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1963-11-22, ABC, min.
John F. Kennedy, John Connally, Charles Murphy, Robert McNeil

Both Texas Governor John Connally and President Kennedy are in surgery at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. New York Stock Exchange announces a 2PM closing. Report of a Secret Service agent killed. 
From NBC-TV Robert McNeil reports on the JFK shooting. Charles Murphy reports that President Kennedy is dead.                        
1963-11-22, KFJZ, 4 min.
John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, John Connally, James Altgens, Jack Bell, Lawrence OBrien, Albert Thomas, Father Oscar Huber, Bill Camfield

          When President John F. Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963, Associated Press staffer James Altgens was photographing the motorcade, and became an eyewitness. His quick phone call to the AP's Dallas bureau became the first news bulletin about the shooting distributed across the AP's teletype setter circuit. Hours of frantic reporting followed, supplying newspapers and broadcasters with information as events unfolded. If news is the first draft of history, then these FIRST  TEXTS OF EDITED  raw wire copies of the rough ASSOCIATED PRESS first draft as voiced by a WPIX Channel 11 New York  announcer (first two of three bulletins) remain more complete as content than announced by all other comparable television and radio bulletins. 

The WPIX Channel 11 Newsroom bulletins archived in the collection Archival Television Audio, Inc. are different from every bulletin that is extant in museums or the scores of air checks  playing on the internet, which are available to everyone who desires to download a personal copy.  The following three KFJZ Channel 11 bulletins are unique in content, length and “drama,” adding completely new information (true and rumor) that no other bulletins or coverage offer.
The three original bulletins are a direct line recording, producing pristine sound. Total time for all three bulletins, 3 minutes 42 seconds. 

Bulletin One - 1:52

“From the Channel 11 Newsroom. President Kennedy was shot today as his motorcade left downtown Dallas. 
Latest report is that representative Albert Thomas of Texas says he has been informed at Parkland hospital
that both President Kennedy and Governor John Connally of Texas are still alive. Associated Press reporter Jack
Bell reports three shots were fired as the presidential motorcade entered a triple underpass in Dallas that leads to
the Stemmons Freeway. After the president was shot the secret service waved the motorcade on at top speed to 
nearby Parkland hospital. The president was shot while moving along on the outskirts of Dallas. A presidential aide
Lawrence O’ Brien says he has no information on whether the president is alive. Texas governor John Connally was 
also shot. It isn’t known if he is still alive. When the president was shot Mrs. Kennedy jumped up and grabbed him. 
She cried “Oh No.” The secret service ordered the motorcade to speed on to nearby Parkland hospital. Associated Press
Reporter Jack Bell says the president and Connally were shot as the motorcade entered a triple underpass which leads to 
the Stemmons Freeway. Bell said a man and woman were scrambling on the upper level of the walkway overlooking the 
underpass. Mrs. Kennedy was weeping and trying to hold up her husband’s head. He fell face down in the back seat of the 
car. The President was apparently shot in the head. He fell face down in the back seat of the car. Blood was on his head. 
Governor Connally remained half seated slumped to the left. There was blood on his face and forehead. In Washington
the White House has said it has no information beyond the newsmen have at the scene. Both the President and Connally 
were rushed to Parkland hospital. It’s located near the Dallas Trade Mart where the President was supposed to make a speech.
Even at high speed it took nearly five minutes to get the car to the ambulance entrance of the hospital. 
Again, repeating the most recent information is that representative Albert Thomas of Texas says that he has been informed at 
Parkland hospital that both President Kennedy and Governor Connally of Texas are still alive. 
A bulletin from the channel 11 newsroom.”

Bulletin Two – :59

“Additional details from the Channel 11 Newsroom. A sniper shot President Kennedy and Governor John Connally of Texas in 
downtown Texas.
U.S. representative Albert Thomas of Texas said that both were still alive in a hospital emergency room. Thomas standing outside 
the corridor of the emergency room in which both Kennedy and Connally were under treatments said that he had been told that the 
President was still alive but quote, “In very critical condition.” The secret service said that President Kennedy remained in the emergency 
room and the Governor was moved to the general operating room of Parkland hospital. One secret service man was overheard telling
another that there was no need to move the President because emergency facilities were entirely adequate in the emergency room. Two Roman Catholic priests were summoned to the emergency room where the President lay. One was identified as a Father Huber. 
Again, the President of the United States and the Governor of Texas shot by assassins in Dallas. Both conditions remain in critical condition.
Further details as they become available from the Channel 11 Newsroom.”

Bulletin Three - :51

“Bulletin from the Channel 11 Newsroom. An account carried on CBS Television is an unconfirmed report that the President is dead.
Repeating, this is an unconfirmed report as carried on CBS Television to the effect that the President is dead. No official confirmation of this report as yet. Earlier it was disclosed that a Negro boy in Dallas said he saw a man fire from the fourth floor of the schoolbook depository building at the corner of Elm and Houston Street in Dallas. Police went into that building and returned with one man. Police are reported to have gone back into the building for an additional search. The building is across from the Dallas County Court House at Elm and Houston Street. 
Repeating the unconfirmed report. An account carried on CBS Television reports that the President is dead. Repeating that this is unconfirmed. Further details as they become available for the Channel 11 Newsroom.”


The uncertainty continues to be researched if these bulletins originated from WPIX Channel 11 (New York)...the announcer is not recognized, or quite possibly from station KFJZ Channel 11, now called KTVT Channel 11 (Fort Worth Texas and affiliated with the Dallas bureau for CBS NEWS).

KFJZ Channel 11  established a news department as an independent station in 1960. In 1963 news anchorman was Bill Camfield. Is it he who is heard announcing these bulletins? 

Curiously, mentioned, during the third bulletin the announcer states that CBS NEWS has confirmed that President John F. Kennedy was dead. This author believes that the fact that KFJZ having had an affiliation with CBS all these years provides a clue as to possibly these bulletins emanated not from WPIX Channel 11 in New York, but from KFJZ TV Channel 11, broadcasting in Fort Worth Texas, near Dallas, where the assassination took place.  
1963-11-22, WCBS, 150 min.
Walter Cronkite, Harry S. Truman, Richard M. Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Mike Wallace, Harry Reasoner, Robert Pierpoint, Dan Rather, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Henry Whey, Roger Mudd, Nelson Benton, Eddie Barker, Eric Sevareid, John Connally, Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Von Fremd, Lyndon B. Johnson

"As The World Turns," TV soap opera, is interrupted by Walter Cronkite at 1:40pm EST, who gives bulletins describing the attempt on the life of President John F. Kennedy. From KLRD in Dallas, Eddie Barker reports on the condition of the President: "He is dead... shot by an assassin." Cronkite continues coverage from the CBS Studio newsroom in New York; he confirms at 2:38pm EST that 38 minutes ago at 2:00 PM EST President Kennedy died. Cronkite has a difficult time composing himself and after a brief moment continues his report. CBS continuous coverage of the assassination begins with picture transmission at 2:00 PM EST and the following broadcast excerpts follow the events as they happened.

The facts reveal that Kennedy was shot at 1:30 PM EST and pronounced dead at 2:00 PM EST. The motorcade approached the Texas School Book Depository, and then made a sharp 135 degree left turn onto Elm Street, a downward-sloping road that extends through the plaza and under a railroad bridge at a location known as the "triple underpass." The giant Hertz Rent-a-Car clock on top of the Schoolbook Depository building was seen to change from 12:29 to 12:30 as the limousine turned into Elm Street.

Most of the witnesses recalled that the first shot was fired after the president had started waving with his right hand. After the third shot, the limo driver and police motorcycles turned on their sirens and raced at high speeds to Parkland Hospital, passing their intended destination of the Dallas Trade Mart along the way, and arriving at about 1:38 p.m. (EST).
1964-08-25, NBC, 29 min.
Edwin Newman, John Connally, Hubert Humphrey, Lyndon Johnson, Pat Brown, Lillian Miller

Continuing live coverage of the 1964 Democratic National Convention from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. 
Governor John Connally of Texas places Lyndon Johnson's name into nomination for the presidency, Governor Pat Brown of California seconds the nomination, interview with President Johnson. NBC Newsman Edwin Newman interviews Mrs. Lillian Miller, (frequent studio audience guest at shows such as Jack Paar, Merv Griffin, and Johnny Carson Tonight Show) at the convention on her 90th birthday. Her first convention was in 1924.                        
#16538: NEWS,THE
1971-02-02, , min.
John Connally

Japan news agency says 5,000 South Vietnamese in attack. Former Texas governor John Connally responds to accusations he illegally received funds while governor.
#16548: NEWS,THE
1971-02-11, , min.
John Connally

United States ground forces reported in Laos. Former Texas governor John Connally sworn in as new treasury secretary.     
#16553: NEWS,THE
1971-02-17, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Connally

President Nixon holds unscheduled briefing on Vietnam. New treasury secretary John Connally asks Congress to raise the debt ceiling by $40 billion dollars.
#16735: NEWS,THE
1971-11-22, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Connally, George Meany

AFL-CIO President George Meany launches new attack on President Nixon. Treasury secretary John Connally holds news conference to talk about President Nixon's economic policies.
#16897: NEWS,THE
1972-04-30, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Connally

Richard Nixon arrives at Texas ranch of Treasury Secretary John Connally, will speak to 200 wealthy Texas Democrats.
1972-08-04, ABC, min.
Harry Reasoner, George Wallace, John Connally, Arthur Bremer, Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky

Commentary from John Connally. In world chess tournament, Bobby Fischer once again defeats Boris Spassky. Arthur Bremer ruled sane by jury when shooting George Wallace, sentenced to 63 years in prison. 

Harry Reasoner host.
#17305: NEWS,THE
1973-05-02, , min.
Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, John Connally

John Connally becomes a Republican. Spiro Agnew takes on added duties as domestic advisor to President Nixon.        
#17399A: NEWS,THE
1973-07-25, , min.
John Connally, John Ehrlichman

Former White House aide John Ehrlichman returns for second day of testimony at Watergate hearings. Part-time presidential adviser John Connally resigns.       
#17996: NEWS,THE
1975-04-01, , min.
John Connally, Baruch Korff

Former treasury secretary John Connally goes on trial in Washington on charges of accepting bribes from dairy industry lobbyists in 1971. Rabbi Baruch Korff traveling the nation to try and raise funds for a nearly broke Richard Nixon to pay his legal fees.       
#18010: NEWS,THE
1975-04-16, , min.
John Connally

Americans trying to evacuate Vietnam wives and families. Attorneys for defense and prosecution make final statements in John Connally bribery trial.         
#18011: NEWS,THE
1975-04-17, , min.
John Connally

Former treasury secretary John Connally found not guilty on bribery charges. Cambodia surrenders.          
#20019: NEWS,THE
1979-12-12, , min.
John Connally

Report NATO will agree to have US nuclear missiles placed in Europe. John Connally announces campaign funding through private sources only.          
16 Results found for John Connally
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