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#16851: NEWS,THE
1972-12-19, , min.
Lyndon Johnson, Joseph Yablonski, William Prater

The FBI arrests United Mine Worker official William Prater in connection with the murder of Joseph Yablonski. President Johnson resting comfortably in Brooke Army Medical Center following heart attack.     
#17190: NEWS,THE
1972-12-19, , min.
Eugene Cernan, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Evans, Harrison Schmitt

North Vietnam protests renewed air strikes at Paris peace talks. May boycott the talks. Apollo XV11 returns home safely, completing last of the US moon missions.          
#17192: NEWS,THE
1972-12-19, , min.
Henry Kissinger

North Vietnam considers boycotting any future peace talks because of US bombing.           
#17193: NEWS,THE
1972-12-20, , min.
Richard Nixon, Pope Paul, Henry Kissinger

White House denies rift between Nixon and Kissinger on Vietnam peace talks. Pope Paul regrets resumed bombing of North Vietnam.        
#17197: NEWS,THE
1972-12-21, , min.
Eugene Cernan, Harry Truman, Ronald Evans, Harrison Schmitt

Former President Truman still in very serious condition. Apollo XV11 astronauts return to Houston, Texas.          
#17198: NEWS,THE
1972-12-22, , min.
Harry S Truman

Former President Truman's condition almost critical. Females now deputy sheriffs in Los Angeles      
#17199: NEWS,THE
1972-12-25, , min.
Harry S Truman

Holiday bombing pause in Vietnam. Former President Truman's condition worsens.          
#17200: NEWS,THE
1972-12-26, , min.
Harry S Truman

Former President Truman dies. Gunshots wound three civilians in Northern Ireland.     
#17203: NEWS,THE
1972-12-27, , min.
Harry S Truman

Body of Harry Truman lies in state at Truman library. Funeral to take place in the library. North Vietnam boycotts Paris peace talks. Will not negotiate until bombing ceases.         
#17205: NEWS,THE
1972-12-28, , min.
Harry S Truman

Harry Truman is buried in a private ceremony. Medical researchers say heavy coffee drinkers are more likely to have heart attacks.         
#17207: NEWS,THE
1972-12-29, , min.
Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans, Harrison Schmitt

Apollo XV11 on-board film is released by NASA. Newspapers should be read to keep well informed as TV news only covers the surface of a story.          
#17208: NEWS,THE
1972-12-31, , min.
Pope Paul VI, Henry Kissinger

In Paris, North Vietnam demands US sign peace settlement. US wants changes. Pope Paul is happy to hear Vietnam peace talks are resuming.         
#17211: NEWS,THE
1973-01-01, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

North Vietnam pushing for negotiated settlement. Kissinger and Nixon meet.      
#17210: NEWS,THE
1973-01-02, , min.
Carl Albert, Thomas ONeill

Low-level talks continue in Paris. House Democratic caucus renominated Carl Albert as speaker and Thomas O'Neill as House Majority Leader.         
#17212: NEWS,THE
1973-01-08, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Thirty hours of terror in New Orleans as sniper kills 7 with many others wounded. Police kill gunman. Vietnam peace talks resume.            
#17216: NEWS,THE
1973-01-11, , min.
Leonid Brezhnev, Howard Hunt

In Watergate trial, Howard Hunt pleads guilty to all charges.
Leonid Brezhnev feels Vietnam war will end soon.           
#17217: NEWS,THE
1973-01-12, , min.
Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho

Talk of final details to end Vietnam war are being worked out. Kissinger in private sessions with South Vietnam President Le Duc Tho. The American League announces they will adopt a designated hitter rule for the 1973 season. The National League will continue to exercise the same rule of pitcher coming to bat.    
#17218: NEWS,THE
1973-01-14, , min.
Elvis Presley

Two Royal Ulster officers killed by booby-trapped bomb attached to their car by IRA. Elvis Presley's "Aloha From Hawaii" becomes the most watched broadcast by an individual entertainer.         
#17219: NEWS,THE
1973-01-15, , min.
Alexander Haig

General Alexander Haig goes to South Vietnam to discuss peace negotiations with Saigon.           
#17220: NEWS,THE
1973-01-16, , min.
Pope Paul VI, Golda Meir

Reports that ceasefire agreement may be signed in several days are denied. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir meets with the Pope then flies to Geneva Switzerland.    
#17221: NEWS,THE
1973-01-17, , min.
Daniel Ellsberg, Casper Weinberger

Pentagon Papers case begins. Casper Weinberger testifies in Senate hearing.           
#17223: NEWS,THE
1973-01-18, , min.
Frederick Dent

Rumors abound of Vietnam peace settlement. Senate approves Frederick Dent as Commerce secretary.         
#17233: NEWS,THE
1973-01-24, , min.
Lyndon Johnson

Vietnam ceasefire has been reached, Formal signing soon. Former President Lyndon Johnson's body arrives in Washington DC. for final ceremonies.         
#17236: NEWS,THE
1973-01-24, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Commentary about death of President Johnson and end of Vietnam war.          
#17238: NEWS,THE
1973-01-25, , min.
Lyndon Johnson

Funeral in Washington DC for President Johnson followed by burial at Texas ranch. Chicago teachers strike ends.        
#17239: NEWS,THE
1973-01-26, , min.
Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew

President Nixon requests day of prayer as Vietnam war ends. 
Spiro Agnew to visit Southeast Asia to discuss postwar relations.          
#17241: NEWS,THE
1973-02-05, , min.
Juan Corona

Juan Corona, accused of the mass murder of 25 migrant workers, asks for a new trial. In Paris, Viet Cong and South Vietnam begin talks on South Vietnam's political future.        
#17242: NEWS,THE
1973-02-06, , min.
King Hussein, Golda Meir

American POW's scheduled for release soon. King Hussein of Jordan visits White House. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir to follow in three weeks.        
#17244: NEWS,THE
1973-02-07, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Kissinger trip to Southeast Asia. Canada says it will recognize North Vietnam.         
#17247: NEWS,THE
1973-02-09, , min.
Richard Nixon, Virginia Knauer

North Vietnam and Viet Cong will release first group of US POW's shortly. Virginia Knauer will stay on as Nixon's consumer advisor.          
#17249: NEWS,THE
1973-02-11, , min.
Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger arrives in Hanoi to discuss postwar US relations with North Vietnam.           
#17250: NEWS,THE
1973-02-12, , min.
Everett Alvarez

143 American POW's released including Navy Lt. Commander Everett Alvarez who was shot down in August, 1964.       
#17251: NEWS,THE
1973-02-13, , min.
Richard Nixon

North Vietnam announces it will release another 20 POW's in next few days. Nixon devalues the dollar by 10%.        
#17252: NEWS,THE
1973-02-14, , min.
Richard Nixon

Nixon Hopes devaluation of dollar will stop deficit. US accuses Viet Cong of violating peace agreement by holding up release of more POW's.          
#17254: NEWS,THE
1973-02-15, , min.
Wally Cox

Two more planeloads of POW's arrive in California. Comedian Wally Cox dies at age 48.         
#17255: NEWS,THE
1973-02-16, , min.
William Calley, Michael Heck

Army review court upholds conviction of Lt. William Calley in My Lai massacre. Captain Michael Heck, who refused to fly mission over North Vietnam is given a dishonorable discharge.  
#17256: NEWS,THE
1973-02-19, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

President Nixon appears at AFL-CIO meeting. Greeted with a cordial reception. Henry Kissinger begins a trip to Southeast Asia.     
#17257: NEWS,THE
1973-02-20, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon visits Columbia, South Carolina to give thanks for his Vietnam support. Laos announces a ceasefire.       
#17270: NEWS,THE
1973-03-30, , min.
Ronald Ziegler, Graham Martin, Ellsworth Bunker

White House press secretary Ronald Ziegler discusses Watergate.
Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker resigns, to be replaced by Graham Martin.        
#17274: NEWS,THE
1973-04-04, , min.
HR Haldeman, Sam Ervin

Sam Ervin says his Committee has no evidence H.R. Haldeman involved with bugging Democratic headquarters. South Florida Coast suffers second blackout in two days.        
#17275: NEWS,THE
1973-04-09, , min.
Richard Nixon, Anthony Russo

Anthony Russo takes stand in own defense in Pentagon Papers trial. Viet Cong downs two ICCS helicopters. President Nixon says very serious matter.         
#17283: NEWS,THE
1973-04-11, , min.
Edward Krock

International financier Edward Krock charged with evading one and a half-million in income taxes.          
#17279: NEWS,THE
1973-04-11, , min.
Richard Nixon

House of Commons votes not to restore capital punishment. President Nixon sends Congress a comprehensive trade bill          
#17280: NEWS,THE
1973-04-11, , min.
Richard Nixon

Serious smog situation in Japan. Nixon urges Congress to improve laws governing private pension plans.     
#17276: NEWS,THE
1973-04-14, , min.
Patrick Gray

FBI Director Patrick Gray resigns after admitting to destroying evidence in Watergate scandal.
#17278: NEWS,THE
1973-04-16, , min.
Richard Nixon

United States resumes bombing of Laos after US accuses Laos of ceasefire violations. Nixon addresses construction workers.         
#17284: NEWS,THE
1973-04-18, , min.
Richard Nixon

Nixon lifts all restrictions on oil imports. Indictments said to be imminent in Watergate case.        
#17287: NEWS,THE
1973-04-19, , min.
John Dean

Watergate case develops further. John Dean says he will not be made a scapegoat in the Watergate case.          
#17290: NEWS,THE
1973-04-23, , min.
John Dean, H.R. Haldeman

John Dean and H.R. Haldeman becoming more involved in Watergate case. South Vietnam reports fewer ceasefire violations.          
#17291: NEWS,THE
1973-04-24, , min.
John Mitchell

Nixon returns to Washington after weekend in Florida. Attorney General John Mitchell appears before New York Federal grand Jury investigating an unreported campaign contribution.                  
1076 Results found for NEWS,THE
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