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#16406: NEWS,THE
1970-09-01, , min.
King Hussein

King Hussein escapes an assassination attempt in Amman. Census reports American population at 205 million. 
#16439: NEWS,THE
1970-10-02, , min.
Richard Nixon, Francisco Franco

President Nixon goes to Spain meets President Francisco Franco.
Unemployment rises to 5.1% 
#16443: NEWS,THE
1970-10-07, , min.
Richard Nixon, Charles DeGaulle

President Nixon gives Indochina speech. Charles DeGaulle writing memoirs.     
#16444: NEWS,THE
1970-10-07, , min.
Richard Nixon, David Mitchell

President Nixon gives Vietnam speech. My Lai trial begins for Sargent David Mitchell. 
#16445: NEWS,THE
1970-10-08, , min.
Richard Nixon

Communist criticism about Nixon Indochina speech. More US casualties in Vietnam. Saigon opposes cease-fire while communists still in South Vietnam. 
#16447: NEWS,THE
1970-10-10, , min.
Pierre Laporte

Fiji gains independence from Britain. Pierre Laporte, Quebec's Vice-Premier and Minister of Labour is kidnapped.                    
1970-10-12, CBS, 1 min.
Daniel Schorr

CBS radio news with Daniel Schorr.       
1970-11-10, WOR, 4 min.
Bill Ryan, Charles DeGaulle

The death of Charles DeGaulle. 

Host: Bill Ryan 
#16463: NEWS,THE
1970-11-29, , min.

News events of the day.         
#16497: NEWS,THE
1970-12-27, CBS, min.
Mike Wallace

Vietnam casualties light due to holiday ceasefire. Youth music festival in Laguna Beach, California.
1971-01-06, , min.
Howard K. Smith

Campaign launched to destroy marajuina fields in Vietnam. Fight to control VD in Vietnam.     
#16520: NEWS,THE
1971-01-19, , min.
Richard Russell

North Vietnam protests at Paris peace talks. Senator Richard Russell in serious condition with respitory condition.
#16525: NEWS,THE
1971-01-23, , min.
Richard Nixon

Feedback from State Of The Union address. US transport planes deliver supplies to Cambodia.
#16526: NEWS,THE
1971-01-26, , min.
Richard Nixon, William Calley

President Nixon wants 91st Congress to clean up affairs. Lt. William  Calley to undergo a mental test.
#16529: NEWS,THE
1971-01-27, , min.
Spiro Agnew

Spiro Agnew speaks about administrative programs. Arizona may lose $37 million dollars in welfare aid if Federal regulations are not complyed with.       
#16531: NEWS,THE
1971-01-29, , min.
Samuel Koster

Charges dropped against Major General Samuel Koster in My Lai incident. 1972 budget submitted to Congress.        
#16536: NEWS,THE
1971-02-01, , min.
Richard Nixon, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell

Apollo 14 lands on moon despite issue with docking. President Nixon sends economy report to Congress.      
#16538: NEWS,THE
1971-02-02, , min.
John Connally

Japan news agency says 5,000 South Vietnamese in attack. Former Texas governor John Connally responds to accusations he illegally received funds while governor.
#16542: NEWS,THE
1971-02-04, , min.
Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, Stuart Roosa

Apollo 14 in moon orbit. British send another battalion to Northern Ireland after fighting breaks out in Belfast. 
#16548: NEWS,THE
1971-02-11, , min.
John Connally

United States ground forces reported in Laos. Former Texas governor John Connally sworn in as new treasury secretary.     
#16550: NEWS,THE
1971-02-15, , min.
Richard Nixon, William Calley, George Meany

AFL-CIO President George Meany rejects President Nixon's revenue sharing plan. Lt.William Calley trial resumes soon.
#16553: NEWS,THE
1971-02-17, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Connally

President Nixon holds unscheduled briefing on Vietnam. New treasury secretary John Connally asks Congress to raise the debt ceiling by $40 billion dollars.
#16555: NEWS,THE
1971-02-17, , min.
Richard Nixon, William Calley

President Nixon says US will use full air power to defend South Vietnamese troops. Mental professionals testify in William Calley trial.
#16563: NEWS,THE
1971-02-24, , min.
William Calley

Decision to proceed with Laos invasion made without major confidence. Lt. William Calley testifies at My Lai massacre trial.  
#16566: NEWS,THE
1971-04-04, , min.
Richard Nixon, William Calley

President Nixon to address the nation on Vietnam and intervenes in case of Lt. William Calley.   
#16570: NEWS,THE
1971-04-06, , min.
J. Edgar Hoover, William Calley, Hale Boggs

Representative Hale Boggs calls for resignation of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. In William Calley case, half of the jurors struggling with giving him a life sentence.  
#16571: NEWS,THE
1971-04-06, , min.
Fulton Lewis

The latest news.

Fulton Lewis reporting.         
1971-04-16, , min.

The latest AM news.         
#16579: NEWS,THE
1971-04-16, , min.
Richard Nixon, Edmund Muskie

Senator Muskie comments about FBI spying on American citizens.
ACNE panel will interview President Nixon on radio.    
#16583: NEWS,THE
1971-04-18, , min.
Richard Nixon, William Calley

President Nixon will address the nation on Vietnam. Lt. William Calley trained at officer training school in Fort Benning Georgia.     
#16586: NEWS,THE
1971-05-01, , min.
Richard Nixon, William Calley

Richard Nixon press conference. Calley released from stockade.
#16588: NEWS,THE
1971-05-02, , min.
Richard Nixon

Anti-war demonstrations in Washington. Nixon makes radio speech on high cost of farming.         
#16589: NEWS,THE
1971-05-03, , min.
James Earl Ray

Anti-war demonstrations continue in Washington. Dr. Martin Luther King assasin James Earl Ray makes escape attempt in Tennessee prison but is caught. 
#16599: NEWS,THE
1971-05-04, , min.
Richard Nixon

Anti-war protesters at justice Dept. President Nixon cleared all actions by Washington DC police during demonstrations.                      
#16600: NEWS,THE
1971-05-05, , min.
Ronald Reagan

Governor Ronald Reagan pays no state taxes to California in 1970. West German Central Bank stops purchase of US dollars.   
#16601: NEWS,THE
1971-05-05, , min.
William Rogers

Secretary of State William Rogers meets with Egypt leaders.     
#16603: NEWS,THE
1971-05-06, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon asks Congress for $250 million loan guarantee for Lockheed Aircraft. Weekend truce scheduled in South Vietnam in honor of Buddha birthday.  
#16606: NEWS,THE
1971-05-09, , min.
Joseph Sisco

Egypt leaders briefed by Assistant Secretary of State Joseph Sisco about Israeli position on the reopening of the Suez Canal. Cease-fire in South Vietnam ends.      
#16608: NEWS,THE
1971-05-09, , min.
George Wallace

Alabama governor George Wallace says taxes top issue for 1972. Montreal Canadians defeat Chicago Blackhawks 4-2 in game 3 of Stanley Cup final. Black Hawks lead series 2-1.    
#16623: NEWS,THE
1971-06-13, , min.
Daniel Ellsberg

The New York Times publishes "The Pentagon Papers." Top secret documents were stolen by Defense Department analyst Daniel Ellsberg.     
#16625: NEWS,THE
1971-06-14, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon will create new drug control and rehabilitation agency. Seven blacks killed in apparent war among drug pushers.     
#16627: NEWS,THE
1971-06-15, , min.
Lyndon Johnson

Justice Department receives temporary restraining order against New York Times after third "Pentagon Papers" article is published. Former President Johnson has no comment on publishing of articles.
#16631: NEWS,THE
1971-06-22, , min.
Richard Nixon

Senator votes to end Vietnam war.President Nixon addresses convention of the American Medical Association. 
#16633: NEWS,THE
1971-06-22, , min.

The latest news. 
#16635: NEWS,THE
1971-06-22, , min.
Ernest Medina

27 new drug treatment centers to be opened in US. Seventeen South  Vietnamese militia men killed in ambush in Mekong Delta. Captain Ernest Medina trial witness says case against Medina in My Lai massacre probably can't be proved.
#16639: NEWS,THE
1971-06-24, , min.
Richard Nixon, Mike Mansfield

Senate passes bill extending draft two years, bill contains Mike Mansfield amendment. President Nixon visits the midwest.    
#16644: NEWS,THE
1971-06-28, , min.
Joseph Columbo Sr.

Italian-American civil rights league founder Joseph Columbo Sr, is shot at 2nd annual unity day rally.   
#16646: NEWS,THE
1971-06-28, , min.
Daniel Ellsberg

Daniel Ellsberg who leaked The Pentagon Papers, turns himself in. Supreme Court renders no ruling in the case.               
#16649: NEWS,THE
1971-06-30, , min.

A discussion on Vietnam.          
#16648: NEWS,THE
1971-06-30, , min.
Georgy Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov, Viktor Patsayev

Three Cosmonauts killed in Soviet space mission.           
981 Results found for NEWS,THE
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