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UNIQUE in the WORLD audio air check recordings by 20-year-old Phil Gries, archiving the first, and second bulletins & initial NBC TV broadcast coverage of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. Not recorded by NBC or any other resource in the country.

50 years later (November 22, 2013) the “LOST” Don Pardo's air check voicing the first NBC TV JFK assassination bulletin opens a special fiftieth edition anniversary broadcast of NBC NIGHTLY NEWS WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS, containing a superimposed unprecedented screen credit accrediting Phil Gries, Archival Television Audio, during broadcast opening.


Live Weekly Friday Night Webinar Virtual discussions related to my 64 years of experience as an archivist, saving the heritage of vintage television by tape recording AUDIO ONLY 1950's, 1960's & 1970's TV BROADCASTS, today considered LOST AS VIDEO…WIPED (ERASED), UNOBTAINABLE, DESRTROYED, WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN, UNPLAYABLE.


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Each Friday Evening from 7:30 - 8:30pm (EST), Phil Gries, founder of Archival Television Audio, Inc., (ATA) will conduct a different live online seminar session for the public to participate interactively or if you desire to simply observe and not participate.

Participants will be engaged:

An opportunity to meet other collectors, archivists, and past ATA clients. We will always include a Question-and-Answer segment freely exploring the topic of Vintage Television's first 30 years of commercial broadcasting (1946-1975), the Golden and Silver Age…programs aired, viewed and listened to by millions of TV viewers, not so long ago, and now no longer existing in any broadcast form because of myopic thinking at the time…discarding Kinescopes and the erasure of master 2” Quad Master Tapes by Management, Executives, Producers and Television Stations as late as 1980 (NBC) to save space and to reuse a $600 one-hour video tape, saving money. No other art form including literature, music, radio, and post 1950 motion pictures have experienced such a large percentage of its oeuvre disappear, not available for future generations to experience.

All who attend a webinar session will receive a one year 25% discount from the date of first attendance toward all subsequent available purchases from the www.atvaudio.com website library inventory.

The cost to join a webinar, each session, is $18.00.

Upon payment to my Archival Television Audio, Inc. Pay Pal account gries@atvaudio.com you will receive an INVITAIONAL LINK enabling admission to my Phil Gries Live Friday Night Webinar Session (7:30pm to 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time). It is important that you commit by THURSDAY MIDNIGHT PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE WEBINAR. Please include you email address when paying to receive your invitational link.



INCLUDING a recording I voiced in a Coney Island sound booth, August 20, 1948 (my first introduction and fascination with recording and preserving audio when I was five years old).
Phil Gries at age of 5 A Coney Island Recording Booth
RCA RT 21D STEREO tape recorder RCA RT 21D STEREO tape recorder
RCA RT 21D STEREO tape recorder.

Since 1959, one of fifteen different ¼” Audio Tape Recorders used in the Archive of Archival Television Audio, Inc. for duplicating original TV broadcasts originally recorded off the air (1950 - 1982), The Golden and Silver Age of Television.