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#17278: NEWS,THE
1973-04-16, , min.
Richard Nixon

United States resumes bombing of Laos after US accuses Laos of ceasefire violations. Nixon addresses construction workers.         
#17284: NEWS,THE
1973-04-18, , min.
Richard Nixon

Nixon lifts all restrictions on oil imports. Indictments said to be imminent in Watergate case.        
#17287: NEWS,THE
1973-04-19, , min.
John Dean

Watergate case develops further. John Dean says he will not be made a scapegoat in the Watergate case.          
#17290: NEWS,THE
1973-04-23, , min.
John Dean, H.R. Haldeman

John Dean and H.R. Haldeman becoming more involved in Watergate case. South Vietnam reports fewer ceasefire violations.          
#17291: NEWS,THE
1973-04-24, , min.
John Mitchell

Nixon returns to Washington after weekend in Florida. Attorney General John Mitchell appears before New York Federal grand Jury investigating an unreported campaign contribution.                  
#17292: NEWS,THE
1973-04-25, , min.
Spiro Agnew, John Mitchell

Spiro Agnew comments on Watergate. John Mitchell testifies in Florida.           
#17293: NEWS,THE
1973-04-26, , min.
Henry Petersen

Assistant Attorney General Henry Petersen requests all transcripts from Watergate grand jury investigation. Fighting reported heavy in Central South Vietnam.    
#17296: NEWS,THE
1973-04-27, , min.
Richard Nixon, Patrick Gray

FBI Chief Patrick Gray resigns. Nixon goes to Mississippi to examine flood damage over Mississippi delta.         
#17297: NEWS,THE
1973-04-27, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho

North Vietnam has no plans to send Le Duc Tho to Paris for discussions with Henry Kissinger.          
#17299: NEWS,THE
1973-04-29, , min.
Richard Nixon, Daniel Ellsberg, Gordon Liddy, Howard Hunt

Pressure on President Nixon to appoint independent attorneys to investigate Watergate case. Watergate spies Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy linked to Pentagon Papers trial of Daniel Ellsberg.     
#17300: NEWS,THE
1973-04-30, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon accepts resignation of 3 top aides. Nixon goes on television to discuss Watergate.        
#17302: NEWS,THE
1973-05-01, , min.
Richard Nixon

News and commentary about Watergate.             
#17303: NEWS,THE
1973-05-01, , min.
Jerry Perkins

Dr. Jerry Perkins, a pro-Nixon supporter, discusses Watergate with his political science students at Georgia State University.
Senate assigns an independent agent for Watergate investigation.      
#17305: NEWS,THE
1973-05-02, , min.
Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, John Connally

John Connally becomes a Republican. Spiro Agnew takes on added duties as domestic advisor to President Nixon.        
#17306: NEWS,THE
1973-05-03, , min.
Matthew Byrne

Judge Byrne tells prosecutors to tell all with regard to the Watergate link to the Pentagon Papers.           
#17307: NEWS,THE
1973-05-04, , min.
Richard Nixon

White House linked with burglary in Pentagon Papers case. In a Gallup poll, 40% of Americans think Nixon knew in advance of Watergate bugging.      
#17308: NEWS,THE
1973-05-05, , min.
Richard Nixon

#17310: NEWS,THE
1973-05-06, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Kissinger visits USSR. one in three US marriages ends in divorce.         
#17312: NEWS,THE
1973-05-07, , min.
Richard Nixon

Nixon says he didn't learn of Watergate coverup until March.          
#17313: NEWS,THE
1973-05-08, , min.
George Meany

Senate will begin Watergate hearings May 17th. AFL-CIO President George Meany comments on Watergate.         
#17314: NEWS,THE
1973-05-09, , min.
Elliott Richardson

Attorney General Elliott Richardson wants his choice for Watergate prosecutor approved. New cancer treatment being developed at USC.       
#17315: NEWS,THE
1973-05-10, , min.
Daniel Ellsberg

Dismissal motion being considered in Pentagon papers case.           
#17316: NEWS,THE
1973-05-11, , min.
Patrick Gray

Mistrial declared in Pentagon Papers case. Former FBI director Patrick Gray defends FBI's Watergate investigation.        
#17317: NEWS,THE
1973-05-12, , min.

Watergate coverage.            
#17319: NEWS,THE
1973-05-13, , min.

Unmanned Skylab space craft is launched by NASA from the Kennedy Space Center. Astronauts will link up with Skylab and live in space for 28 days.         
#17321: NEWS,THE
1973-05-14, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho

Viet Cong charges US planes with attacks in South Vietnam as US denies charges. Louisiana worst hit of any state in Mississippi floods. Le Duc Tho arrives in Paris for peace talks with Henry Kissinger.              
#17334: NEWS,THE
1973-05-17, , min.
Sam Ervin

Watergate hearings begin in Senate. Bill limiting presidential war powers is approved.           
#17336: NEWS,THE
1973-05-18, , min.
James McCord

James McCord testifies at Watergate hearings. Vietnam peace talks renewed.          
#17339: NEWS,THE
1973-05-20, , min.
Leonid Brezhnev, Willy Brandt

More ceasefire violations in Vietnam. Leonid Brezhnev visits West Germany for more talks with West German Chancellor Willy Brandt.       
#17343: NEWS,THE
1973-05-22, , min.
Richard Nixon, James McCord, John Caulfield

Nixon admits orders to limit scope of the Watergate investigation. James McCord and John Caulfield testify at Watergate hearings. 
#17323: NEWS,THE
1973-05-24, , min.
Bernard Barker, Harold Titus

Watergate spy Bernard Barker testifies in Watergate case. US Attorney Harold Titus said more Watergate indictments coming in 60-90 days.                     
#17327: NEWS,THE
1973-05-25, , min.
Richard Nixon, Joseph Kerwin, Paul Weitz, Pete Conrad

Skylab Astronauts launched. Nixon support reaches new low.          
#17328: NEWS,THE
1973-05-26, , min.
Joseph Kerwin, Paul Weitz, Pete Conrad

News of Skylab.                          
#17329: NEWS,THE
1973-05-27, , min.
Joseph Kerwin, Paul Weitz, Robert Strauss, Pete Conrad

Repairs to Skylab are successful. Democratic National Chairperson Robert Strauss says Nixon using national security for Watergate cover-up.                    
#17330: NEWS,THE
1973-05-28, , min.
Joseph Kerwin, Paul Weitz, Pete Conrad

Big crash at Indy 500. Skylab astronauts hold news conference.          
#17331: NEWS,THE
1973-06-05, , min.
Richard Nixon, Charles Colson

Watergate hearings resume. Charles Colson says Nixon never told about Watergate bugging.         
#17349: NEWS,THE
1973-06-15, CBS, 27 min.
Walter Cronkite, Richard Nixon, Roger Mudd, Bryce Harlow

Bombings continue in Cambodia. Bryce Harlow returns as counselor to President Nixon.     

Roger Mudd subs for Walter Cronkite.                  
#17366: NEWS,THE
1973-06-24, , min.
Richard Nixon, Leonid Brezhnev, Joseph Kerwin, Paul Weitz, Pete Conrad

Last day of Nixon -Brezhnev summit at White House. Another ceremony for Skylab astronauts Weitz, Conrad, and Kerwin.          
#17358: NEWS,THE
1973-06-25, , min.
Richard Nixon, Leonid Brezhnev, John Dean

John Dean testifies before Senate committee and says Nixon knew of Watergate cover-up. Brezhnev and Nixon meet in White House.         
#17360: NEWS,THE
1973-06-25, , min.
Richard Nixon, Leonid Brezhnev

Leonid Brezhnev departs from Camp David. Both he and Nixon think talks went well.          
#17363: NEWS,THE
1973-06-27, , min.
Clarence Kelly, Frederick LaRue

Former White House aide Frederick LaRue pleads guilty in covering up Watergate scandal. Kansas City police chief Clarence Kelly is approved by Senate to become the next director of the FBI.     
#17368: NEWS,THE
1973-06-29, , min.
Donald Campbell, Earl Silbert, Seymour Glanzer

Three assistant Watergate prosecutors resign, Earl Silbert, Seymour Glanzer, and Donald Campbell.         
#17369: NEWS,THE
1973-07-06, , min.
Richard Nixon, James Schlesinger, Michael Debakey

New Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger says bombing of Cambodia may continue after August 15th. Nixon meets with famed heart surgeon Dr. Michael Debakey.     
#17371: NEWS,THE
1973-07-07, , min.

78 drown as flash flood sweeps bus into a river in India.             
#17373: NEWS,THE
1973-07-08, , min.
John Mitchell

John Mitchell testifies when Watergate hearings resume. James McCord says Mitchell authorized Watergate break-in.   
#17375: NEWS,THE
1973-07-09, , min.
John Mitchell, Clarence Kelly

Clarence Kelly sworn-in as FBI Director. John Mitchell tries to get perjury and conspiracy charges dropped.        
#17381: NEWS,THE
1973-07-12, , min.
Richard Nixon, Sam Ervin

Senate sends letter to president regarding White House Papers.
President Nixon agress to meet with chairperson Sam Ervin.         
#17382: NEWS,THE
1973-07-12, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Mitchell

Attorney General John Mitchell questioned a third straight day by Senate committee. President Nixon has viral pneumonia.                   
#17385: NEWS,THE
1973-07-13, , min.
Richard Nixon, Richard Moore

President Nixon recovering from viral pneumonia. White House counsel Richard Moore testifies at Watergate hearings.         
#17387: NEWS,THE
1973-07-13, , min.
Sam Ervin, Richard Moore

In Watergate hearings the testimony of White House Counsel Richard Moore. Committee chairperson Sam Ervin is asked about White House Papers.           
981 Results found for NEWS,THE
Pages: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  [9] 10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 


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