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Space Exploration (1956-1972)




331 television & radio audio air check broadcasts, each ranging in length from one minute to many hours:

  • NEWS
All related to Russian and United States space exploration, and related issues… recorded primarily by direct line at the time of the original broadcast on ¼" reel to reel audio tape- (DEC. 16, 1956 - DEC. 19, 1972).

Space Exploration Sampler
(News broadcasts from the late 1950's and early 1960's)

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Dec. 16, 1956 – PAUL HARVEY WABC SUNDAY NIGHT NEWS – U.S. army fires missile 15,000 mph high enough to put a satellite in space.


May 28, 1957 – MIKE WALLACE NEWS – Scientists plan, this week, to launch a test flight intercontinental ATLAS missile. USA plans to launch the first artificial earth satellite in the spring of 1958.

Oct. 5, 1957 – NBC TV BULLETIN – News bulletin interrupting the World Series between the New York Yankees vs. the Milwaukee Braves stating that a Russian satellite called “Sputnik” will pass over Washington DC.

Oct. 5, 1957 – NEWS – U.S. OFFICIALS COMMENT ON RUSSIAN SATELLITE. They say “it is no laughing matter.” Jubilant Russians give timetable of Sputnik’s passes.

Oct. 5, 1957 – NEW YORK TIMES NEWS – Moscow gives the world timetable of its satellite’s expectant life, guessed at a few days to one million years.

Oct. 5, 1957 – THE POLLY BERGEN SHOW – On this live television variety show guest star Ernie Kovacs jokingly comments on the Russian Satellite.

Oct. 5, 1957 – CBS NEWS WITH RON COCHRAN – World-wide reaction to Sputnik Russian satellite. Sputnik radio signals recorded for the first time. Hagerty claims “U.S. is not in a satellite race.” U.S. expects to launch a satellite of its own next spring. Criticism of U.S. research programs. Secretary of State Dulles meets Russia’s Gromyko on international topics.

Oct. 6, 1957 – CBS NEWS SPECIAL ON RUSSIAN SATELLITE – Douglas Edwards anchors this program. Scientists comment on Russian feat, and other rocketry. U.S. rocket programs assessed in view of triumphal Russian reports from Moscow. Additional reports from Richard C. Hottelet and Howard K. Smith.

Oct. 8, 1957 – CBS NEWS WITH RON COCHRAN – Senators urge congressional investigation on U.S. position in satellite program. Secretary Wilson calls Red satellite “a neat scientific trick.” Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev says manned planes are obsolete due to development of missiles. Sputnik radio signals go dead. U.S. pilot sees Sputnik.

Oct. 17, 1957 – CBS NEWS WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS – Description of Russian propaganda film, “TRIP TO THE MOON.” Film details rocket flight.

Oct. 27, 1957 – NBC NEWS SPECIAL – Marshall Zhukov criticized, degraded, and stripped of his political authority. Khrushchev rising to supreme power. NBC correspondents comment on this crisis facing the United States.

Nov. 3, 1957 – THE PUBLIC ARTS – Educator Gilbert Sedes comments strongly on United States education. He emphasizes layman’s contempt in our country for the educated man… all this in light of current Russian scientific feats.

Nov. 3, 1957 – CBS SUNDAY NIGHT NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Reports on new Russian “dog” satellite – Sputnik 2, or Mutnick. U.S. prepares sophisticated rocket, Vanguard satellite to be launched. Comments by U.S. scientists on latest Russian feats. Dog lovers around the world protest the use of a dog in a satellite.

Nov. 4, 1957 – WOR NEWS WITH PRESCOTT ROBINSON – Russian satellite to be visible over USA. Western observers fear Russians have an overwhelming lead in the space race. Speculations that Reds may launch a rocket to the Moon.

Nov. 4, 1957 – CBS NEWS WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS – More news on Russian satellites, Sputnik 1 and Sputnik 2. Russians hope to bring dog safely back to earth. Russians may send a rocket to the Moon.

Nov. 6, 1957 –  DISCUSSION – Panel probe discussion by scientists on the current state of U.S. science in light of latest Russian space feats. Comments on President Eisenhower’s speech, given earlier this day. Host for this program is Howard Whitman.

Nov. 6, 1957 – CBS NEWS WITH RON COCHRAN – President Eisenhower in speech to the country to calm fears on Russian Sputniks. U.S. plans to accelerate research and space program.

Nov. 25, 1957 – NBC NEWS – Martin Agronsky comments on how the United States has ignored massive Soviet scientific reports in its files. President Eisenhower’s speech cancelled because of illness.

Dec. 6, 1957 – CBS NEWS WITH ROBERT TROUT – First U.S. attempt to launch a satellite fails. Vanguard rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral. President Eisenhower disappointed. Criticism of too much publicity by congressmen. Senator Lyndon Johnson says disaster was a humiliating experience, and a blow to U.S. prestige. Premier Nikita Khrushchev demands U.S. return of Sputnik fragments dropped in our country.

Dec. 6, 1957 – WORLD TONIGHT (CBS RADIO) – More on Vanguard failure. British TV pokes fun at U.S. failure to launch satellite. Moscow comments on “America’s desperate effort.” Reactions from France. Brian Clark reports. David Schoenbaun reports. A British song regarding the Vanguard failure is played. Europeans laughing and feel sorry for the U.S. A recap of the failure reported from Florida. Dr. Hagen explains the failure to newsmen. Man on the stet comments regarding this fiasco.

Dec. 6, 1957 – CBS NEWS ANALYSIS BY ERIC SEVAREID – Commentary on Vanguard satellite failure… questions the publicity given to the launching.

Dec. 7, 1957 – MIKE WALLACE INTERVIEWS – Wallace interviews columnist Drew Pearson who discusses the current crisis resulting from Sputnik and Vanguard, and President Eisenhower’s illness. Pearson predicts that Vice President Richard M. Nixon will be President of the United States in one year, following President Eisenhower’s resignation.

Dec. 10, 1957 – THE EDDIE FISHER SHOW – Guest Bob Hope refers to Sputnik 1 in his monologue.

Dec. 29, 1957 – PROLOGUE : 1958 (ABC TV) – Anchor John Daly heads a review regarding important news making events in 1957. Russians launch Sputnik Satellite. United States prestige lowered. U.S. values need changing. Khrushchev threatens U.S. “Sputnik Diplomacy.” Comments by Dr. Teller, Werner Von Braun. Gen. Doolittle, on the space crisis. Commentary from Cecil Brown. The United States suffers further setback in failure to launch a satellite of its own.


Jan. 31, 1958 – NBC NEWS REPORT – Herb Kaplow reports, live, on the first successful launching of a United States satellite.

Jan. 31, 1958 – WMGM NEWS RADIO – News report… up-to-date details on the launch of the Explorer 1 satellite.

Jan. 31, 1958 – CBS NEWS & NBC NEWS – Bulletins regarding Jupiter C 10:48 PM blast off. President Dwight Eisenhower has confirmed the launch.

Jan. 31, 1958 – THE TONIGHT SHOW (substitute host for Jack Paar, Jonathan Winters) – News Bulletin confirming the first sound of the U.S. satellite Explorer 1 signals. Return to “The Tonight Show” and Jonathan Winters with guest Dody Goodman.

Feb. 1, 1958 – CBS NEWS – The sound of Explorer 1.

Feb. 6, 1958 – THE BOB HOPE SHOW – Bob Hope’s opening monologue…humor related to Explorer 1.

March 26, 1958 – CBS NEWS WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS – Khrushchev rises to prime minister as Bulganun falls. The United States prepares rockets for flights to the Moon.

May 18, 1958 – KENNETH BANGHART NBC NEWS – Third Sputnik passes over New York City.

Oct. 11, 1958 – CBS NEWS – U.S. Pioneer rocket launched on the way to the Moon. Launching described from Cape Canaveral.

Oct. 12, 1958 – PAUL HARVEY NEWS & COMMENTARY – United States Moon rocket fails and will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere and blow up.

Nov. 6, 1958 – CBS NEWS – The United States prepares to fire another rocket to the Moon.

Nov. 6, 1958 – NEWS – The United States puts a monkey into space, 600 miles up, but it is lost at sea. First time a high order animal is sent into space.

Dec. 28, 1958 – CBS REVIEW OF THE TOP STORIES OF 1958 – Report segment related to missiles and space exploration.


Jan. 3, 1959 – WQXR NEWS – Russia sends rocket near the Moon which will orbit around the Sun.

Jan. 3, 1959 – CBS NEWS WITH RON COCHRAN – Russian rocket passes within 5000 miles of the Moon and it will orbit around the Sun. President Eisenhower congratulates Premier Nikita Khrushchev.
Jan. 4, 1959 – CBS REPORT TO THE NATION: WHERE WE STAND 2 – Second annual comparison of the military, economic and education systems of the United States and USSR. Experts offer opinions and newsmen present an analysis of the two nations via films, and live commentary & animated sequences. Interviewed are former Army Chief of Staff Gen. Matthew B. Ridgeway, Gen. Bernard A Schriever, Rear Adm. John T. Hayard, NASA head Dr. T. Keith Glennan, economists Sumner Slichter and Abram Bergson and educator Dr. Henry Chauncy. Hosted by Walter Cronkite. Reporters include George Herman, Paul Niven, Richard C. Hottelet, Howard K. Smith, and David Schoenbrun.

Feb. 6, 1959 – CBS NEWS – ICBM missile “TITAN” is tested.

March 2, 1959 – NBC NEWS BULLETIN – The United States launches Pioneer rocket to the Moon which will eventually orbit around the Sun.

April 19, 1959 – WORLD CONGRESS OF FLIGHT SPECIAL – Representatives of 42 nations meet to discuss airship, missile and space progress. Participants include Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Nathan Twining, actor and Air Force reserve officer Bob Cummings, flying hero Eddie Rickenbacker, Price Bernhard of the Netherlands and jet pilots Scott Crossfield and Bob White.

July 24, 1959 – NIXON & KHRUSHCHEV KITCHEN DEBATE IN MOSCOW – A live and impromptu debate between Vice President Nixon and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Topics include rockets and satellites.

Sept. 12, 1959 – N.Y. TIMES RADIO NEWS – Russian’s fire a rocket to the Moon which is scheduled to reach its destination before Khrushchev arrives on his scheduled trip to the USA.

Oct. 4, 1959 – NBC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT – Russian’s launch rocket to the Moon which will orbit the Moon and return to Earth. Comments from science writer and space advocate Willy Ley.

Oct. 6, 1959 – MIKE WALLACE NEWS – USSR rocket (Lunik 3) circles the far side of the Moon. It returns the first images of the far side of the Moon.

Oct. 23, 1959 – HUNTLEY BRINKLEY REPORT – Rocket experts transferred to civilian control.

Dec. 27, 1959 – NEWSBEAT WITH MIKE WALLACE – Space prediction by engineer William Lawrence, who states that the United States will land a man on the Moon in 1969.


May 7, 1960 – NEWSBEAT WITH MIKE WALLACE – Jim Sting substitutes for Wallace. Ideas are expressed regarding Moon base construction, ten years from now.

May 14, 1960 – WINS NEWS – Russian’s launch an unmanned space ship.

May 19, 1960 – CBS NEWS ROUND-UP – USSR space ship ejects cabin for Earth landing.

July 22, 1960 – NEWS – Atlas missile blows up.

Aug. 11, 1960 – NBC NEWS – Echo 1 balloon satellite, forerunner of communications satellite, is launched. Major White flies the X-15, twenty four miles high. Discoverer 13 capsule forms orbit (forerunner of Mercury flights). Polaris missile is successfully launched.

Aug. 19, 1960 – NEWS – Telephone tracking of Echo 1 satellite. Plane catches returning space capsule out from its orbit. Russian’s orbit live cargo in its capsule with expectations of recovering its contents alive.

Aug. 20, 1960 – NBC NEWS WITH KENNETH BANGHART – Russian’s bring back to Earth, safely, five ton satellite containing live animals.

Sept. 25, 1960 – SUNDAY NEWS SPECIAL WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS – U.S. Moon satellite fails.


Jan. 25, 1961 – BOB CONSIDINE NEWS – Russian’s launch rocket to Venus.

Feb. 13, 1961 – CBS NEWS WITH PRESCOTT ROBINSON – Russian rocket on its way toward the planet Venus.

March 13, 1961 – NEWS – Space failure of the Gemini Paraglide.

April 12, 1961 – NEWS – Russian’s launch a spaceman into orbit.

April 12, 1961 – RADIO MOSCOW SHORT WAVE – Reports on Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Comments by visitors in Moscow. Details of launching, and orbit. Russians emphasize the triumph of Socialism in this scientific accomplishment.

April 12, 1961 – CBS NEWS – Russian spaceman Yuri Gagarin hailed by Russians for his achievement.

April 12, 1961 – NBC NEWS – Russian spaceman Gagarin a hero.

April 12, 1961 – CBS NEWS WITH PRESCOTT ROBINSON – News of Russian spaceman Yuri Gagarin. President John F. Kennedy evaluates position of U.S. in space race.  Soviets deny that an earlier attempt failed.

April 13, 1961 – CBS NEWS – Moscow prepares to receive Yuri Gagarin. Kremlin boasts of superiority and challenges the United States in the space race. U.S. congressman confirms that America sags behind in the space race.   

April 13, 1961 – RADIO MOSCOW SHORT WAVE – Moscow prepares gala reception for Yuri Gagarin. Kremlin boasts of Socialism in its triumph of science and engineering. Gagarin relates observations of his flight.

April 13, 1961 – NBC HUNTLEY BRINKLEY REPORT – Questions regarding U.S. inferiority in the space race. Russia reveals its future plans regarding space flights.

April 13, 1961 – CBS NEWS WITH PRESCOTT ROBINSON – More news on the United States space lag.

April 14, 1961 – NBC HUNTLEY BRINKLEY REPORT – Yuri Gagarin gets heroes welcome in Moscow. He is greeted by Premier Khrushchev.

April 14, 1961 – NEWS SPECIAL REPORT – Moscow reception for first man in space, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

April 14, 1961 – CBS NEWS WITH PRESCOTT ROBINSON – Report on “crash program” to put an American man on the Moon.

April 23, 1961 – HOWARD K. SMITH COMMENTARY – Comments on recent Russian supremacy over the United States related to space exploration.

April 30, 1961 – CBS NEWS WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS – The United States will launch its first astronaut. Carnival atmosphere at Cape Canaveral Florida.

May 5, 1961 – MAN IN SPACE – NBC special radio report on the flight of astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr.

May 5, 1961- NEWS – U.S. to launch space flight with Navy Cdr. Alan Shepard Jr., in a 15 minute sub-orbital flight, 115 miles above the Earth, to make him the first American in space.

May 5, 1961 – FLIGHT OF THE FREEDOM 7 – Complete flight report from countdown to post-flight reports regarding Cdr. Alan B. Shepard’s flight into space.

May 5, 1961 – CBS NEWS WITH PRESCOTT ROBINSON – New York mayor Robert F. Wagner recommends a ticker tape parade to be held in honor of astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr.

May 8, 1961 – PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY GREETS SHEPARD. The President of the United States greets astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr. at the White House where he is awarded NASA’s Distinguished Service Medal.

May 8, 1961 – PRESS CONFERENCE WITH ALAN B. SHEPARD – Questions by reporters and replies by Shepard at his press conference related to his sub-orbital flight.  

July 21, 1961 – NEWS – Sub-orbital space flight with pilot Gus Grissom on the LIBERTY BELL 7.

July 21, 1961 – CBS NEWS WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS – Report on the space flight by Gus Grissom.

Oct. 27, 1961 – HUNTLEY BRINKLEY REPORT – United States tests its Saturn rocket.


Jan. 21, 1962 – NBC NEWS SPECIAL – Frank McGee hosts this Special preview of proposed orbital space flight by Major John Glenn.

Jan. 27, 1962 – REPORT FROM CAPE CANAVERAL – Major John Glenn’s orbital flight postponed because of heavy overcast.

Jan. 27, 1962 – NEWS – Orbital flight postponed. Russia says that the flight was cancelled for “fear of failure.”

Feb. 20, 1962 – SPECIAL COVERAGE OF U.S. FIRST ORBITAL FLIGHT BY COL. JOHN GLENN – Special programming covering the flight of FRIENDSHIP 7, including preliminaries, take-off, and post flight reports by ALL NETWORKS.

Feb. 20, 1962 – CBS NEWS SPECIAL REPORT – Charles Collingwood and Walter Cronkite recap the orbital flight of Col. John Glenn. Press interviews with Glenn and family. President Kennedy comments on this historic space flight.

Feb. 20, 1962 – NBC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: “AMERICAN IN ORBIT.” – Brief segment reported by Frank McGee regarding Col. John Glenn’s flight.

Feb. 26, 1962 – COL. JOHN GLENN IN WASHINGTON D.C. – Reception for Col. John Glenn in Washington D.C. Glenn speaks before the U.S. Congress.

March 1, 1962 – HUNTLEY BRINKLEY REPORT – Col. Glenn reception in New York City supported by 4 million New Yorkers.

March 1, 1962 – NEWS SPECIAL – Col. Glenn’s reception in New York City. He receives a gold medal from NYC mayor Robert F. Wagner.

March 3, 1962 – JOHN GLENN PRESS CONFERENCE – Glenn honored in his home town of New Concord, Ohio. He conducts a press conference there.

April 1, 1962 – 20th CENTURY: “FIRST MAN ON THE MOON” – From the series hosted by Walter Cronkite, this episode explores what is to come and projects the future.

April 26, 1962 – HUNTLEY BRINKLEY REPORT – Ranger 4 lifts off into space for a three day journey to the Moon.

April 29, 1962 – “60 HOURS TO THE MOON” – ABC-TV Special on Ranger 4.

May 11, 1962 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Future planetary vehicles are discussed by a space expert.

May 24, 1962 – SCOTT CARPENTER SECOND MANNED ORBITAL FLIGHT – Coverage by all three television networks of the U.S. orbital flight of Scott Carpenter on AURORA 7.

May 24, 1962 – SPECIAL: “HAPPY ENDING OF THE FLIGHT OF AURORA 7 – CBS News Special Report.

May 24, 1962 – SHORT WAVE NEWS REPORT FROM RADIO MOSCOW – News on the flight of Aurora 7.

May 25, 1962 – 3 STAR EXTRA NEWS – Carpenter believed to be “tired” on third orbit.

July 10, 1962 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Charles Collingwood substitutes for Cronkite. Report on the U.S. launch of communications satellite TELSTAR 1.

July 10, 1962 – CBS NEWS EXTRA – Douglas Edwards reports on the first television transmissions from Telstar 1.

July 10, 1962 – SPECIAL NEWS REPORT – Reports from all three television networks, CBS, NBC, & ABC describing the current and future importance of Telstar 1. Statements from Vice President Lyndon Johnson, Edward R. Murrow, others.

July 11, 1962 – NBC SPECIAL REPORT – Telstar 1 sends TV programs from France.

July 23, 1962 – TELSTAR 1 FIRST LIVE TRANSMISSIONS – From all three television networks, scenes from various parts of the world including London, Paris, Rome, and the Arctic… seen in the United States. Edward R. Murrow is interviewed.

July 23, 1962 – NBC NEWS SPECIAL – Live TV from Europe and U.S. via Telstar 1. Recap of today’s events. Chet Huntley narrates a review of the original Telstar launching, TV transmissions… the future of satellites related to television is discussed.

July 23, 1962 – DOUGLAS EDWARDS WITH THE LATE NEWS – Live television transmissions between Europe and the United States.

Aug. 11, 1962 – ABC NEWS – Russian spaceman Major Andrian Nikolayev orbits space on long space flight.

Aug. 11, 1962 – CBS NEWS – News of possible three day flight of Russian spacecraft VOSTOK 3. Russians urge the U.S. to refrain from nuclear testing which may endanger the safety of the flight.

Aug. 11, 1962 – RADIO MOSCOW – Comments on Vostok 3 space flight. Detailed news about Major Nikoleyev’s flight. U.S. attacked on high altitude nuclear tests, threatening interference of space flight.

Aug. 11, 1962 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Harry Reasoner reports on Major Nikoleyev… 24 hours in orbit. Possibility of a second spacecraft to be launched by the Russians.

Aug. 12, 1962 – NEWS – Second Russian spaceman launched in Vostok 4. Lt. Col. Pavel Popovich… twin spaceman may rendezvous in space with Vostok 3. Both cosmonauts, Nikoleyev and Popovich, are in identical orbits. First time that more than one manned spacecraft in orbit at the same time. U.S. space officials remain silent. Newsman notifies NASA official about the space flight.

Aug. 12, 1962 – NBC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT – NBC report recapping the day’s events. Discussion on latest Russian space feat. Report from Moscow. Discussion of U.S. position and future space plans,

Aug. 12, 1962 – RADIO MOSCOW – Report on twin spacemen now orbiting the Earth.

Aug. 14, 1962 – BBC NEWS – Two Russian Cosmonauts orbit together for third night. They will not achieve rendezvous in space.

Aug. 14, 1962 – WORLD TODAY – Russian spacemen continue their mammoth space flight. Reports from Moscow.

Aug. 15, 1962 – NEWS – Russian spacemen complete 64 of 84 orbits.

Aug. 16, 1962 – EMPHASIS – Merrill Muller commentary on space exploration.

Aug. 17, 1962 – EYEWITNESS: “THE FALCON AND THE EAGLE” – Charles Collingwood reports on the Russian twin space flight… story of Soviet cosmonauts Andrian G. Nikolayev and Pavel R. Popovich, heroes of the latest USSR space achievement. Included are excerpts from Russian television and interviews with American and European space experts.

Aug. 18, 1962 – CBS NEWS WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS – Russian spacemen give interviews on recent flights.

Sept. 2, 1962 – ERIC SEVAREID NEWS – U.S. rocket on its way to Venus. Scientists attempt to shift the course and speed of Mariner 2.

Sept. 4, 1962 – NEWS BULLETIN – Venus rocket responds to signals to steer it on course as it nears the planet.

Sept. 11, 1962 – NBC NEWS – President Kennedy will inspect space centers.

Sept. 13, 1962 – PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY NEWS CONFERENCE – Topics include space exploration.

Sept. 17, 1962 – CBS NEWS WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS – NASA’s chief Robert Gilruth names nine new astronauts who will be trained for a trip to the Moon.  

Oct. 3, 1962 – SPACE FLIGHT OF SIGMA 7 – Walter Shirra orbits the Earth six times aboard the Sigma 7 capsule. All network coverage; direct reports from Cape Canaveral, England, etc.

Oct. 16, 1962 – CBS NEWS WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS – Storm threatens Moon shot from Cape Canaveral.

Nov. 13, 1962 – RADIO MOSCOW – Russian Mars probe deep in space…will attempt to record pictures.

Dec. 7, 1962 – WORLD TODAY – Special program profiling our astronauts.

Dec. 12, 1962 – CBS REPORTS: “109 DAYS TO VENUS” – Report on United States Venus probe.

Dec. 14, 1962 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Venus probe, Mariner 2, approaches the planet. It will send signals within one hour back to Earth.

Dec. 14, 1962 – NBC SPECIAL REPORT – Signals received from Mariner 2 as it approaches 21,000 miles from the planet Venus.  

Dec. 16, 1962 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Fred Foy narrates this weekly ABC radio wrap up of the weeks headline news. Mariner 2 launched three and a half months ago on August 27th, sends signals from the planet Venus. It is the first spacecraft to fly by another planet.

Dec. 18, 1962 – WORLD TODAY – Tony Marvin narrates this weekly Mutual Broadcasting radio wrap up of the weeks headline news. Dr. Willy Ley comments on the subject of space.

Dec. 27, 1962 – WORLD TODAY – Tony Marvin narrates the top news stories of 1962 including space exploits… John Glenn’s and  Scott Carpenter’s space flights…the Russian space flights of two cosmonauts, Andrian Nikolayev and Pavel Popovich…the flight by Walter Shirra who orbited the Earth six times… Mariner 2, etc. Comments by Willy Ley.

Dec. 29, 1962 – TV ALBUM NEWS REVIEW OF 1962 – Among the topics reviewed are space flights of Schirra, Glenn, Carpenter, Popovich, and the first TV transmissions from Europe by Telstar.


Jan. 1, 1963 – WORLD TODAY – News analysis and predictions for 1963.

Jan. 31, 1963 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Retrospective of the first U.S. satellite which was launched five years ago on January 31, 1958.

Feb. 24, 1963 – NBC NEWS UPDATE – U.S. prepares for a trip to the Moon. Information regarding current progress toward this objective is discussed by Bob Abernathy.

March 16, 1963 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Review of the week’s news. Moon project funds may be cut.

April 7, 1963 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Russians launch rocket to the Moon, and first reports indicate it will not be successful.

May 13, 1963 – CBS NEWS – Astronaut Gordon Cooper prepares for orbital space flight tomorrow.

May 13, 1963 – NBC SPECIAL REPORT – Report on Major Gordon Cooper’s space flight.

May 14, 1963 – MAN IN SPACE – Special on the space race between the United States and Russia. Twenty-two minute excerpt. Narrated by Mike Wallace.

May 15, 1963 – SPACE FLIGHT OF MAJOR GORDON COOPER- Report on the 22 orbital space flight by Major Gordon Cooper aboard the Mercury Atlas 9 (Faith 7) space craft. This is the last Mercury mission. All network coverage beginning at T-27 minutes.

May 15, 16, 1963 – NBC COVERAGE OF SPACE FLIGHT OF MAJOR GORDON COOPER – Extended coverage of the 22 orbital flights. Report on final orbit and descent and pick-up. President Kennedy, Gordon Cooper commentary.

May 16, 1963 – DIRECT LINE – New York Senator Jacob Javits answers questions related to the space race to the Moon and other issues currently in the news.

June 8, 1963 – ABC NEWS – Possible female cosmonauts in Russia. 

June 12, 1963 – NEWS – Final decision to halt all future Mercury flights in space. 

June 14, 1963 – NEWS – Russians launch space person into orbit. Rumor has it that a woman may have been selected.

June 16, 1963 – RADIO MOSCOW – Announcement that Russia has launched the first space woman, Valentina Tereshkova, into space aboard VOSTOK 6.

June 16, 1963 – NEWS – Russia launches first woman astronette, Valentina Tereshkova.

June 16, 1963 – NEWS – Russian astronauts still in space.

June 18, 1963 – NEWS – Report on recent Russian space flight.

June 18, 1963 – COURT OF REASON – “The Moon Race, Is It Worth It?”

July 10, 1963 – TOWN MEETING OF THE WORLD – Walter Cronkite moderates a live discussion between Dwight Eisenhower, in the U.S., Anthony Eden in London, Jean Monnet in Brussels, and Von Brentano in Bonn. Transmission by Telstar 2 satellite.

July 15, 1963 – WORLD TODAY – Some Americans and Russians express doubt of the feasibility to land a man on the Moon.

Oct. 1, 1963 – NBC NEWS SPECIAL APOLLO REPORT – Preview of the Apollo space project designed to put an American on the Moon by 1970. Sixteen NASA astronauts participate in the program. Merrill Mueller anchors. Reports from Roy Neal and Bill Ryan.

Oct. 15, 1963 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Seventeen UN nations call for arms ban in space.


Jan. 1, 1964 – YEAR END REVIEW – United States and Russian space flights are discussed among other highlight stories covering the year 1963.

Jan. 1, 1964 – CBS NEWS PRESENTS YEARS OF CRISIS – Review of top stories of 1963 and a look ahead to 1964 with commentary from seven CBS journalists. Moderator is Eric Sevareid.

Jan. 8, 1964 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaims that the United States will send a man to the Moon by 1970.

Jan. 8, 1964 – DISCUSSION – Debate between Dr. Robert Jastrow and Dr. Bockurian. Topic: “Is It Wise To Land A Man On The Moon?”

Jan. 24, 1964 – FLAIR REPORT – From ABC Radio, comments from space writer on the future of the space program. He believes the Russians will put a man on the Moon by 1966.

Jan. 29, 1964 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – U.S. launches satellite boosted by a Saturn 1 rocket which will eventually put a man on the Moon.

Jan. 30, 1964 – CBS MORNING NEWS – Ranger rocket will take photos of Moon’s surface. Mike Wallace anchors.

Feb. 2, 1964 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Development of the Saturn rocket.

May 1, 1964 – WCBS TV NEWS WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS – America plans to land a man on the Moon by 1970.

May 29, 1964 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Telstar salute to the late president John F. Kennedy. A celebration of JFK’s birthday.

Oct. 12, 1964 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Russians launch 3-man space ship. Dallas Townsend anchors for Cronkite.

Dec. 6, 1964 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Mariner 4 destination, the planet Mars.


Jan. 20, 1965 – THE LES CRANE SHOW – Debate on the space program between Dr. Sheldon (pro) and Dr. Levin (anti). Les Crane hosts.

Feb. 8, 1965 – ABC NEWS WITH PETER JENNINGS – Update on the space program by ABC science editor Jules Bergman and the fate of the original Mercury program. Peter Jennings anchors.

Feb. 16, 1965 – 8 AM NEWS – Report on Saturn 1 launch.

Feb. 16, 1965 – ABC NEWS WITH PETER JENNINGS – Jules Bergman reports on the Saturn 1 launch.

Feb. 20, 1965 – 6:55 AM WABC NEWS – Ranger Moon rocket impacts the Moon.

Feb. 20, 1965 – 5:55 PM WABC NEWS – Ranger pictures from the Moon.

Feb. 20, 1965 – NBC SPECIAL REPORT – Bill Ryan reports from Pasadena California on the Ranger 8 Moon mission.

Feb. 21, 1965 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Report on the Ranger 8 Moon photos.

March 15, 1965 – ABC NEWS WITH PETER JENNINGS – Russia plans a space spectacular very soon.

March 18, 1965 – RADIO MOSCOW – First space walk by Russian cosmonauts, Alexey Leonov and Pavel Belyayev.

March 18, 1965 – ALEX DRIER NEWS – Commentary by Drier regarding Russian space walk.

March 18, 1965 – ABC NEWS WITH PETER JENNINGS – Soviet space walk report by Jules Bergman. The U.S. preparing a Gemini space trip with astronauts Cpt. John W. Young and Virgil “Gus” Grissom.

March 18, 1965 – CBS NEWS (Robert Trout) – Report on today’s latest space news developments.

March 18, 1965 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Report on today’s latest space news developments.

March 21, 1965 – ABC NEWS – Description of launch of Ranger 9… destination the Moon.

March 23, 1965 – CBS NEWS – Gemini 3 space flight with Virgil L. Grissom and John W. Young at the helm. U.S. Ranger 9 heads for the Moon. Moscow hails space walking cosmonauts.

March 23, 1965 – ABC NEWS WITH PETER JENNINGS – Ranger 9 impacts the Moon after photo taking. Astronauts Young and Grissom back on carrier INTREPID. Gemini 3 was the first manned Gemini flight, the seventh manned American flight and the 17th manned space flight of all time (includes X-15 flights over 100 kilometers). Jules Bergman comments on the future of space flights.

March 23, 1965 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Harry Reasoner substituting. Gemini flight a success. Ranger speeds toward the Moon. Russian Cosmonauts welcomed in Moscow. President Lyndon Johnson receives astronauts Young and Grissom.

March 24, 1965 – PETER JENNINGS AND THE NEWS – Ranger 9 impact on the Moon. Moon pictures.

March 24, 1965 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Commentary by Eric Sevareid on recent space exploits.

March 25, 1965 – ABC RADIO NEWS PRESS CONFERENCE – From KoKo Beach Florida John Young and Gus Grissom conduct a live press conference.

March 28, 1965 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Report on Gemini 3 space flight. Ranger 9 Moon probe takes pictures of the Moon. 50 thousand Russians greet Russian cosmonauts.

May 12, 1965 – PETER JENNINGS AND THE NEWS – Jules Bergman reports on the failure of a USSR Moon landing.

May 14, 1965 – NBC SPECIAL: “THE MAN WHO WALKED IN SPACE” – Interview with Soviet cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyayev. Topics include the technical side of space walking and its psychological barriers, and the ambitions and hopes of the United States and The Soviet Union… their joint space ventures. Reported by Frank Bourgholtzer.

May 16, 1965 – CAMERA THREE: “THE WORLD IN 1984.” – In 1964 British weekly magazine NEW SCIENTIST asked 100 scientists to forecast significant developments likely to occur during the next 20 years. The Prognostications include space travel. Host is James Macandrew.                

May 30, 1965 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – The next space mission will include a space walk.

June 3, 1965 – PROGRESS REPORT – Progress report on GT-4 space flight.

June 4, 1965 – CBS SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN – Update on the flight of Gemini 4.

June 4, 1965 – ABC NEWS BULLETIN WITH PETER JENNINGS – One minute update on the space walk by astronaut Ed White.

June 4, 1965 – CBS SPECIAL REPORT: “FOUR DAYS IN SPACE” – Walter Cronkite anchors a report on Ed White, the first American to walk in space.

June 4, 1965 – NBC SPECIAL NEWS REPORT: “THE FLIGHT OF GEMINI 4” – Pre-empts first 15 minutes of “The Tonight Show.”

June 4, 1965 – NBC NEWS SPECIAL: “AN AMERICAN RECORD IN SPACE – Jay Barbee reports on Ed White’s space walk… Titan 2 rocket… Gemini 4 and its successful twenty two revolutions… two and half days in space… Wrap up of today’s events.

June 5, 1965 – ABC NEWS BULLETIN – Jules Bergman progress report at 9:30 AM regarding the GT-4.

June 6, 1965 – ABC NEWS – Latest Gemini 4 developments.

June 6, 1965 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Space flight with Ed White and James McDevitt… successful space walk by White.

June 7, 1965 – CBS & NBC NEWS – Gemini 4 return and recovery.

June 8, 1965 – NEWS – Space walk by astronaut Ed White. Russia fires unmanned rocket for soft landing on the Moon.

June 12, 1965 – MIKE WALLACE CBS NEWS – Reaction to Gemini 4 space flight.

June 12, 1965 - WORLD THIS WEEK WITH ALEXANDER KENDRICK – CBS Radio weekly round-up of the actual sounds of news worthy events narrated by Alexander Kendrick. Commentary of Soviet and American space rivalry.

June 18, 1965 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Mariner sends back pictures of Mars surface. President Johnson comments on the successful mission.

Oct. 24, 1965 – WORLD THIS WEEK – Gemini 6 prepares for flight. Alexander Kendrick narrates this CBS radio weekly review of the news that made the headlines this past week.

Dec. 12, 1965 – COUNTDOWN ON GEMINI 6A – Countdown on Gemini 6A launching. Craft fails to takeoff. Misfire.

Dec. 18, 1965 – WORLD THIS WEEK – Ned Calmer subs for Alexander Kendrick. Report on the triumph of Gemini 6A space craft rendezvous in space. Pilots for Gemini 6A – Walter M. Schirra and Thomas P. Stafford.

Dec. 19, 1965 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Gemini 6 rendezvous in space with Gemini 7 (launched on Dec. 4, 1966).


Jan. 2, 1966 – WORLD OF SPACE AND SCIENCE – Brief retrospect by Don Allen of previous space flights and the launching of ten space craft in 1965.  

Jan. 30, 1966 – CBS SUNDAY EVENING NEWS WITH HARRY REASONER – Russia claims that it will land a man on the Moon by 1971.

Jan. 31, 1966 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Russians soft land a rocket on the Moon and it sends back photos.

Feb. 6, 1966 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Russians soft land a Moon probe and it sends information back to Earth. Comments by Lovell and others.

March 4, 1966 – PATHWAY TO THE MOON – One hour NBC SPECIAL documentary report. President John F. Kennedy’s goal to land a man on the Moon is reviewed.

March 16, 1966 – NBC NEWS – Russ Ward reports. Docking of Gemini 8 space craft at 5:45 PM. Neil Armstrong comments. The first space docking (linking two space crafts together).

March 16, 1966 – GEMINI 8 EXTENDED COVERAGE – ABC, CBS, & NBC coverage…prelude to docking of Gemini 8. Jules Bergman, Frank McGee, Walter Cronkite, Russ Ward, Neil Armstrong, others.

June 1, 1966 – NEWS – Gemini 9 status report.

June 1, 1966 – GEMINI 9 REPORT – One minute update by ABC’s science correspondent Jules Bergman… just before take-off.

June 2, 1966- CBS NEWS – Surveyor 1 lands on the Moon.

June 2, 1966 – SURVEYOR: A LUNAR MISSION – Surveyor 1 lands on the Moon.

June 2, 1966 – CBS NEWS – Harry Reasoner reports on Surveyor 1.

June 3, 6, 1966 – GEMINI 9 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of three day Gemini 9 orbital flight of Tom Stafford and Eugene Cernan.

June 3, 1966 – THE FLIGHT OF GEMINI 9 – Interrupting “The Joe Pyne Show,” a special report on the progress of Gemini 9. Includes the Launch with additional coverage.

June 3, 1966 – NBC RADIO NEWS – Ray Scherer reports… 21 minutes into the flight of Gemini 9.

June 5, 1966 – NBC TV NEWS – Frank McGee and David Brinkley report on coverage of Gemini 9 and the space walk by Eugene Cernan, the second American space walk in history.

June 5, 1966 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Surveyor 1 lands on the Moon. Gemini 9 launched with astronauts Stafford and Cernan.

June 5, 1966 – FLAIR REPORT – Ted Koppel reports on the obstacles confronting Gemini 9.

June 6, 1966 – GEMINI 9 SPLASHDOWN – NBC’s Frank McGee reports.

June 6, 1966 – NBC NEWS – David Brinkley reports on the Gemini 9 splashdown.

July 18, 1966 – GEMINI 10 COVERAGE – NBC’s Jay Barbaree reports the flight of astronauts John Young and Michael Collins.

July 18, 21, 1966 – GEMINI 10 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of three day Gemini 10 sixteen orbital flight of John Young and Michael Collins.

July 19, 1966 – CBS LATE NEWS WITH TOM DUNN – Report on Gemini 10 mission.

July 19, 1966 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Roger Mudd substitutes for Cronkite. Report on Gemini 10 “trouble in space.”

July 21, 1966 – CBS & NBC NEWS – Splashdown and recovery of Collins and Young. Reports from Walter Cronkite, Bill Ryan, & Don Blair.

Sept. 10, 12, 15, 1966 – GEMINI 11 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of Gemini 11 orbital flight of Charles Conrad Jr., and Richard F. Gordon, including scrubbing of the flight on September 10th, lift off on September 12th, and Earth return landing on September 15th.

Nov. 10, 1966 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Roger Mudd anchors. Walter Cronkite reports from the field on Gemini 12 flight of James A Lovell Jr., and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. Tom Jerold, CBS space center, reports on Gemini 12 problem.

Nov. 13, 1966 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – United States puts spacecraft around the Moon. Gemini 12 fired into orbit.

Dec. 25, 1966 – CBS NEWS 1966 – Harry Reasoner anchors a report on the news that made headlines in 1966.

Dec. 25, 1966 – 1966 THE NEWS IN REVIEW – One hour WNEW special radio broadcast with Alan Walden recounting the news events of 1966.


Jan. 28, 1967 – WORLD THIS WEEK – Astronauts Ed White, Roger Chafee, & Gus Grissom, killed in a flash fire in Apollo space craft this past week at Cape Kennedy… special services to follow.

April 23, 1967 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Surveyor lands on the Moon. Russians launch man into space.

April 27, 1967 – CBS NEWS WITH TOM DUNN – Russian astronaut Vladimar Kamuroff killed in space.

July 2, 1967 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Robert Lawrence to become first Negro astronaut.

Sept. 27, 1967 – NEWS – Moon Surveyor analysis of the Moon’s soil is remarkably similar to the composition of the Earth’s soil.

Oct. 8, 1967 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Astronaut Alan Shepard remembers SPUTNIK 1, launched by Russia 10 years ago.

Oct. 18, 1967 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Venus 4, Russian space craft in space for four months sends back to Moscow sounds from the planet Venus. Eric Sevareid commentary: “From Sputnik 1 to Venus 4 in ten years.”

Oct. 22, 1967 – VOICES IN THE HEADLINES – Russian space craft lands on the surface of the planet Venus and sends back signals to Earth.

Nov. 9, 1967 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Harry Reasoner substitutes for Cronkite. Cronkite reports from the field regarding the launch of the Saturn 5 Moon rocket (3000 tons) which will be intended for use for the 1969 Moon flights, reassuring the viability of the space program.

Nov. 17, 1967 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Report on Surveyor 6.

Nov. 17, 1967 – WNBC NYC NEWS WITH BILL HAMERSTRAM – Update report on Surveyor 6.


Jan. 5, 1968 – BEYOND THE SKY – NBC-TV’s Frank McGee narrates this report on the question, “Is Their Life Elsewhere in Space?” Last 14 minutes of this one hour report.

Jan. 7, 1968 – WINS RADIO NEWS – Surveyor 7 Moon landing.

March 1, 1968 – SOVIETS IN SPACE NBC-TV A look inside the Space program, including interviews with cosmonauts. Kenneth Bernstein reports.

March 25, 1968 – RADIO MOSCOW – Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, who walked in space in April 1961, is dead.

March 28, 1968 – ABC NEWS WITH BOB YOUNG – Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who died in an air crash, will be buried.

March 28, 1968 – CBS NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Burial of Yuri Gagarin. Eric Sevareid commentary on the man.

March 29, 1968 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – From Moscow, the funeral of Yuri Gagarin is reported.

March 30, 1968 – WORLD THIS WEEK – Yuri Gagarin killed in Jet crash. Buried with honors in the Kremlin.

Sept. 16, 1968 – NEWS – U.S. space program is in jeopardy.

Oct. 9, 1968 – ABC EVENING NEWS WITH FRANK REYNOLDS – Jules Bergman reports on the Saturn Flight (Apollo 7)… 240,000 miles to the Moon… seven orbits… the first manned flight.

Oct. 10, 1968 – ABC EVENING NEWS WITH FRANK REYNOLDS – Jules Bergman… additional coverage on the first manned Apollo 7 flight to the Moon.

Oct. 10, 1968 – CBS EVENING NEWS WITH WALTER CRONKITE – Interview with rocket developer Dr. Werner Von Braun. Cronkite reports from Cape Kennedy for the Apollo 7 take-off tomorrow.

Oct. 10, 1968 – APOLLO 7 PREVIEW – CBS Special Report on the first flight in twenty months. Walter Cronkite reports.

Oct. 11, 1968 – APOLLO 7 FLIGHT – Coverage of Apollo 7 flight, the first manned lunar space launch with astronauts Walter Schirra, Don Eisele, and Walter Cuttington.

Oct. 11, 1968 – WABC RADIO COVERAGE OF THE LAUNCHING AND FLIGHT OF APOLLO 7 – Merrill Mueller reports starting at T-minus 15 minutes and counting.

Oct. 11, 1968 – ABC EVENING NEWS WITH FRANK REYNOLDS – Jules Bergman reports on Apollo 7.

Oct. 19, 1968 – WORLD THIS WEEK – Apollo 7 flight… prelude to a Moon orbit.

Nov. 17, 1968 – ABC EVENING NEWS WITH HOWARD K. SMITH & FRANK REYNOLDS – Soviet Lunar 17 lands on the Moon. Jules Bergman reports.

Dec. 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 1968 – APOLLO 8 ORBITAL FLIGHT COVERAGE – Extensive coverage of Apollo 8 orbital flight with astronauts Major William A. Anders, Col. Frank Borman, & Capt. James A. Lovell.


March 3, 9, 1969 – APOLLO 9 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of Apollo 9 orbital flight with astronauts Russell L. Schweickart, James A. McDivitt, & David R. Scott.

May 18, 1969 – APOLLO 10 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of Apollo 10 orbital flight with astronauts John Young, Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan.

May 22, 1969 – NBC APOLLO 10 REPORT – Update on the flight of Apollo 10.

May 26, 1969 – APOLLO 10 LANDING – Coverage of the landing of Apollo 10.

July 14, 1969 – APOLLO PRESS CONFERENCE – Press conference with astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, & Michael Collins. Reporters include Walter Cronkite, Joel Shurkin, others. Moderator is Frank McGee.

July 15, 1969 – APOLLO: A JOURNEY TO THE MOON – Special NBC report. Frank McGee, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley.

July 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 1969 – FLIGHT OF APOLLO 11 – Extensive coverage of the fifth human spaceflight of Project Apollo, the third human voyage to the Moon, and the FIRST manned mission to land on the Moon with astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins.  Full coverage includes pre-launch, launch, separation of the lem from the command ship and landing on the Moon, walking on the lunar surface, blast off from the Moon, return to Earth.

July 25, 1969 – THE HUNTLEY BRINKLEY REPORT – Reporting splash down of Apollo 11, and the latest news of the first successful Moon landing and return of command module Columbia to Earth on July 24th… total mission time 8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes, 35 seconds.

July 26, 1969 – NEWS – Update on the Apollo 11 mission.

July 27, 1969 – NEWS – Update on the Apollo 11 mission.

July 29, 1969 – NEWS – Mariner 6 relays close-up photos of Mars.

Aug. 12, 1969 – NEW YORK NEWS CONFERENCE WITH ARMSTRONG, ALDRIN, & COLLINS – News conference from New York with Mayor John Lindsay.

Aug. 13, 1969 – APOLLO 11 ASTRONAUT PARADE IN CHICAGO – Mayor Daly greets astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, & Michael Collins, during this celebration parade for these three heroes.

Aug. 13, 1969 – PRESIDENTIAL DINNER WITH ASTRONAUTS – Coverage of President Nixon with Apollo 11 astronauts Armstrong Collins & Aldrin at dinner function.

Nov. 14, 19, 24, 1969 – APOLLO 12 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of the flight of Apollo 12 with astronauts Charles Conrad Jr., Dick Gordon Jr., and Alan L. Bean. Takeoff (Nov. 14th), Moon landing (Nov. 19th), Splashdown (Nov. 24th).

Nov. 19, 1969 – NBC NEWS – Details covering the Moon landing by Apollo 12.


April 11, 17, 1970 – APOLLO 13 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of the flight of Apollo 13 with astronauts James A. Lovell Jr., Fred W. Haise Jr., & John L. Swigert.

April 14, 1970 – THE HUNTLEY BRINKLEY REPORT – Scrubbing of the Moon Mission is detailed.

April 15, 1970 – NEWS – Progress report on the flight of Apollo 13.

April 21, 1970 – APOLLO 13 PRESS CONFERENCE – Press conference with Apollo 13 astronauts Lovell Jr., Haise Jr., & Swigert.

Jan. 31, Feb. 5, 6, 9, 1971 – APOLLO 14 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of the flight of Apollo 14 with astronauts Alan B. Shepard Jr., Edgar Mitchell, & Stuart A. Roosa. Takeoff (Jan. 31st), Moon landing (Feb. 5th), Takeoff from the Moon (Feb. 6th), and Splashdown (Feb. 9th).   

July 31, Aug. 1, 2, 7, 1971 – APOLLO 15 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of the flight of Apollo 15 with astronauts James B. Irwin, David R. Scott, & Alfred M. Worden.

Aug. 7, 1971 – NBC SATURDAY NIGHT NEWS WITH JOHN CHANCELLOR – Report on the status of the flight of Apollo 15.


April 16, 20, 21, 23, 1972 – APOLLO 16 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of the flight of Apollo 16 with astronauts John W. Young, Charles M. Duke Jr., & Thomas K. Mattingly. Lift off (April 16th), Moon landing and first Moon walk (April 20th), second Moon walk (April 21st), lift off from the Moon (April 23rd).

April 22, 1972 – NEWS – Update on the status of the Apollo 16 mission.

Dec. 19, 1972 – APOLLO 17 ORBITAL FLIGHT – Extended coverage of the flight of Apollo 17 with astronauts Eugene A. Cernan, Harrison H. Schmitt, & Ronald E. Evans. The mission was launched on December 7, 1972. Splashdown (December 19th)… final day of the Apollo 17 mission.

Apollo17 was the eleventh manned space mission in the NASA Apollo program. It was the first night launch of a U.S. human spaceflight and the sixth and final lunar landing mission of the Apollo program. It was the longest lunar mission of the series. Two of the astronauts, Eugene A. Cernan and Harrison H. Schmitt, spent a total of 75 hours roaming the Moon’s surface while the third crew member, Ronald E. Evans, circled the Moon in the command ship. Schmitt, a geologist was the first scientist to go to the Moon. He and Cernan made their lunar landing on December 11, after a three-day trip from Earth. The Apollo program cost $25 Billion Dollars, and lasted from 1968 through 1972.




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