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#16711: NEWS,THE
1971-10-26, , min.
Henry Kissinger

United Nations ousts Nationalist China from UN. Henry Kissinger flies back to US from China.    
#16712A: NEWS,THE
1971-10-27, , min.
Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Henry Kissinger, William P. Rogers

Kissinger meets with Nixon and Secretary of State Rogers. Vice President Agnew calls United Nations sounding board for the left. 
#16877: NEWS,THE
1972-04-25, WNEW, min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger travels to Russia. Kissinger assesses Vietnam situation for President Nixon.     
#16890: NEWS,THE
1972-04-27, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

President Nixon and Henry Kissinger in Florida. Paris peace talks resume. 
#16967: NEWS,THE
1972-07-13, , min.
George McGovern, Henry Kissinger, Thomas Eagleton

George McGovern chooses Senator Thomas Eagleton as his vice presidential running mate. Henry Kissinger to give Senator McGovern a foreign policy briefing. 
1972-08-02, CBS, min.
Walter Cronkite, Richard Nixon, Roger Mudd, George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

McGovern has not picked a running mate yet. President Nixon instructs staff to cooperate with investigations into bugging of Democratic National headquarters. Henry Kissinger reports to the President on Paris peace talks.      

Roger Mudd subbing for Cronkite.      
1972-08-15, CBS, 13 min.
Walter Cronkite, Charles Collingwood, Henry Kissinger, Paul McCloskey

Henry Kissinger undertaking general review of Vietnam problem. In Republican primaries, Rep. Paul McCloskey wins one delegate from New Mexico. 
Walter Cronkite reports from the Republican National Convention in Miami. Charles Collingwood reports from New York City.     
#17030: NEWS,THE
1972-08-15, , min.
Nguyen Van Thieu, Henry Kissinger

In Paris, Henry Kissinger talks to North Vietnam, flies to Saigon for talks with South Vietnam President Thieu.       
#17031: NEWS,THE
1972-08-17, , min.
Nguyen Van Thieu, Henry Kissinger, Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky

Henry Kissinger meets for two hours with South Vietnamese President Thieu. They will meet again shortly. After 40 moves, the 15th game in the world chess tournament between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer is adjourned.       
#17079: NEWS,THE
1972-09-15, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho

Federal grand jury indicts seven people on the break-in at National Democratic Headquarters. At Paris Peace talks, Henry Kissinger meets with North Vietnam's Le Duc Tho.      
#17094: NEWS,THE
1972-09-26, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Andrei Gromyko

Henry Kissinger meets in Paris with North Vietnam negotiators. Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko at UN calls for end of Vietnam war.          
#17096: NEWS,THE
1972-09-27, , min.
George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger extends talks with North Vietnamese negotiators into a second day. George McGovern returns to Washington.    
#17097: NEWS,THE
1972-09-28, , min.
Henry Kissinger, John Lavelle

White House denies a major breakthrough at Paris peace talks. General John Lavelle's unauthorized bombing of North Vietnam is investigated by the Senate Armed Services Committee.        
#17098: NEWS,THE
1972-09-29, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Rumors of success at Paris peace talks as Henry Kissinger reports to President Nixon regarding his talks with North Vietnamese negotiators.         
#17118: NEWS,THE
1972-10-09, , min.
George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

Kissinger again meets in Paris with North Vietnamese negotiators.
Surrogates campaign for McGovern.     
#17123: NEWS,THE
1972-10-12, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

After four days of talks with North Vietnamese negotiators, Henry Kissinger returns to Washington to meet with President Nixon.    
#17124: NEWS,THE
1972-10-13, , min.
Richard Nixon, George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger briefs President Nixon about Paris peace talks. McGovern campaigns in Seattle, Washington.     
#17129: NEWS,THE
1972-10-17, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Kissinger holds more Paris talks with  North Vietnam. North Vietnam wants VietCong to have voice in South Vietnamese government.         
#17130: NEWS,THE
1972-10-19, , min.
Henry Kissinger

McGovern speaks about economy. Kissinger meets with South Vietnamese President.        
#17138: NEWS,THE
1972-10-24, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger reports on talks with South Vietnam to President Nixon. White House remains silent on developments.     
#17143: NEWS,THE
1972-10-26, , min.
George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger says peace is at hand in Vietnam. McGovern Hopes US is moving towards peace settlement.       
#17150: NEWS,THE
1972-10-31, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger wants one more negotiating session with North Vietnam. Fighting intensifies in Vietnam before proposed ceasefire takes place.        
#17159: NEWS,THE
1972-11-17, , min.
Sargent Shriver, George McGovern, Henry Kissinger

George McGovern and Sargent Shriver vacation in Virginia. 
Henry Kissinger goes to Paris to negotiate peace with North Vietnam.
#17161: NEWS,THE
1972-11-20, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Kissinger in Paris meets secretly with North Vietnamese negotiators. Viet Cong and South Vietnam excluded from talks.  
1800 US troops pull out of Vietnam.    
#17162: NEWS,THE
1972-11-21, , min.
Richard Speck, Henry Kissinger

Richard Speck, who killed 8 nurses in 1966, sentenced to life in prison. Second meeting in as many days between Henry  Kissinger and North Vietnamese negotiators.         
#17163: NEWS,THE
1972-11-22, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

A third meeting near Paris between Henry Kissinger and North Vietnamese negotiators for Vietnam peace. President Nixon in Camp David retreat.      
#17167: NEWS,THE
1972-11-24, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Reports from Paris and Saigon say US and North Vietnam are no closer to peace settlement after five days of talks. North Vietnam's demands are said to be unreasonable. President Nixon and family visits New York City.         
#17177: NEWS,THE
1972-12-04, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Private talks on Vietnam peace settlement resume in Paris. Kissinger in private sessions with North Vietnam. US troop strength down to 25,500.          
#17180: NEWS,THE
1972-12-05, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Paris peace talks postponed for one day. Last moon mission Apollo XV11 prepares for liftoff.            
#17184: NEWS,THE
1972-12-11, , min.
Eugene Cernan, Henry Kissinger, Harrison Schmitt

Three meetings in one day at Paris peace talks. Apollo 17 Astronauts Cernan and Schmitt rest after working on moon.          
#17185: NEWS,THE
1972-12-13, , min.
Eugene Cernan, Henry Kissinger, Harrison Schmitt

Reports that South Vietnam is resisting peace settlement terms proposed by US and North Vietnam. Final moon exploration for astronauts Cernan and Schmitt. 
#17190: NEWS,THE
1972-12-19, , min.
Eugene Cernan, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Evans, Harrison Schmitt

North Vietnam protests renewed air strikes at Paris peace talks. May boycott the talks. Apollo XV11 returns home safely, completing last of the US moon missions.          
#17192: NEWS,THE
1972-12-19, , min.
Henry Kissinger

North Vietnam considers boycotting any future peace talks because of US bombing.           
#17193: NEWS,THE
1972-12-20, , min.
Richard Nixon, Pope Paul, Henry Kissinger

White House denies rift between Nixon and Kissinger on Vietnam peace talks. Pope Paul regrets resumed bombing of North Vietnam.        
#17208: NEWS,THE
1972-12-31, , min.
Pope Paul VI, Henry Kissinger

In Paris, North Vietnam demands US sign peace settlement. US wants changes. Pope Paul is happy to hear Vietnam peace talks are resuming.         
#17211: NEWS,THE
1973-01-01, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

North Vietnam pushing for negotiated settlement. Kissinger and Nixon meet.      
#17212: NEWS,THE
1973-01-08, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Thirty hours of terror in New Orleans as sniper kills 7 with many others wounded. Police kill gunman. Vietnam peace talks resume.            
#17217: NEWS,THE
1973-01-12, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho

Talk of final details to end Vietnam war are being worked out. Kissinger in private sessions with South Vietnam President Le Duc Tho. The American League announces they will adopt a designated hitter rule for the 1973 season. The National League will continue to exercise the same rule of pitcher coming to bat.    
1973-01-24, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger holds a press conference about the Vietnam peace agreement.          
#17236: NEWS,THE
1973-01-24, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Commentary about death of President Johnson and end of Vietnam war.          
#17244: NEWS,THE
1973-02-07, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Kissinger trip to Southeast Asia. Canada says it will recognize North Vietnam.         
#17249: NEWS,THE
1973-02-11, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger arrives in Hanoi to discuss postwar US relations with North Vietnam.           
#17256: NEWS,THE
1973-02-19, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

President Nixon appears at AFL-CIO meeting. Greeted with a cordial reception. Henry Kissinger begins a trip to Southeast Asia.     
#17297: NEWS,THE
1973-04-27, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho

North Vietnam has no plans to send Le Duc Tho to Paris for discussions with Henry Kissinger.          
#17310: NEWS,THE
1973-05-06, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Kissinger visits USSR. one in three US marriages ends in divorce.         
#17321: NEWS,THE
1973-05-14, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho

Viet Cong charges US planes with attacks in South Vietnam as US denies charges. Louisiana worst hit of any state in Mississippi floods. Le Duc Tho arrives in Paris for peace talks with Henry Kissinger.              
1973-09-04, NBC, 180 min.
Edward Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Adlai Stevenson, Anwar Sadat, John Love, Robert Killian, Gerald Regan, Jay Mull, James Atkins

A report on the energy crises. Part two of three.                        
#17432: NEWS,THE
1973-09-22, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger confirmed in Senate as next Secretary of State.                   
1973-10-23, WQBK, 00 min.
Henry Kissinger

Radio broadcast of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's report on his talks with leaders concerning the war in the Middle East.             
1973-10-25, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger holds a noon news conference on the crisis in the Middle East.                    
97 Results found for Henry Kissinger
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