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1967-04-08, NBC, 100 min.
Jim Backus, Joe Garagiola, Phil Silvers, Bob Dishy, Fran Allison, Linda Lavin, Lee Remick, Jerry Lanning, Ray Middleton, Wallace Rooney, John Gerstad, Lee Goodman, Eugene Troobnick, Walter Klavun

TV musical play about a deal made between Joe Hardy and Mr. Applegate to allow the Senators to win the American League Pennant. 
Phil Silvers portrays Mr. Applegate.                     
1968-04-11, WNBC, 52 min.
Connie Stevens, Alan King, Charlie Callas, Liza Minnelli, Kenneth Mars, Linda Lavin

Alan King is the host for a satiric revue of contemporary fads and foolishness.             
#7869: ALAN KING
1969-01-16, WNBC, 52 min.
Shirley Jones, Jack Carter, Tony Randall, Alan King, Nipsey Russell, Leslie Uggums, Linda Lavin

Alan King is the host for a satiric revue of contemporary follies. This is the second of twelve ABC TV Specials that King would do over a period over a dozen years 
(April 9, 1968 - November 25, 1980). 

Dupe Of # 5003.                                     
#5003: ALAN KING
1969-01-16, WNBC, 52 min.
Shirley Jones, Jack Carter, Tony Randall, Alan King, Nipsey Russell, Leslie Uggums, Linda Lavin

Alan King is the host for a satiric revue of contemporary follies.             
1969-05-19, WNBC, 52 min.
Alan King, Karen Morrow, Buddy Hackett, Linda Lavin

Alan and his pal Buddy Hackett take satirical aim at married life.
1977-02-18, SYN, 49 min.
Merv Griffin, Muhammad Ali, Linda Lavin

October 1, 1962-March 29, 1963 (NBC); 1965-1969 (Syndicated); August 18, 1969-February 11, 1972 (CBS); 1972-1986 (Syndicated)

Guests are Muhammad Ali, and Linda Lavin

An exceptional 39 minutes (including time outs for commercials, included) is devoted to an interview with Muhammad Ali. 
Highlights discussed include:
Ali's admiration for Merv and his staff, always realizing that people like to be mystified in life, and that is how I approach my career, and image, currently working for God, wanting to do only good things for others. Boxing secondary. Blessed to be the most famous person in the world. Ali mentions that he has not been recognized in his world travels only in one location...Mecca in Saudi Arabia. States that every third person in the world is named Muhammad. Ali mentions that he is tired of making television appearances and only does it to promote good will and awareness to his faith, cause and inspiration objectives still left to be completed. Ali states that the greatest moment in his life was meeting Elijah Muhammad. He thanks Merv for allowing him to be on his show stating to Merv, "You have the connection and the complexion to get me the protection." 
Ali states that his greatest weight in life has been 245 lbs. Finding it more difficult to lose weight when he wants to at his current age. New Years resolution is to eliminate white sugar, and substitute with raw honey. Ali states that he liked the film "Rocky"..."It was a script of my life."

Merv compliments Muhammad on his acting performance in the about to be released Motion Picture, "The Greatest" a bio of Ali from age 12 to age 21. Ali states that he is financially well off but needs an additional $500 Million Dollars to do the things that he wants to accomplish for others. Merv  reminds Ali of the time he did him a favor and appeared on his show from the streets in Harlem New York. 
Ali currently reading another script and stating that any film he appears in will have no nudity or profanity in it. Ali predicts that "The Greatest" will make more money than "Jaws" and "The Godfather." Muhammad mentions what he tells an opponent in the ring when they are in a clinch, 
"Sucker, You Don't Stand A Chance!"

Ali mentions that he appreciates comics who do impressions of him, and Merv has his head studio usher, Vincent Mazzone do his impression of Ali which draws great applause from all. 
Still photographs are flashed and Ali comments on them.
Joe Frazier..."the toughest fighter I have ever fought."
Ken Norton..."good fighter gut not as good as George Foreman."
George Forman..."Dangerous! A great scientific fighter."
Howard Cosell..."The only one who stood up for me during my Draft crisis issue. However, he also has turned on me. Can never figure him out. He has no specific  talent...a mystery to me how someone without talent can be so successful.

Ali asks Merv what  the budget on his show is. Will he be paid?...short on cash. Asks Merv to show him his wallet.
Merv Griffin thanks Muhammad Ali for appearing on his show and states that Ali is the best. "I love him."
1977-04-11, CBS, 125 min.
Steve Lawrence, Diahann Carroll, Louise Lasser, Beverly Sills, Sandy Duncan, Ben Vereen, Linda Lavin

The first annual television Critics Circle Awards are presented. 
Steve Lawrence and Beverly Sills are the hosts.      
1977-04-12, ABC, 90 min.
Don Knotts, Alan King, Elliot Reid, Angie Dickinson, Abe Vigoda, Linda Lavin, Arlene Golonka, Bella Bruck, Eddie Barth, Phoebe Dorin, Darryl Hickman

Comedy special hosted by comedian Alan King. 
Theme of this broadcast is spoofing great American hassles. 
King sets the tone in satirical monologues on automobile recalls, junk mail, and TV schedule changes. There are numerous skits with guest stars. 

This is Alan King's ninth of twelve specials he did for ABC and NBC during a period of twelve consecutive years 
(April 9, 1968 - November 26, 1980).

Dupe of # 5025                 
1977-04-12, WABC, 52 min.
Don Knotts, Alan King, Angie Dickinson, Abe Vigoda, Linda Lavin

Alan King's Final Warning.   

For complete details see #7523.          
1977-10-11, SYN, 90 min.
Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, Mike Douglas, Anson Williams, Donny Most, Linda Lavin, Polly Holliday, Beth Howland

1963-1982 (SYNDICATED). Mike Douglas hosted one of television's longest-running talk shows (19 years). Each week Douglas was joined by a different co-host. In 1967, "The Mike Douglas Show" became the first syndicated talk show to win an Emmy Award.

Broadcast from 1963-1978 in Philadelphia Broadcast from 1978-1982 in Los Angeles Guests are Donny Most, Anson Williams, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Beth Howland, Polly Holliday, Donny Most, and Linda Lavin.
1977-11-24, CBS, 173 min.
Jack Lord, William Conrad, Loretta Swit, Linda Lavin, Kevin Dobson, Ned Beatty, Pat Harrington, Jr., Lynnie Greene, Bess Armstrong

Five different parades are telecast from various cities...New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Toronto (taped November 13th), and Honolulu. All commercials are included. 

William Conrad is anchorman in New York, commenting on highlights of five parades presented. The 51st annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York with Pat Harrington Jr.,and Loretta Swit, the 58th Annual Gimbel's Parade in Philadelphia with Ja'net Dubois and Kevin Dobson, the 51st annual J.L. Hudson Parade in Detroit with Linda Lavin and Ned Beatty as co-hosts, the 73rd annual Eaton's Santa Claus Parade in Toronto Canada co-hosted by Lynnie Greene and Bess Armstrong, and the Aloha Floral Parade in Honolulu with Jack Lord as host. 

Note: During the last ten minutes of the broadcast intermittent audio squeal can be heard due to the condition of the master 1/4" master tape itself. However all is discernible.  

     Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (partially found NBC broadcasts of parade; 1953-1980)

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual event held in New York City every Thanksgiving Day. The Parade was founded in 1924 as a Christmas pageant by Macy's immigrant employees who wanted to celebrate the holiday, akin to parades held for special occasions in Europe. The Parade is perhaps best known for its iconic helium balloons that depict characters from pop culture such as cartoon characters, brand mascots, and original Macy's characters.
History |
Since 1953, NBC has held the telecast rights to the Parade prior to this, CBS broadcasted the Parade. NBC's broadcast of the Parade traditionally lasts three hours, with the first hour dedicated to performances by Broadway musicals and the Parade progressing to the finish line. The other two hours consist of the Parade itself, which features giant balloons, floats, cultural performances, celebrity appearances, and musical/talent ensembles. The Parade ends with Santa Claus riding on his own float, signaling the unofficial arrival of the holiday season.
Hosts of the NBC telecast have included such personalities as Lorne Greene, Betty White (from 1963 to 1972), Kent McCord, Martin Milner (1973), Ed McMahon (from 1974 to 1981), Helen Reddy (1975), Bryant Gumbel (from 1977 to 1980 and 1982 to 1984).
Availability |
Out of the 28 Parade broadcasts that aired on NBC between 1953 and 1980, only three of them have surfaced in full. Video recording equipment was not readily available to the general public until 1971, meaning the 1953-1970 broadcasts have a lower chance of being found than the 1971-1980 broadcasts. Clips from various pre-1980 telecasts have been used in Parade anniversary specials produced by NBC, meaning at least parts of the broadcasts remain in the NBC archives.
Notably lost parades include the 1956 Parade (when all balloons succumbed to blustery winds, with Mighty Mouse crashing in front of NBC cameras), 1960 (the debut of the Happy Dragon, Macy's longest-running singular balloon to date) and 1971 (when all the balloons had to be removed due to heavy winds and rain).

List of Parades |
#	Year	Status	Notes
01	1953	Lost	
02	1954	Lost	
03	1955	Lost	
04	1956	Lost	
05	1957	Lost	
06	1958	Partially Found	Clips of the Spaceman balloon 
07	1959	Found	
08	1960	Lost	
09	1961	Partially Found	A clip of one of the Marching 
                                                        Bands exist online.
10	1962	Partially Found	Footage of Donald Duck was 
                                                        used as part of a special in 2011 
                                                        and footage of Bullwinkle was 
                                                        used in 2016. Audio of the ending 

11	1963	Partially Found	Footage of the start was used as 
                                                        part of a special in 2011.
12	1964	Partially Found	
13	1965	Partially Found	Footage of the Dino balloon and 
                                                        the Monroe Girls Corp exist 
                                                        online and can be viewed on 
                                                        YouTube and Facebook 

14	1966                                       Audio Exists

15	1967	Partially Found	Audio of the Carlisle High School 
                                                        Marching Band and the first few 
                                                        seconds of The Happening's 
                                                        performance on the "Rock Candy 
                                                        Mountain" float exists on 
16	1968	Lost	
17	1969	Partially Found	Footage of the Broadway cast of 
                                                       Jimmy Performing exists, as does 

18	1970	Partially Found	Stills of Dino and Donald Duck 
19	1971	Partially Found	
20	1972	Partially Found	Audio exists. 

21	1973	Partially Found	Audio exists.

22	1974	Partially Found	
23	1975	Partially Found	Audio of the Christian County 
                                                        High School Band exists on 
24	1976	Found	
25	1977	Partially Found	
26	1978	Partially Found	CBS' unofficial airing of the 
                                                        Parade is found; however, NBC's 
                                                        broadcast remains lost.
27	1979	Partially Found	
28	1980	Partially Lost	        The majority of the 1980 Parade is 
                                                         found, with approximately 30 
                                                         minutes missing.
Surviving Videos:
The 1959 Parade, the oldest surviving parade in full.
The 1976 Parade, the 2nd oldest surviving parade in full.
Parts of the 1972 Parade.
The intro, band performances and Santa Claus from the 1979 Parade.
Wrangler Belles performance from the 1971 parade.
Wrangler Belles performance from the 1973 parade.
Wrangler Belles performance from the 1977 parade and longer introduction to the 1977 Parade.
The Broadway Cast of Jimmy Performing "The Mayor of New York" in 1969.
Diana Ross's famous appearance in 1979.
Sinclair's Dino in the 1965 Parade.
The Village People performance in 1978.
Tom Turkey, known in 1974 as the Toy Turkey, makes his second appearance.
The Patriot Band performance in 1978.
The Independence High School 76th Cavalry Band in 1978.
The Salem High School Marching Band performance and Santa Claus in 1977.
Mason Reese performance in 1975.
The Dover High School Tornado Band performance in 1972.
The Ohio Youth Choir in 1975
Audio of the Christian County High School Marching Colonels performance in 1975.
The Spring Branch Sr. High School Marching Band performance in 1974.
The Spring Branch Bruin Brigade performance in 1974.
Audio of the Carlisle High School Marching Band performance in 1967.
Short silent clips of the 1966 Parade.                                                                                   
1979-04-11, ABC, 60 min.
Hal Linden, Bonnie Franklin, Linda Lavin, Cathryn Damon

Hal Linden's 1st Special.             
1979-12-17, WCBS, 27 min.
The Muppets, Jim Henson, Linda Lavin

1976-1981 (Syndicated). The Muppets, created by Jim Henson and company, starred in their own half-hour comedy-variety show. Each week a guest celebrity appeared. The most popular first-run syndicated series in TV history.
1980-07-23, NBC, min.
Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Jose Feliciano, Doc Severinsen, Ben Vereen, David Letterman, Linda Lavin, Meadowlark Lemon

October 1, 1962-May 22, 1992. Johnny Carson, host of NBC's network late-night "Tonight Show" reigned for 30 unprecedented years...five times the combined tenure of Steve Allen, and Jack Paar. Carson was impervious to competition, including efforts to dethrone him by Les Crane, Joey Bishop, Merv Griffin, Dick Cavett, Jack Paar, Pat Sajak, Joan Rivers, and Arsenio Hall. Sadly, very few complete "Tonight Show" broadcasts survive during Johnny Carson's first ten years of broadcasting. Around 1965, through the early 1970's, oldest tapes were first erased systematically by orders from myopic NBC executives, to be recycled for purposes of saving money. Ironically, in many cases, these older master tapes were too brittle, and portended probable drop-outs for re-use after being erased. Subsequently blank after being erased, these older questionable master 2" Quad tapes were either sparingly used or never used again for recording new programming and eventually were discarded. Saving thousands of dollars at the time (wiping master tapes for potential re-use) resulted in losing millions of dollars by NBC in today's marketplace, and more importantly wiping thousands of historic TONIGHT SHOW broadcasts, which contain precious personal anecdotes from political, show business, and sports icons of the past.

Guest Host: David Letterman. Guests, Linda Lavin, Ben Vereen, Jose Feliciano, Meadowlark Lemon. NOTE: This specific TONIGHT SHOW may only contain an opening monologue by Johnny Carson. Other content, as listed, will have to be monitored and confirmed upon your order request.
14 Results found for Linda Lavin
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