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#13056: NBC NEWS, THE
1956-11-03, WNBC, 3 min.
Pauline Fredericks, Abba Eban

Budapest in negotiations with the Russians about the withdrawal of the Red Army, Russia will allow refugees to cross the border into Austria. Report from the UN on ceasefire attempt and talks to send UN forces, the United States urges Russia to withdraw troops, Abba Eban agrees to ceasefire proposal by the UN.                          
#13060: NBC NEWS, THE
1956-11-04, WNBC, 3 min.
NBC news announcer

A report from Vienna: Hungarian refugees flee into Austria, mobs in London riot against the policy in the Middle East.                          
#13125: NEWS, THE
1956-12-28, , 5 min.
James Curley

Highlights: fake bombs planted in New York City, The police try to track down the real "Mad Bomber," Fires in the Malibu Beach area of California, a negro woman is wounded by shots fired while riding a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, update on bus segregation, ex-gov Curley of Massachusetts seriously ill.                                                     
1958-02-01, NBC, 4 min.
Robert McCormick, Dwight Eisenhower

Highlights: President Eisenhower announces that the Jupiter C satellite is in orbit.  Other name for satellite, "Alpha," & "Explorer." 

Host: Robert McCormick.                                    
#13283: CBS NEWS, THE
1958-05-15, CBS, min.
Richard Nixon, Charles De Gaulle

Highlights: Political chaos in France, General De Gaulle willing to assume power following rioting between extremist groups related to Algerian policy, Vice-President Nixon gets a heros welcome in Washington following an explosive trip to South America, comment by Nixon.                          
#13303: CBS NEWS, THE
1958-10-08, CBS, min.
Pope Pius X11

Highlights: The New York Yankees defeat the Milwaukee Braves in game 7 of the 1958 World Series, 6-2 taking back the title from the same Braves who defeated them a year earlier. There is a brief description of the final game, many mourn the death of Pope Pius X11, conclave to elect the new Pope.            
#13313: NEWS, THE
1958-11-29, , min.
Gillo Pontecorvo

Highlights: The US puts a monkey 600 miles up in space but is lost at sea, the first time a high order of animal is in space, Nato chiefs to meet in Paris concerning Berlin, four Britains sail in a balloon from the Canary Islands to the West Indies, Italian filmmaker Gillo Pontecorvo to get Lenin prize.          
#13325: CBS NEWS, THE
1959-02-06, CBS, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Hubert Humphrey, Dwight Eisenhower

Highlights: Khrushchev attacks Senator Humphrey's remarks regarding his comments on the failure of Russian-Chinese communes, Humphrey detects possible Soviet-Chinese rift, President Eisenhower considers a visit to Russia, ICBM "Titan" missile is tested.                         
#13372: NEWS, THE
1959-09-20, , 5 min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Norris Poulson

Highlights: Khrushchev threatens to go home after biting remarks by Mayor Poulson of Los Angeles at a dinner.           
1960-02-18, WMGM, min.
Queen Elizabeth, Caryl Chessman

Topic: Caryl Chessman seeks appeal to stay his execution scheduled for the next day. 

NOTE: Chessman would be executed in the San Quentin gas chamber on May 2, 1960 for kidnapping, rape, and grand larceny crimes he committed in January 1948.  He wrote  many articles while awaiting execution on death row over a period of 12 years. He appealed his conviction 42 times but it was never overturned.     

Also, news of Queen Elizabeth who gave birth to a son.                                          
#13414: CBS NEWS, THE
1960-05-12, CBS, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, John David Rockefeller

Highlights: Khrushchev attacks Eisenhower'doubts, Eisenhower visits Russia, claims it would be mad to greet him in Russia due to U-2 incident, Eisenhower defends U-2 missions over Russia to avoid new Pearl Harbors, the swiss order two Russian diplomats to leave Switzerland due to spying, Senator Kennedy presidential chances increase due to West Virginia primary win, Senator Kennedy talks about the opposition and primary success, says he will be nominated by the Democratic party as their presidential candidate. John David Rockefeller Jr. dies at 86.                                                     
#13432: NEWS, THE
1960-05-29, , min.
Adolf Eichmann

Highlights: Us Admiral warns of potential danger at sea, Adolf Eichmann is captured in Argentina.                                                   
#13436: NEWS, THE
1960-06-02, , min.
John F. Kennedy

Highlights: Strike to close NYC theaters in dispute between actors equity and the producers, US to stop U-2 flights over any communist territory, NYC donates Typhoidand smallpox vaccine to victims of last week's earthquake in Chile, Senator John Kennedy warning of new Democratic challenges.              
#13437: NEWS, THE
1960-06-02, , min.
John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Sam Rayburn, Gerhard Williams, Thomas Gates

All Beverley Hills theaters are closed due to actors equity strike, Secretary Thomas Gates closes out the U-2 investigations, Sam Rayburn puts Senator Lyndon Johnson into the race for the Democratic nomination for president, Governor Williams of Michigan will support Senator Kennedy, teenage burglary gang is caught.                         
#13439: NEWS, THE
1960-06-11, , min.
Fidel Castro, Adlai Stevenson, Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, James Hagerty, Nobusuke Kishi

New demonstrations by Japanese extreme anti- US leftists,
urge Eisenhower to stay home and not come to Japan, James Hagerty mobbed in Tokyo airport by jeering left-wing groups, car attacked with stones and clubs, PM Kishi says Eisenhower will still visit Japan, Stevenson might be a draft candidate for president, Nixon calls for GOP unity and predicts November victory, Castro seizes nightclubs, Castro to seize American oil refineries in Cuba,             
#13440: NEWS, THE
1960-06-13, , min.
Nelson Rockefeller, Adlai Stevenson, Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower

Russians in Japan for anti-Eisenhower riots, against proposed us-Japanese security pact, Eisenhower in Alaska on his way to the Philippines, Governor Rockefeller will support Nixon if he wins the nomination, Stevenson will not seek the Democratic presidential nomination,              
#13447: NEWS, THE
1960-06-16, , min.
News Commentator

An eyewitness account of the leftist student rioting in Tokyo.            
#13443: NEWS, THE
1960-07-07, , min.
Harry S. Truman, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Yul Brynner, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Sam Rayburn, Hulan Jack, John Connelly

Pre-convention news. Sam Rayburn comments on John Kennedy's chances of winning Texas, John Connelly comments on Lyndon Johnson's chances, certain Hollywood stars including Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin support Kennedy while Yul Brynner doesn't believe celebrities should involve themselves in politics. Hulan Jack jury is still out, Mexican leader believes Mexico should side with Cuba, US franchise in Cuba is moved out, rioting in Italy is led by the communists, Democratic convention begins in Los Angeles, Truman might change his mind and go to the convention, Johnson predicts a victory for himself, other convention news.                                                    
#13452: NEWS, THE
1960-07-12, , min.
Adlai Stevenson, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson

Highlights: Civil rights news, Stevenson receives great ovation, Kennedy and Johnson stage debate, the two praise each other, Eisenhower denounces Russia for shooting down RB-47.                          
#13457A: NEWS, THE
1960-07-22, , min.
Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Cabot Lodge, Richard Nixon

Nixon wants Governor Rockefeller to be his running mate but Rocky says the Republican platform is not to his taste, Atlas missile blows up, leftists in Venezuela burn US flag, Lodge says RB missile is not over Russian territory.                        
#13459: NEWS, THE
1960-07-24, , min.
Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Cabot Lodge, Patrice Lumumba

The Republican convention opens tomorrow, Governor Rockefeller not satisfied with the Republican platform, will not accept the Vice Presidential offering, Ambassador Lodge thought of as a possible vice presidential candidate, Congo premier Patrice Lumumba arrives in New York for a UN meeting, Red Chinese delegation attacks the US in Cuba.                          
#13461: NEWS, THE
1960-07-28, , min.
John F. Kennedy, Henry Cabot Lodge, Richard Nixon, Dag Hammerskjold

Highlights: Moscow assails Nixon as a "Wall Street Tool" and warmonger, US tourists harassed in Russia, Nixon prefers Ambassador Lodge as the vice president, an interview with Lodge, John Kennedy news conference, Dag Hammarskjold welcomed in the Congo. Continuation of the Republican National Convention, balloting for a vice presidential candidate, Lodge wins.              
#13462: CBS NEWS, THE
1960-08-09, CBS, min.
Herbert Hoover, Nikita Khrushchev, Gary Powers

Highlights: Khrushchev may come to New York as Russian delegation heads to UN, Russians publish an indictment on Gary Powers spying, an interview with Herbert Hoover on health issues.                         
#13464: CBS NEWS, THE
1960-08-17, CBS, min.
Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, Francis Gary Powers

Highlights: Francis Gary Powers trial opens in Moscow, President Eisenhower comments on the trial, Gallop poll among others gives Nixon favorable odds to a victory in the fall. Indonesia breaks off diplomatic relations with the Netherlands. 

NOTE: Francis Gary Powers was an American pilot whose Central Intelligence Agency U-2 spy plane was shot down while flying a reconnaissance mission in the Soviet Union airspace, causing a1960 
U-2 incident.                                        
#13465: NEWS, THE
1960-08-19, , min.
Francis Gary Powers

Highlights: Telephone information on viewing the Echo 1 satellite plane catches returning space capsule out from orbit, Russia orbits live cargo in capsule, expect to recover them alive, Francis Gary Powers convicted and sentenced to ten years confinement, Powers acknowledges guilt and seeks clemency saying he's sorry.                                                     
#13476: DIAL 13 NEWS, THE
1960-09-19, WNTA, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Pierre Salinger, John F. Kennedy, William Bradley, Stephen P. Kennedy

New York City Police Commissioner Stephen Kennedy slur on Jewish cops, Rabbi comments on insult, Pierre Salinger comments on Kennedy's campaign, Captain William Bradley of ILA comments on demonstrations by dockworkers against Khrushchev.                                      
#13477: NEWS, THE
1960-09-19, , min.
Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon

Castro storms out of his hotel claiming he's being overcharged, too much security, Nixon campaigns.            
1960-09-19, WINS, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro

Highlights: Castro claims he might sleep in Central Park, Hungarian demonstrations against Khrushchev at the UN, the presidential campaign.

From WINS radio in New York City.                          
#13480: NEWS, THE
1960-09-19, , min.
Robert Wagner, Fidel Castro, Dwight Eisenhower, Stephen Kennedy

More on Castro hotel problems, Hungarian refugees riot against Khrushchev, Eisenhower says troublemakers coming to the US, Russians protest wording on anti-Castro signs, political chaos in the Congo, Mayor Wagner summons NYC police commissioner Stephen Kennedy about anti-Jewish remarks, Laos reports under rebel attack by the communists.            
#13485: CBS NEWS, THE
1960-09-22, CBS, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro, Dwight Eisenhower, Sylvanus Olympio

Eisenhower speaks at the UN, Khrushchev at the plaza reception receives boos, nine-year-old Venezuelan girl dies after being shot by Cuban fanatics, Castro gives interview in Harlem hotel, honored by people of Harlem, hopes Khrushchev will visit him in Cuba, Togoland president Olympio comments on possible Khrushchev visit to his country.                                       
#13487: WNEW NEWS, THE
1960-09-26, WNEW, min.
Fidel Castro, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Stephen Kennedy

Senator John F. Kennedy, Democratic Presidential nominee,  and Vice President Richard M.Nixon, Republican Presidential nominee  will have their TV debate, Castro makes 4 1/2 hour speech attacking US at UN, negro leaders accuse Castro of communism, Rabbi still wants an apology from NYC police commissioner Stephen Kennedy.                           
#13488: CBS NEWS, THE
1960-09-29, CBS, min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Harold Macmillan, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Adolf Eichman

Khrushchev throws a tantrum at the UN, Khrushchev heckles Harold Macmillan UN talk and pounds on the table, Khrushchev wants allies to accept Russian disarmament terms, fifty-seven Americans harassed by Cubans in Havana, five hundred Americans leave Cuba, reporter comments on condition in police state Cuba, Nixon calls Kennedy a "monumental failure". Adolf Eichman trial to begin soon.           
#13492: NEWS, THE
1960-10-03, , min.
Dag Hammarskjold, Nikita Khrushchev, Jawaharlal Nehru

During this 15th assembly of the United Nations, Khrushchev wants Dag Hammerasklod to resign, he wants a troika, Nehru prefers the status quo, prefers Hammarskjold, Hammarskjold speaks for himself defies Khrushchev.                           
#13505: NEWS, THE
1960-11-09, , min.

Election returns, other news.            
#13506: NEWS, THE
1960-11-17, , min.
John Daly, Clark Gable, James Hagerty

Presidential press secretary James Hagerty may replace John Daly at ABC news. Clark Gable dead.            
#13508: NBC NEWS, THE
1960-11-25, NBC, min.
John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy Jr

President Eisenhower congratulates President-elect John F. Kennedy on the birth of his son, John F. Kennedy, Jr. Nixon confers with Eisenhower, Mercury test capsule fails in flight.              
#13513: NEWS, THE
1960-12-16, , 8 min.
John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy

Highlights: Air collision, TWO PLANES, KILLING ALL ABOARD continuing reports, John Kennedy appoints his brother Robert as attorney general, Laos crisis, may bring aid to the Philippines.                          
#13516: NEWS, THE
1961-01-03, , 12 min.

The US breaks off diplomatic relations with Cuba as a result of the expulsion of US diplomats from Cuba.               
#13521: CBS NEWS, THE
1961-01-24, CBS, 2 min.
CBS Newsman

Pirate on the seized ship the "Santa Maria" announces intentions and reasons for seizing the ship. The ship cannot be found.            
#13527: NEWS, THE
1961-03-13, , 4 min.
Floyd Patterson, Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Willy Brandt, Ingemar Johanssen

Highlights: Floyd Patterson knocks out Ingemar Johanssen, space failure, Kennedy meets with West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, Eleanor Roosevelt encourages President Kennedy to put more women in government, spy trial in England, eager students comment on President Kennedy's Peace Corps.             
#13529: NEWS, THE
1961-04-12, , min.
TV Announcer, Yuri Gagarin

Russians launch astronaut into orbit. 
On this day Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin became the first human being to travel into space aboard spacecraft Vostok, which orbited the Earth at a maximum altitude of 187 miles. During the flight the 27 year old test pilot and industrial technician also became the first man to orbit the planet, a feat accomplished by his space capsule in 89 minutes.  In total Gagarin was in space for one hour and 48 minutes.                                          
#13531: NBC NEWS, THE
1961-04-12, , min.
Yuri Gagarin

A report on the first Russiam Cosmonaut in space Major Yuri Gagarin.  

See ATA# 13529 for more details.                        
#13535: CBS NEWS, THE
1961-04-13, CBS, min.
Fidel Castro, John F. Kennedy, Yuri Gagarin

Highlights: Moscow prepares to receive Yuri Gagarin, Krelim boasts of superiority, challenges US in the space race, US Congressman says US lags in space, President Kennedy says the US will not directly overthrow Castro but will aid others to achieve that end.           
#13543: NBC NEWS, THE
1961-04-17, NBC, min.
Jacob Javits, Fidel Castro, Adolf Eichmann, Souvanna Phouma

Highlights: Cuba is invaded by anti-Castro rebels, sea-borne invasion force to be coordinated with uprising within the island, Senator Jacob Javits says the US will not invade Cuba, Castro accuses the US of an air attack in Cuba, Eichmann pleads not guilty to charges against him for crimes against the Jews, Laotian prince Souvanna Phouma in Moscow for talks on the Laotian crisis.                          
#13546: NEWS, THE
1961-04-18, , min.
Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro, John F. Kennedy

Highlights: Russians whip up anti-US sentiment, urge the US to interfere in Cuba, students stone the US embassy in Moscow, Khrushchev asks President Kennedy to put an end to its aggression in Cuba, Russians will aid Cubans US sympathies with anti-Castro rebels, the US claims no aid for invasion, fighting continues in Cuba, rebels reported 90 miles from Havana.                          
#13556: NBC NEWS, THE
1961-04-23, NBC, min.
Charles De Gaulle

Highlights: Insurgents in Algeria against De Gaulle granting independence to Algeria, "revolt of the army generals" post-mortems of Cuban adventure-comments from Britain.                          
#13557: CBS NEWS, THE
1961-04-23, CBS, min.
Fidel Castro, Howard K. Smith

CBS newsman Howard K. Smith comments on the Cuban invasion fiasco, he also comments on recent Russian supremacy over US in space and on other matters.                          
#13561: CBS NEWS, THE
1961-04-25, CBS, min.
Charles De Gaulle

Insurgent generals revolt collapses, De Gaulle victorious vs. fanatics from Algeria, $500 million dollars in aid approved for Latin America,             
#13564: NEWS, THE
1961-05-05, , min.
Dean Rusk, Alan B. Shepard

The US to launch space flight with Commander Alan B. Shepard aboard a 21-mile high balloon flight, the crisis in South Vietnam, US to aid the country against the communist rebels infiltration.                                       
#13589: NEWS, THE
1962-01-27, , min.
John Glenn, John F. Kennedy, King Savol

Orbital flight postponed, Russians say the flight was called off due to "fear of failure," Kennedy visits King Savol of Arabia.             
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