents refuse to have him buried, in a military cemetery, 
Eric Sevareid with Vietnam commentary, Vietnam, "death, price to pay,"  
draft deferments are changed
a report on the George Romney for President campaign, comments from George Wallace.
"On The Road" with Charles Kuralt- Liveoak Florida, "Swanee River Country."
1968-02-22, CBS, 23 min.
Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather, H. Rap Brown, Carl Stokes

The CIA's Vietnam policy vs. President Johnson's, Dan Rather reports, a profile on Carl Stokes and his first 100 days in office as Cleveland's first black mayor, a profile of H. Rap Brown, commentary by Eric Sevareid regarding the tax on American tourists.  

Harry Reasoner subbing for Walter Cronkite.                                    
1968-02-28, CBS, 13 min.
Walter Cronkite, Barry Goldwater, Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather, George Romney, Robert McNamara, Nelson Rockefeller, Charles Evers

Michigan Governor George Romney quits presidential race, comments by Nelson Rockefeller and Barry Goldwater, Eric Sevareid commentary, a tribute to former defense secretary Robert McNamara, Dan Rather reports, Charles Evers comments on the upcoming election,            
1968-03-16, CBS, 59 min.
Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather, Roger Mudd, Robert F. Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy, David Schumaker

Senator Robert F. Kennedy announces his candidacy for President of the United States. Heard on WCBS-AM New York City.

David Schumaker interviews Eugene McCarthy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Dan Rather and Eric Sevareid with commentary.

Host: Roger Mudd.             
1968-03-18, CBS, 25 min.
Richard Nixon, Dan Rather, Bill Stout, Robert Kennedy, Joseph Benti

Report on the Gold Crisis, Dan Rather with a report on Robeert Kennedy's presidential candidacy, RFK's speech and his party platform. Bill Stout reports on Richard Nixon's candidacy                           
1968-03-18, CBS, 22 min.
Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, Lyndon Johnson, Charles Kuralt, Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather, Morley Safer, John Hart, Mike Wallace, Eugene McCarthy, Ike Pappas

Harry Reasoner subbing for Cronkite. The US will not pull out of Vietnam, Dan Rather reports, "complete the job at home," John Hart reports, Robert Kennedy in Manhattan, a preview of the April 2nd New Hampshire primary, presidential commentary on Eugene McCarthy, commercial for solarcane, 679 enemy troops killed last week, Morley Safer reports on the riots in London, protests in Indonesia, Gold Crisis eased slightly, commentary by Eric Sevareid.                       
1968-03-22, CBS, 23 min.
Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, Lyndon Johnson, William Westmoreland, Charles Kuralt, Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather, Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy, David Kulhane, Sargent Shriver, George Herman

Sargent Shriver the new Ambassador to France, General Westmoreland new Army Chief Of Staff, takes over on July 2nd, President Johnson has an overwhelming lead over Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy, RFK campaign speech in Alabama on jobs, fighting crime, Vietnam war, discrimination. Eric Sevareid commentary on politics and politicians in 1968, a commercial for True Cigarettes, a report on airport traffic jams and Air Traffic Control by 1977, David Culhane reports.

Harry Reasoner subbing for Walter Cronkite.                          
1968-03-29, CBS, 19 min.
Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Yuri Gagarin, Bill Plant, Peter Burns, Jeff Guralnick

The funeral of Yuri Gagarin, Peter Burns in Fort Gordon, Georgia with a report on the sniper defense program, unrest predicted in the Summer. Dan Rather, Bill Plant, and Jeff Guralnick with Vietnam news.

Joined in progress.              
1968-03-31, NBC, 62 min.
Lyndon Johnson, Dan Rather, Roger Mudd, Edwin Newman, Herb Kaplow, Clifford Case, Ray Scherer, Elie Abel, Charles Quinn, Henry Jackson, Walter Mondale

President speaks to America for 43 minutes about Vietnam and his attempts at peace negotiations. He says the bombing of North Vietnam will be reduced. He announces he will not run for reelection in November. Anchor Edwin Newman evaluates the speech. Senators Walter Mondale, Henry Jackson, and Clifford Case comment. Also reporting for NBC News are Herb Kaplow, Elie Abel, Ray Scherer, and Charles Quinn. Also, an excerpt from CBS News on the speech. Roger Mudd and Dan Rather comment.                                        
1968-03-31, CBS, 42 min.
Harry Reasoner, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Dan Rather, Roger Mudd, Edwin Newman, Herb Kaplow, Adam Clayton powell, John Chancellor, Eugene McCarthy, Jacob Javits, Ray Scherer, Elie Abel, Stan Brooks, Brad Sherman, Joseph Resnick, Eugene Nickerson

A report on President Johnson's refusal to run for reelection. Dan Rather and Roger Mudd report. From WABC Radio "Perspective in New York." "Sell Out To Militants." A report on Adam Clayton Powell. From 1010 Wins, Brad Sherman interviews Richard Nixon. His comments about Johnson's refusal to run, the President at the lowest point of the year. comment by WINS Newsman Stan Brooks. Joe Resnick with comments on the Viet Cong. A report on WCBS Radio concerning Nassau County Executive Eugene Nickerson and his run for Jacob Javits New York Senate seat. He comments on President Johnson. NBC News with Edwin Newman: Elie Abel reports on LBJ, John Chancellor with commentary, Herb Kaplow reports on Nixon's next move, Ray Scherer reports from the White House on LBJ, Elie Abel interviews Eugene McCarthy,                                                     
1968-04-01, CBS, 13 min.
Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Dan Rather, Marvin Kalb, Morley Safer, Bruce Morton

In a report on President Johnson's refusal to run for reelection, Hubert Humphrey comments. Commercials and weather. Reports from Dan Rather, Morley Safer, and Marvin Kalb.  

Host: Bruce Morton.         
1968-04-01, CBS, 54 min.
Walter Cronkite, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Moyers, Richard Nixon, Dan Rather, George Herman, John Hughes, Theodore White

Special report on President Johnson's decision not to run for President and on the prospects for peace in Vietnam, George Herman and Dan Rather report, an extended interview with Richard Nixon, Comments from Bill Moyers, John Hughes, and Theodore White.                         
1968-04-02, CBS, 30 min.
Walter Cronkite, Charles Collingwood, Lyndon Johnson, Charles Kuralt, Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather, Daniel Boone

President Johnson comments on the American farmer and attempts to return them to the farms, they are now leaving for the cities, Dan Rather reports, Charles Collingwood reports from Hanoi, Eric Sevareid on the Wisconsin primary, Charles Kuralt reports on the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, the discovery of a primitive hut built by Daniel Boone.                          
1968-04-02, CBS, 30 min.
Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid, Hubert Humphrey, Martin Agronsky, Dan Rather, Robert Kennedy, John Hart, Eugene McCarthy, David Schoumacher

Live coverage of the Wisconsin primary. Walter Cronkite anchors.
John Hart, Dan Rather, David Schoumacher and Martin Agronsky report. Comments from Eugene McCarthy, Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Eric Sevareid.                                                    
1968-04-04, CBS, 6 min.
Walter Cronkite, Lyndon Johnson, Martin Luther King, Dan Rather, Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson on Dr. Martin Luther King. President Johnson at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, Dan Rather reports.

Host: Walter Cronkite. Joined in progress.              
1968-04-05, CBS, 24 min.
Pope Paul VI, Walter Cronkite, Lyndon Johnson, Martin Luther King, Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather, Roger Mudd, Robert Kennedy, John Hart, Stokely Carmichael, Ike Pappas, Carl Stokes, Steve Rowan, Peter Burns, Ralph Abernathy, Bert Quint, Jacqueline Kennedy, Bill Plante

Steve Rowan from Washington, DC-Looting and rioting
Dan Rather-Report on the president
Ike Pappas- In Memphis, Tennessee- Details before Dr. King was shot.
Bill Plante- Reporting from Memphis
Peter Burns- With Dr. Ralph Abernathy
John Hart- With Robert F. Kennedy- mindless violence.
Also comments from Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes plus world reaction from Pope Paul VI, Britain's Parliament, The Soviet Union and Stokely Carmichael.
Comments from Robert Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Carl Stokes, plus world reaction.
Civil Rights Bill not passed, 
Bert Quint reports from Hanoi, 
Eric Sevareid with commentary on Dr. King.

Host: Walter Cronkite. With commercials. 
1968-04-05, CBS, 29 min.
Harry Reasoner, Dan Rather, Steve Rowan, Roger Mudd, Nelson Benton, Ike Pappas, Bill Plante, Peter Burns, John Hart, Whitney Young, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mayor Richard J. Daley, President Lyndon B. Johnson

    Harry Reasoner anchors this Special CBS News Report on the Assassination  of DR. Martin Luther King, yesterday.  We hear a speech given by the late King, Mayor Richard J. Daley, Whitney Young are heard, as well as comments from President Lyndon B. Johnson. News of rioting in the streets of Detroit, Boston, Chicago and New York are broadcast. 

Correspondents reporting include, Steve Rowan, Nelson Benton, Dan Rather, Peter Burns, Ike Pappas, Bill Plante, John Hart and Roger Mudd.   
1968-04-05, ABC/NBC/CBS, 52 min.
David Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, Bob Hope, Jacqueline Kennedy, Julian Barber, Dan Rather, Steve Rowan, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Eric Sevareid, Lyndon B. Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Ike Pappas, Bill Plante, Ralph Abernathy, Peter Burns, John Hart, Carl Stokes, Robert F. Kennedy

News report of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from WTOP-TV(CBS) Washington D.C. by Julian Barber. There is an NBC News bulletin and special report with further details including news of King's death. An ABC bulletin is heard interrupting regular broadcasting, announcing the tragic death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Joined in progress, late reports from Dan Rather on a CBS News Special Report. In a previous speech King is heard, reminding his followers that to put one's life on the line for what is just and righteous is to place oneself in danger, but the risks must be taken. 

Another extensive CBS TV NEWS SPECIAL REPORT from Washington DC is telecast preempting regular programming the evening of April 4, 1968.

 Walter Cronkite relays the latest news from Memphis, Tennessee where King was pronounced dead one hour after he was shot. Cronkite recounts a brief biographic report on King; his early life, his rise to fame, and the influences he has had promoting non-violent activates. Wires are read from shocked dignitaries. President Lyndon B. Johnson speaks live to the American people requesting all Americans to work together for peace and solidarity. Via video tape, Vice President Hubert Humphrey reflects on this tragedy and gives praise to the work which King has done and to his non-violent philosophy for acquiring freedom and civil rights for all people. 

On the following day, April 5, CBS EVENING NEWS with WALTER CRONKIITE.  

Dan Rather reports concerning the racial looting which has occurred. Ike Pappas reports from Memphis Tennessee. He states that at 2:06pm Dr. King walked on to his hotel balcony. 200 hundred feet away across the balcony one shot rang out and the assassin disappeared.  Steve Rowan from Memphis reports of looting and chaos during the day. Officers in gas masks. Fires everywhere. A number of Negroes taken into custody. National Guard requested and called in near the White House. Incidents of looting in Detroit, Boston, and in the states of  Tennessee, Colorado and North Carolina. A national day of mourning is reported by Dan Rather. President Johnson again talks to the American people requesting unity. Additional reports from Memphis come from Ike Pappas who states that King walked to railing at his hotel at 3:06pm. 200 feet away a single shot rang out, and the shooter disappeared. Bill Plante reports from Memphis related to  the emotions felt.. Prayers from Dr. Ralph Abernathy are heard. From Atlanta, a report detailing the return of King's body to Georgia. Peter Burns reports on funeral arrangements. From Cleveland, John Hart reports; we hear statements from Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Carl Stokes.

 From the HUNTLEY BRINKLEY REPORT(NBC), Chet Huntley and David Brinkley inform on the latest development regarding looting and violence in many states including Detroit, Greensboro, and Chicago. Federal troops ordered into the streets. All schools closed. Four deaths reported. Hundreds arrested in Detroit. Guard troops deployed in Nashville, Tennessee and in Chicago.

On CBS EVENING NEWS, Eric Sevareid comments on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.   
He states, "never before has this nation gone into a proclaimed mourning, its flag everywhere at half staffed over the death of  a private citizen. And this man was a descendent of slaves."      

Walter Cronkite concludes with his signature sign off,
"And that's the way it is, April 5th, 1968. This is Walter Cronkinte. Good Night."                           
1968-04-05, CBS, 30 min.
Jacqueline Kennedy, Harry Reasoner, Dan Rather, Steve Rowan, Roger Mudd, Nelson Benton, Ike Pappas, Bill Plante, John Hart, Carl Stokes, Dr Martin Luther King, Whitney Young, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Mayor Richard M. Daley, Reverend Ralph Abernathy, Eric Severeid, Coretta King, Jeb Duvall

Anchor newsman Harry Reasoner examines the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and the aftermath that has followed a day later.

Harry Reasoner reports on 40 cities across the nation where much domestic disturbance has erupted causing the National Guard to be deployed. We hear prior speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King proclaiming that he will not use violence to protest all that is evil in the country. 

President Lyndon Johnson speaks to the American people. He implores that blacks and whites must come together to fill the void of Dr. King whose voice has been stilled.

Reports of 3000 National Guardsman deployed to Detroit where one person has been killed. Major looting and fires everywhere. 2000 National Guardsman deployed to Boston. State of emergency in Washington DC where Steve Rowan reports major destruction and looting, some by children. Police officers attempt to curtail violence. 

Nelson Benton reports of 100 fires only blocks from the White House. Three deaths reported. 4000 National Guardsman deployed.  

Dan Rather reports from Washington D.C. President Johnson meets with 21 civil rights leaders at the White House this morning. Mourning in the afternoon at the National Cathedral.

In Chicago, 6000 National Guardsman have taken up position. Jeb Duvall reports. Two negroes killed by snipers. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley appeals for all people to protect the
city of Chicago. 

From Memphis Tennessee Ike Pappas reports and reconstructs the assassination. He states that Dr. King emerged from his room #306 and on the balcony leaned over to talk to others below. From a bathroom window across from the balcony, only 200 feet away the assailant fired one shot striking King in the neck, and fled. Also reporting from Memphis is Bill extended report of Coretta King arriving at the Memphis airport, and the procession arriving at the funeral home. People line the streets. 

Reverend Ralph Abernathy states that Dr. Martin Luther King believed in non-violence. Tuesday will be his Funeral. There is a message from Jacqueline Kennedy. 

John Hart reports from Cleveland Ohio. Mayor Carl Stokes states that nobody can kill an idea or ideal which Dr. King represented, and whose message will continue to live in this city. 

Whitney Young addresses the question of who will replace Dr. Martin Luther King? He reflects to all that "The time has come for all decent people to voice their will. 

Roger Mudd reports in Washington D.C. that a Joint session of congress will be meeting on Monday with attentions of passing President's Johnson housing and jobs massive spending bill.
Eric Severeid examines the effects of violence that has been seen in many cities across the nation...assessment of the consequences of a great man assassinated, a symbol of a man who has been martyred.

Harry Reasoner signs off.                                                                
1968-04-05, CBS, 7 min.
Dan Rather, Coretta Scott King, Joseph Benti

    Dan Rather special report on President Johnson...meetings already in progress. Joseph Benti reports latest developments on the rioting and Dr. Kings assassination last night. Corretta King frying to Memphis.                      
1968-04-09, CBS, 21 min.
Walter Cronkite, Martin Luther King, Dan Rather, Charles Evers

Dr. Martin Luther King's memorial and final rites. In Mexico, the search for DR. King's assassin, Charles Evers appeals for calm, Dan Rather reports on peace talks with Hanoi.            
1968-04-29, CBS, 28 min.
Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Eugene McCarthy, Daniel Schorr, Ed Rabel, Ralph Abernathy, Robert Schenke, David Schumacher

Reports from Vietnam
Gamal Nasser says war with Israel is inevitable
Dan Rather reports on draft laws
Robert Schenke on the Columbia University strike.
David Schumacher reports on the Eugene McCarthy campaign
Status on French Heart patient
Dr. Ralph Abernathy: "Save America." Daniel Schorr reports
Report on a better food system.
March to Mississippi-Ed Rabel reports.

Walter Cronkite: Host

1968-05-01, CBS, 27 min.
Walter Cronkite, Lyndon Johnson, Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather, Morton Dean, Nelson Rockefeller, Dwight Eisenhower, Eugene McCarthy, Bernard Kalb, Ralph Abernathy, David Schumacher, Nguyen Van Thieu, James Reston

President Johnson proposes Vietnam peace talks aboard an Indonesian ship, Dan Rather reports.  
South Vietnamese President Thieu is interviewed-Bernard Kalb reports
700 enemy troops killed, 43 US troops killed this week.
Rockefeller's position on Vietnam policy, Morton Dean reports
Former President Eisenhower is recuperating
More protests and clashes at Columbia University, students claim police brutality
Dr. Ralph Abernathy leads the "Poor People's March" against the war in Vietnam. The march will begin in the next two weeks
David Schumacher reports on the Eugene McCarthy campaign spending
James Reston is the new Executive Director of the New York Times
Eric Sevareid editorial on Nelson Rockefeller, the man, his issues and policies.

Host: Walter Cronkite.

-Sherwin-Williams White House Paints.
-Marlboro Cigarettes.
1968-05-03, CBS, 37 min.
Lyndon Johnson, Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather

President Johnson press conference regarding Vietnam peace talks, to take place May 10th, Dan Rather reports  
Paris, France in need of a tax increase
Eric Sevareid states Johnson was remarkable in his tone, attacking Congressional leaders and addressing to US citizens. 
1968-05-03, CBS, 24 min.
Walter Cronkite, Lyndon Johnson, Eric Sevareid, Richard Nixon, Dan Rather, Morton Dean, Mike Wallace, Nelson Rockefeller, Harry S. Truman

Peace talks in Paris-tax increases
President Johnson visits former president Harry Truman in Missouri-to be 84 next week, Dan Rather reports
Eric Sevareid on peace talks, New Stock Exchange up
Two more heart transplants, the 9th and 10th performed and the first in the United Kingdom
Mike Wallace reports on Richard Nixon's speech in Indiana before the Indiana primary 
In his first day of campaigning, Governor Nelson Rockefeller visits the University of Iowa, Morton Dean reports
In Alabama, the negro image of today. 

Walter Cronkite is the host.

1968-06-05, WCBS, 56 min.
Sirhan Sirhan, Terry Drinkwater, Harry Reasoner, Jose Williams, Dan Rather, John P. Speigal, Thomas Dodd, Charles Evers, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Eugene McCarthy, Coretta Scott King, Daniel Schorr, Bill Stout, Jacqueline Onassis, Eric Sevareid, Earl Ubell, Lyndon B. Johnson, Ralph Abernathy, John Hart, Robert F. Kennedy, J. Lawrence Pool

Harry Reasoner anchors this live special report on the day of the Robert F. Kennedy shooting. John Hart reports with the latest bulletins. Bill Stout updates his report on the accused gunman. President Lyndon B. Johnson talks to the American people from the White House. There is an audio recording of a 90 sec. segment from L.A. Mutual News Reporter Andrew West, as he reported the shooting as it actually happened earlier in the day. There are medical reports given to the press at a brief press conference. Presidential candidate Sen. Eugene McCarthy comments as does non-violent black leader Charles Evers. Heard are press conference reports on the background of accused shootist Sirhan Sirhan and the weapon used. Dan Rather reports from Washington D.C. Conn. Sen. Thomas Dodd comments on his Gun Control Bill. Rev. Ralph Abernathy and Jose Williams comment. CBS News correspondent Daniel Schorr interviews Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr., who reads letters she sent to Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy. Harry Reasoner discusses the nature of the head wound suffered by Kennedy with CBS science editor Earl Ubell and Surgeon Dr. J. Lawrence Pool. Roger Mudd is heard in a 1967 interview with Robert Kennedy. Terry Drinkwater reports on Jacqueline Onassis' arrival in L.A. at Good Samaritin Hospital. Robert Kennedy's speech in Indianapolis after the death of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is replayed. From Boston's WHDH studio, Psychiatrist Dr. John P. Speigal discusses acts of violence in America. In Washington D.C., Eric Sevareid gives his impressions on the days events. Harry Reasoner summarizes and concludes the broadcast.
1968-08-29, WCBS, 90 min.
Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, Harry Reasoner, Dan Rather, Theodore White, Bill Stout, Eric Sevareid, Richard Burton, Hubert Humphrey, John Hart, Robert F. Kennedy

Richard Burton narrates the last six minutes of a film tribute to Robert F. Kennedy. From Chicago, Walter Cronkite anchors CBS News Coverage. Presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey is introduced at the Convention. His complete 50 min. acceptance speech is heard. From the floor, Mike Wallace gives his thoughts on the proceedings and the future of a splintered Democratic party. Dan Rather, John Hart, Bill Stout, Harry Reasoner, Eric Sevareid and Theodore White all editorialize their thoughts on the convention. Walter Cronkite adds his own reflections and wraps up the broadcast.
1968-10-09, CBS, 24 min.
Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, Eric Sevareid, Hubert Humphrey, Dan Rather, Walter Kiernan

Harry Reasoner subbing for Walter Cronkite

Dan Rather Reports on the 1968 World Series
Eric Sevareid with commentary on Hubert Humphrey.
Walter Kiernan commentary. 
introduction Walter Cronkite (Cape Kennedy); Harry Reasoner in Studio (New York City)
Presidential Debates / House CBS Offer
(Commercial: Miller High Life Beer.)
Vietnam / Coup Try / Peace Talks
Vietnam / New Zealand / Johnson
Foreign Aid
Israel / F-4S / Hebron Cave
(Commercial: Alpo Dog Food.)
World Series / 6th Game
Peru / Oil
Moscow Trial
Nobel Winner
(Commercial: Di-Gel Antacid Tablets and Liquid; Solar Caine First Aid Spray.)
Wallace / Polls
Analysis (Humphrey)
Humphrey Campaign / Berman
(Commercial: Benson and Hedges Cigarettes; Persona Razor Blades.)
Apollo VII / Space Program
1970-04-30, WCBS, 29 min.
Dan Rather

President Richard M. Nixon speaks to the American People from the Oval Office in Washington D.C. on the current situation in Cambodia. Dan Rather summarizes and gives commentary. Marvin Kalb gives his analysis regarding the widening of the war in Cambodia as does CBS Pentagon correspondent Steven Rowan.
1970-11-02, CBS, 50 min.
Walter Cronkite, Jim Jensen, Robert Trout, Eric Sevareid, Dan Rather, Roger Mudd, Mike Wallace

The latest election results from CBS news.

Host: Walter Cronkite              
1970-11-23, CBS, 15 min.
Walter Cronkite, Richard Nixon, Dan Rather, Pope Paul

Pope Paul rules Cardinals over 80 can't participate in Pope voting process. Nixon to hold news conference on December 10th.

Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather report. 
1971-09-19, CBS, 9 min.
Dan Rather

A report on the day's news.

Host: Dan Rather.                       
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