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#16974: NEWS,THE
1971-08-01, , min.
George Wallace, Arthur Bremer

Arthur Bremer trial continues. Massachusetts prison shootings.        
#16653A: NEWS,THE
1971-08-03, , min.
Alfred Worden, David Scott

Railroads begin running again after strike settlement. Apollo 15 astronauts busy on their spacecraft performing various tasks.    
#16657: NEWS,THE
1971-08-11, , min.
John Lindsay

New York City Mayor John Lindsay changes affiliation from the Republican to the Democratic party. He may seek the Democratic  presidential nomination.     
#16661: NEWS,THE
1971-08-16, , min.
Richard Nixon, George McGovern

Declaration of emergency giving legal force to new economic policy signed by President Nixon. New economic policy debunked by Senator George McGovern.
#16662: NEWS,THE
1971-08-25, , min.
George Wallace, Ernest Medina

Dramatic testimony given at captain Ernest Medina trail concerning My Lai massacre. Governor George Wallace to report on school busing ruling handed down by Federal judge. 
#16663: NEWS,THE
1971-08-26, , min.
Richard Daly, Edward Hanrahan

Illinois attorney Edward Hanrahan to remain as state's attorney despite indictment, according to Chicago Mayor Richard Daly.  
United States dollar declines internationally. 
#16665: NEWS,THE
1971-09-01, , min.
Oran Henderson, Alex Karras

Trial of Colonel Oran Henderson continues. Detroit Lion linebacker Alex Karras attends his 14th NFL training camp.      
#16667: NEWS,THE
1971-09-09, , min.
Richard Nixon, Ernest Medina

President Nixon speaks before Congress. Prosecution rests case against Captain Ernest Medina.   
#16668: NEWS,THE
1971-09-12, , min.
Alan Cranston

Senator Alan Cranston to filibuster against new draft bill. Governor's conference being held in Puerto Rico.  
1971-09-13, , min.

39 deaths considered one of the bloodiest conflicts between Americans since the civil war. 
#16672: NEWS,THE
1971-09-14, , min.
John Lindsay

Attica prison riots, autopsy of prisoners show they died of gunshot  wounds. Senate committee holds hearings on control of handguns. Mayor John Lindsay criticizes Nixon Administration for failing to support tough gun control laws. 
#16676: NEWS,THE
1971-09-14, WNBC, 15 min.
Jim Hartz, Gene Shalit

Report on the Attica prison riots of 9-13. Movie review with Gene Shalit.          
#16686: NEWS,THE
1971-09-15, , 15 min.
Russell Oswald

Attica prison warden Russell Oswald holds a press conference on how deaths occurred.     
#16692: NEWS,THE
1971-09-23, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Harlan

Supreme Court justice John Harlan resigns due to failing health.
White House says President Nixon approved new air raids on South Vietnam.    
#16701: NEWS,THE
1971-10-07, , min.
Richard Nixon

Labor Department announces wholesale price index decrease. President Nixon's speech on phase 11 will be nationally televised.     
#16705: NEWS,THE
1971-10-13, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon reduces list of Supreme Court candidates to six. Enemy destroys two American copters and damages three near Saigon.     
#16710: NEWS,THE
1971-10-25, , min.
Richard Nixon, Leonid Brezhnev

President Nixon will make China trip in November or December. Soviet party chief Brezhnev arrives in France.
#16712: NEWS,THE
1971-10-26, , min.
Chiang Kai-Shek

More News about Nationalist China ouster from UN. 
#16711: NEWS,THE
1971-10-26, , min.
Henry Kissinger

United Nations ousts Nationalist China from UN. Henry Kissinger flies back to US from China.    
#16712A: NEWS,THE
1971-10-27, , min.
Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Henry Kissinger, William P. Rogers

Kissinger meets with Nixon and Secretary of State Rogers. Vice President Agnew calls United Nations sounding board for the left. 
#16716: NEWS,THE
1971-10-30, , min.
Richard Nixon

US abolishes foreign aid.         
#16717: NEWS,THE
1971-10-31, , min.
Jay Armstrong Johnson, Tony Yazbeck, Clyde Alves

Irish Republican Army explodes a bomb at a Post Office tower in London.  "On The Town " starring Jay Armstrong Johnson, Tony Yazbeck, and Clyde Alves opens for 65 performances at New York City's Imperial Theater.      
#16719: NEWS,THE
1971-10-31, , min.

See # 16717 for details.            
#16721: NEWS,THE
1971-11-01, , min.
Arthur Burns

Two policemen shotgunned to death in Northern Ireland. How to reduce interest costs on consumer loans disputed by Federal Reserve Board Chairman Arthur Burns.     
#16731: NEWS,THE
1971-11-15, , min.
George Meany, Ernest Medina, Oran Henderson

AFL-CIO President George Meany makes speeches in Florida to member unions for AFL-CIO convention. Ex-Army Captain Ernest Medina takes the stand for Colonel Oran Henderson in My Lai massacre trial.  
#16733: NEWS,THE
1971-11-19, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Jackson

President Nixon will speak at AFL-CIO convention against advisors better judgement. Senator Henry Jackson announces presidential candidacy.     
#16735: NEWS,THE
1971-11-22, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Connally, George Meany

AFL-CIO President George Meany launches new attack on President Nixon. Treasury secretary John Connally holds news conference to talk about President Nixon's economic policies.
#16736: NEWS,THE
1971-11-29, , min.
President Nixon, Vincent Mancusi

President Nixon to go on People's Republic of China trip. Attica prison superintendent Vincent Mancusi says he would have brought troops and police in during riot.    
#16738: NEWS,THE
1971-12-01, , min.
Richard Nixon, Patricia Nixon, Julie Eisenhower

President Nixon given Senate authorization to control wages and prices through April, 1973. Mrs. Nixon and daughter Julie Eisenhower go Christmas shopping.    
#16740: NEWS,THE
1971-12-05, , min.
Richard Nixon

India-Pakistan conflict continues. Bomb explodes in a pub in a Catholic district of Northern Ireland, killing 16. Future of Taiwan a crucial issue in Nixon visit to Peking.   
#16742: NEWS,THE
1971-12-05, , min.

News events of the day.      
#16743: NEWS,THE
1971-12-05, , min.
Edward Kennedy

Expansion of South Vietnamese military operation in Eastern Cambodia. Senate sub-committee on South Vietnamese refugees requested by Senator Edward Kennedy made by General Accounting Office. 
#16745: NEWS,THE
1971-12-06, , min.

The morning news at 8AM.   
#16746: NEWS,THE
1971-12-06, , min.

The 6PM evening news. 
#16748: NEWS,THE
1971-12-06, , min.
Richard Nixon, Pierre Trudeau

India claims military victories in war against Pakistan. Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau discusses import surcharge with President Nixon.     
#16750: NEWS,THE
1971-12-07, , min.
Howard Hughes

McGraw-Hill publishers said it has secured rights to a book about Howard Hughes.           
#16753: NEWS,THE
1971-12-09, , min.
Wilbur Mills

Pakistan accepts United Nations peace proposal, India rejects it.
Senate and House pass tax cut bill. Representative Wilbur Mills calls it very important.      
#16758: NEWS,THE
1971-12-13, , min.
Richard Nixon, Georges Pompidou

President Nixon and French President Georges Pompidou meet in Azores Island for summit talks. Supreme Court hears cases involving anti-abortion laws.  
#16765: NEWS,THE
1971-12-28, , min.
John Lindsay, Vance Hartke

New York City Mayor John Lindsay announces candidacy for President, will run in Florida primary. Senator Vance Hartke considers run in the New Hampshire primary.
#16768: NEWS,THE
1971-12-29, , min.
Pope Paul VI, John Lindsay

US bombing of North Vietnam criticized by Pope Paul. In Wisconsin, Presidential hopeful, New York Mayor John Lindsay speaks on Vietnam war.    
#16783: NEWS,THE
1972-01-26, , min.
Richard Nixon

North Vietnam unhappy with Nixon peace proposal. Democrats and Republicans mixed on Nixon peace proposal.  
#16784: NEWS,THE
1972-01-27, , min.
Richard Nixon

More US troops killed in Vietnam, 30 more wounded. President Nixon's peace proposal introduced at Paris peace talks.      
#16785: NEWS,THE
1972-01-28, , min.
George McGovern, Howard Hughes, Clifford Irving, Helga Hughes

Author Clifford Irving admits his wife posed as Helga Hughes. George McGovern will release list of campaign contributors names for the 1972 Presidential race.     
#16787: NEWS,THE
1972-01-31, , min.
John Lindsay, Henry Jackson

New York City Mayor John Lindsay makes strong showing in Arizona in Democratic presidential run. Senator Henry Jackson campaigns in the South. 
#16789: NEWS,THE
1972-02-03, , min.
Edmund Muskie, William Rogers

Feud between Secretary of State William Rogers and Senator  Edmund Muskie. Five more GI's killed in Vietnam. 
#16790: NEWS,THE
1972-02-07, , min.
Richard Nixon, HR Haldeman

H.R. Haldeman says opponents of Nixon's peace plan are aiding the enemy. Propaganda offensive by Communists to counter Nixon's peace plan.    
#16791: NEWS,THE
1972-02-08, , min.
Hubert Humphrey

Selective Service will not call 126,000 men for the draft this year.
Serious problems reported in Hubert Humphrey campaign.       
#16792: NEWS,THE
1972-02-11, , min.
Burtram Brown

Decriminalizing  marijuana by users favored by Dr. Burtram Brown. 
#16793A: NEWS,THE
1972-02-15, , min.
Richard Nixon, Wilbur Mills, John Mitchell

Attorney General John Mitchell will resign to manage Nixon's re-election campaign. Wilbur Mills visits New Hampshire, seeks Democratic presidential nomination.             
#16792A: NEWS,THE
1972-02-15, , min.
Richard Nixon, Wilbur Mills, John Mitchell

Attorney General John Mitchell will resign to manage Nixon's re-election campaign. Wilbur Mills visits New Hampshire, seeks Democratic presidential nomination.
981 Results found for NEWS,THE
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