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#16793: NEWS,THE
1972-02-17, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon enroute to Peking. Major role taken by South Vietnamese in war. 
#16794: NEWS,THE
1972-02-18, , min.
Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes moves to Nicaragua from his Bahamian hideaway. California Supreme Court declares death penalty unconstitutional.
All death sentences commuted to life.    
#16801: NEWS,THE
1972-02-21, , min.
Richard Nixon, George Wallace, Mso Tse-Tung

President Nixon in Peking meets with Chairman Mso Tse-Tung.    
Governor Wallace announces he will run in the North Dakota primary. 
#16808: NEWS,THE
1972-02-24, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon visits the Great Wall of China. In Vietnam, two more US troops killed, 21 wounded.    
#16812: NEWS,THE
1972-02-28, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon on way home from China trip. Floods in West Virginia, National Guard called in.    
#16814: NEWS,THE
1972-02-29, , min.
Richard Nixon, Mike Mansfield, Hugh Scott

Senators Mike Mansfield and Hugh Scott to visit China. President Nixon's trip to China receives mixed reviews.          
#16818: NEWS,THE
1972-03-07, , min.
George McGovern, Philip Berrigan

New Hampshire voters cast ballots in the Democratic primary.   
Reverend Philip Berrigan trial continues with cross-examination of the government's star witness. 
#16819: NEWS,THE
1972-03-11, , min.
Linda Hopkins

The musical "Inner City" closes at the John Barrymore Theater in New York City after 97 performances. North Carolina beats Maryland 73-64 in the ACC men's basketball tournament.     
#16821: NEWS,THE
1972-03-13, , min.
George Wallace, Mike Mansfield, George Aiken

On the eve of the Florida Democratic primary, George Wallace seems to be the number 1 contender. Senators Mansfield and Aiken seek to end state primaries in favor of a national one.   
#16824: NEWS,THE
1972-03-14, , min.
George Wallace, Angela Davis

Governor George Wallace predicts victory in Florida primary. All white jury selected in Angela Davis trial.
#16831: NEWS,THE
1972-03-25, , min.
Rick Atwell, Barbara Barrie

"The Selling Of The President" closes at the Shubert Theater in New York City after five performances.        
#16833: NEWS,THE
1972-03-29, , min.
Angela Davis, Leslie Bacon

Angela Davis speaks in her own defense against murder and kidnapping charges. Anti-war activist Leslie Bacon indicted for perjury.        
#16836: NEWS,THE
1972-04-03, , min.
Hubert Humphrey, Charlie Chaplin

Hubert Humphrey campaigns in Wisconsin. Charlie Chaplin returns to United States for first time in 20 years to receive a special Academy Award.            
#16837: NEWS,THE
1972-04-04, , min.
George Wallace, John Chafee

Navy secretary John Chafee resigns. Six Democrats in Wisconsin primary race.       
#16840: NEWS,THE
1972-04-05, , min.
George Wallace, George McGovern

The morning news. A report on the Wisconsin Primaries.                
#16841: NEWS,THE
1972-04-05, , min.
George Wallace, George McGovern

The evening news. Senator George McGovern wins the Wisconsin primary. Governor George Wallace is runner-up. A tornado strikes a Vancouver, Washington school and kills six.             
#16843: NEWS,THE
1972-04-09, , min.
Lyndon Johnson, James Byrnes, Harry S. Truman

Former President Lyndon Johnson recovering from heart attack, doing well. Former Secretary  of State under Harry Truman, James F. Byrnes dies at 93.                   
#16845: NEWS,THE
1972-04-10, , min.
Richard Nixon

Earthquake strikes in Southern Iran, 4,000 possibly dead. Baseball players strike continues, despite President Nixon's plea to end it.    
#16848: NEWS,THE
1972-04-10, , min.

See #16845 for details.          
#16849: NEWS,THE
1972-04-11, , min.
Richard Nixon, Mike Gravel

Senate votes against postponing action on a bill limiting the President's war powers. Senator Mike Gravel's motion to declare war on North Vietnam was tabled. 
#16850: NEWS,THE
1972-04-11, , min.
Richard Nixon, Annette Gilly, Paul Gilly, Joseph Yablonski

The Senate votes against postponing a bill limiting the President's war powers. Mrs. Annette Gilly pleads guilty to
Charges of murder in 1969 slaying of United Mine Workers official Joseph Yablonski, his wife and daughter. Mrs. Gilly's husband Paul, was convicted earlier and sentenced to death.    
#16855: NEWS,THE
1972-04-13, ABC, min.
Harry Reasoner, Richard Nixon, Joseph Yablonski

Pre-trial hearing held in connection with Yablonski murder. President Nixon due to arrive in Ottawa, Canada.    

Host : Harry Reasoner   
#16853: NEWS,THE
1972-04-14, , min.
Richard Nixon, Pierre Trudeau

Chinese ping-pong team tours Detroit's inner city. President Nixon meets with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada.        
#16857: NEWS,THE
1972-04-16, , min.
Burt Houton

Burt Houton pitches a no-hitter for Chicago Cubs in 4-0 win at Wrigley Field. Three British soldiers killed by IRA in Londonderry and Belfast.    
#16858: NEWS,THE
1972-04-16, , min.

Same as #16857.          
#16860: NEWS,THE
1972-04-16, , min.

See #16857 for details.  
#16861: NEWS,THE
1972-04-16, , min.

See #16857 for details.         
#16862: NEWS,THE
1972-04-17, , min.
Richard Nixon

President Nixon to stop in Warsaw Poland and Iran on the way back from Soviet Union. New rash of shootings between British and IRA in Northern Ireland.    
#16864: NEWS,THE
1972-04-18, , min.
John Young, Charles Duke, Ken Mattingly

Apollo 16 astronauts experience issues with spacecraft guidance system and communications antenna but are able to fix both with instructions from Mission Control.       
#16865: NEWS,THE
1972-04-19, , min.
John Dowdy

Secretary of State William  Rogers briefs House members on new level of Vietnam fighting. House Ethics Committee recommends Rep John Dowdy be stripped of voting rights, convicted of bribery and perjury. 
#16866: NEWS,THE
1972-04-20, , min.
John Young, Charles Duke, Ken Mattingly

Apollo 16 moon landing postponed due to issue with command module service engine. Over one million killed in Vietnam since 1961.                   
#16872: NEWS,THE
1972-04-23, , min.
John Young, Charles Duke

Apollo 16 Astronauts report unusual rocks and soil on moon's surface. Final moon walk performed.
#16876: NEWS,THE
1972-04-24, WNEW, min.

The latest News, sports, and weather.           
#16877: NEWS,THE
1972-04-25, WNEW, min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger travels to Russia. Kissinger assesses Vietnam situation for President Nixon.     
#16878: NEWS,THE
1972-04-25, WNEW, min.

The latest news, sports, and weather from WNEW-TV in New York.         
#16883: NEWS,THE
1972-04-25, , min.
George Sanders, Angela Davis

Angela Davis trial continues. Actor George Sanders found dead in Spanish hotel room. Ruled a suicide.    
#16889: NEWS,THE
1972-04-27, , min.
Edward Kennedy, Edmund Muskie

Maine Senator Edmund Muskie withdraws from democratic presidential primaries. Rumors of Ted Kennedy entering the democratic primaries.    
#16890: NEWS,THE
1972-04-27, , min.
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger

President Nixon and Henry Kissinger in Florida. Paris peace talks resume. 
#16892: NEWS,THE
1972-04-28, , min.
Spiro Agnew, George McGovern, Abraham Ribicoff

Senator Abraham Ribicoff endorses McGovern for President.  Spiro Agnew addresses the Republican convention.     
#16893: NEWS,THE
1972-04-29, , min.
Shelley Plimpton, Melber Moore, Ronald Dyson, Steve Curry

The Broadway musical "Hair" is celebrated at a Central Park bandshell. The concert is free. The fourth anniversary of the musical.    
#16895: NEWS,THE
1972-04-29, , min.

An uprising in Burundi by the Hutu people against the Tutsi dominated government.       
#16897: NEWS,THE
1972-04-30, , min.
Richard Nixon, John Connally

Richard Nixon arrives at Texas ranch of Treasury Secretary John Connally, will speak to 200 wealthy Texas Democrats.
#16899: NEWS,THE
1972-05-01, , min.
Hubert Humphrey, George Wallace, George McGovern

Democratic Primaries: In Ohio, McGovern faces Humphrey while in Indiana Humphrey faces Wallace.   
#16900: NEWS,THE
1972-05-01, , min.
Edmund Muskie, Le Duc Tho

Muskie campaign demise. North Vietnam's Le Duc Tho arrives at Paris peace talks.        
#16902: NEWS,THE
1972-05-02, , min.
John Young, J.Edgar Hoover, Charles Duke

J. Edgar Hoover has died. NASA has released film taken by Apollo 16 astronauts.    
#16909: NEWS,THE
1972-05-03, , min.
Hubert Humphrey, George Wallace, George McGovern

President Nixon calls for resumption of the Paris peace talks.
Humphrey, McGovern, and Wallace in Democratic primaries in Ohio and Indiana.
#16911: NEWS,THE
1972-05-05, , min.
John F. Kennedy, William Porter, Robert Dole

US Ambassador William Porter breaks off Paris peace talks. Robert Dole blames John F. Kennedy for current Vietnam problems.    
#16912: NEWS,THE
1972-05-07, , min.
Jerry West

Los Angeles Lakers defeat New York Knicks 4 games to 1 to win the NBA Championship.    
#16917: NEWS,THE
1972-05-09, , min.

The morning news, sports, and weather.            
#16920: NEWS,THE
1972-05-10, , min.
Hubert Humphrey, George Wallace, George McGovern, Joseph Yablonski, W.A. Boyle

California most important of nine remaining primaries. Joseph Yablonski murder investigation; "Tony" Boyle appears before Federal grand jury in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  
981 Results found for NEWS,THE
Pages: 1  2  3  4  [5] 6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 


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